Nexus Diamond Alternative vs. Cubic Zirconia

Know the top differences between the Nexus Diamond alternative and Cubic Zirconia (also known as CZ).

Nexus Diamond Alternative VS Cubic Zirconia Chemical makeup | Diamond Nexus = Proprietary substrate and patented coating material results in a heavier, harder and more durable stone. CZ = Made chiefly of zirconia dioxide. CLARITY | Diamond Nexus = Internally flawless and D color, forever (guaranteed). CZ = Very porous, so it starts clear but absorbs contaminants and dulls over time. HARDNESS | Diamond Nexus = Guaranteed not to crack. CZ = Softer than sapphires & rubies. Diamond Nexus Alternatives rank 9.1 on Moh's Hardness Scale. DURABILITY | Diamond Nexus = Heirloom-quality, designed to last forever. CZ = Begins to fade of chip after a few months. APPEARANCE | Diamond Nexus = Radiance, brilliance and light dispersion are virtually indistinguishable visually from a flawless, colorless mined diamond. CZ = Disperses light at a higher rate than diamonds, which may cause flashes of rainbow light.

Nexus Diamond™ alternatives are designed for fine jewelry that is timeless and intended to be worn for many years – even handed down for generations.

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