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Nexus Diamond Alternatives vs Cubic Zirconia: Choosing the Perfect Sparkle

Nexus Diamond Alternatives vs Cubic Zirconia: Choosing the Perfect Sparkle

Table of Contents

  • The Look
  • The Durability
  • So, is a Nexus Diamond alternative the same as a natural diamond?

In the world of dazzling gemstones and exquisite jewelry, a common question often arises, one that engages the curiosity of many seeking the perfect sparkle: Are Nexus Diamond alternatives akin to Cubic Zirconia, also known as CZ?

The succinct answer is a resounding no; our Nexus Diamond Alternatives stand in a league of their own, distinctly separate from CZ. It’s a topic that delves into the intricate details of gemstones and the characteristics that set them apart. Join us on a journey through this exploration, as we unravel the distinctions between Nexus Diamond Alternatives and Cubic Zirconia, ultimately shedding light on the remarkable qualities that make our Nexus Diamond Alternatives a genuine and unique choice for those seeking beauty, brilliance, and value in their fine jewelry.

The Look

A well-cut CZ can indeed mimic the brilliance of a diamond, creating a striking visual resemblance, especially at first glance. However, there’s a significant difference in how they retain their luster. Over time, CZ can lose some of its initial sparkle. It’s a porous gemstone, which means it can absorb contaminants from its surroundings. This can include chemicals you might use for cleaning or even the natural oils and sweat from your hands. As CZ absorbs these substances, it may start to appear dull and cloudy.

On the other hand, a Nexus Diamond alternative is designed to capture the timeless brilliance of a diamond and maintain it indefinitely. These alternatives are not porous, so they don’t absorb chemicals or contaminants like CZ. This exceptional quality means that, whether it’s the end of the day or the end of a lifetime, your Nexus Diamond alternative will continue to shine with the same dazzling radiance as the day you first laid eyes on it.

The Durability

When it comes to durability, CZ and natural diamonds have distinct differences. CZ is notably softer than both natural diamonds and Nexus Diamond alternatives. This softness makes CZ susceptible to scratches, chips, and cracks, which can occur with regular wear and handling.

Nexus Diamond alternatives, on the other hand, exhibit a remarkable hardness akin to natural diamonds. Their exceptional durability makes them highly resistant to the typical wear and tear that CZ may experience. You can confidently wear your Nexus Diamond alternative every day, and it will maintain its pristine condition. What’s more, this durability ensures that your Nexus Diamond alternative is not just a symbol of your marriage; it’s a lasting heirloom that can be passed down through generations, creating a beautiful legacy.

So, is a Nexus Diamond alternative the same as a natural diamond?

nexus diamond vs cubic zirconia

While a Nexus Diamond alternative captures the look and wear of a natural diamond with astounding precision, it is not a mined diamond. Instead, it’s a patented, man-made gemstone meticulously crafted to provide a high-quality, eco- and ethically responsible alternative for fine jewelry and engagement rings.

Mined diamonds, in contrast, are extracted from the earth, a process that can have significant environmental and ethical implications. The diamond mining industry has faced scrutiny for its impact on the earth and communities, often raising concerns about sustainability.

If you’re drawn to eco-ethical choices for your jewelry and prefer a gemstone made of pure carbon, our sister company, 12FIFTEEN Diamonds, offers lab-grown diamonds. These diamonds are cultivated in a controlled laboratory environment rather than being sourced from the earth, making them an environmentally conscious and ethical option for those who appreciate the allure of a pure carbon stone.

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