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The One Necklace Every Woman Needs in Her Jewelry Box

The right go-to piece of jewelry can save the day for decades. Our recommendation: Double Trouble. It’s one of our favorite necklaces, for two reasons: The 26 Round Brilliant cut Nexus Diamond Alternatives have just the right amount of shimmer. And it’s one of our most versatile pieces, because it can be worn in multiple configurations. The ways it can be worn are limited only by your imagination, but here are three of our recommendations.

A single elegant loop.

The simplest way to dress up an ordinary outfit is to add a really great necklace. Worn with a tailored blazer or paired with a jewel-tone sweater, it adds a sophisticated statement for work or the weekend, and is an easy way to go from day to night.

The double-loop layered effect.

Because this necklace consists of a 36-inch chain, you can loop it twice to create a layered look. Take it one step further by adding another chain, and you’ve created an accent piece that has a range of pizazz.

Wrapped around a wrist.

We told you this piece was versatile! Wrap the chain around your wrist several times for a chic yet delicate bracelet. Comfortable enough for every day wear, but certainly classy enough to accent a dress for any occasion.

You’re probably thinking we should have called this necklace Triple Trouble. You’re right! Check out the Double Trouble necklace here.

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