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Nexus Diamond™ Alternatives vs Cubic Zirconia

One of the most common questions that our customer service team gets is this: Are Nexus Diamond alternatives the same as Cubic Zirconia (also referred to as CZ)?

The short answer is no; our Nexus Diamond Alternatives are not at all the same as CZ.

The Look

A well-cut CZ can indeed look remarkably similar to a diamond—at first. Over time, it absorbs contaminants from the environment, whether that’s chemicals you use to clean or simply the natural sweat and oils from your hands.

A Nexus Diamond alternative looks virtually identical to a diamond. And it stays that way forever. Nexus Diamond alternatives are not porous, so they won’t absorb chemicals like CZ does. That means, at the end of the day (and at the end of a lifetime), your Nexus Diamond alternative will look as brilliant as it does the day you receive it.

The Durability

A CZ is softer than a diamond, and softer than a Nexus Diamond alternative, too. CZ can easily scratch, chip or crack.

Like natural diamonds, a Nexus Diamond alternative is very hard and resists scratching, chipping and cracking. Simply, a Nexus Diamond alternative will last for your entire marriage—and can be passed down for your children’s marriages, too.

So, is a Nexus Diamond alternative the same as a natural diamond?

A Nexus Diamond alternative looks and wears virtually identically to a perfect diamond. It is a patented, manmade gemstone that is designed to be an eco- and ethically-responsible choice for high-quality fine jewelry and engagement rings.

A mined diamond is a stone made of pure carbon that is stripped from the earth in ways that are often destructive.

If you’re interested in other eco/ethical choices for your jewelry but prefer a pure carbon stone, our sister company, 12FIFTEEN Diamonds, offers lab grown diamonds that are grown in a lab rather than in the earth.

Learn more about Nexus Diamond alternatives, or shop all of our jewelry featuring Nexus Diamond alternatives.

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