When helping people find their perfect engagement ring, we start with a few questions: What style do you gravitate toward? What stone shape are you drawn to? And what is your lifestyle like? It’s important to choose a style that has a look you love, and will also be comfortable and long lasting no matter where you go and what you do.

Rings you’ll love: Tiffany-Style Round | Bali Cushion | Three-Stone Accented

These rings have a timeless sense of style—just like you. They’ll never go out of style, like most of the pieces in your wardrobe. They’re sturdy enough to endure your occasional hands-on projects but dainty enough that they still feel feminine and classic.

Rings you’ll love: East-West Accented Emerald | Fiji Split Band | Nottingham

Like you, these styles put a new spin on classic looks. They have a little extra character, and design elements that make them feel modern. They’ll never feel out of style, but they won’t feel to plain or simple for your eclectic taste.

Rings you’ll love: Madrid Accented Pear | Chelsa Round | Valencia Princess

Your style is glam, and so is your life! Rings with lots of small accent stones or high-profile settings are perfect for you. You treat your hands gently at work and at home, so you can go all out without worrying about a stone coming loose.

Rings you’ll love: French Quarter | Naples | Madrid Classic Oval

Rings with lots of detail and a definite style statement speak to you. Whether it’s Victorian or Art Deco, you love how the structure of a ring can change its whole character. Be mindful of accent stones, however—if you plan to work with your hands, be sure to protect your ring.

Rings you’ll love: Marseille Collection | Gwyneth | Rhodes

Clean lines and solid construction are perfect for you. If you have a job or hobby that is very hard on your hands, you should consider these rings, as well. But being sturdy and substantial can mean many things, from dainty to bold.

What is your ring style?