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Carat Comparison: How to Get Your Perfect Halo Look

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  • 1.5 CARAT HALO


We recently compared different solitaire engagement rings based on carat weight and cut—but what about a halo? We know that around 22% of women prefer a halo style, and choosing the right carat weight for your center stone is important for getting the look you love.

Here, we’ll compare solitaires side-by-side with halos in some of our popular carat weights, to show how much bigger and bolder the halo engagement ring style can look.


A 0.56 carat solitaire is sweet and petite. The corresponding halo with a 0.56 carat center stone has a bolder look, but retains the dainty elegance. At this size, a halo tends to have a more vintage vibe. From a distance, the halo of accent stones makes the center stone look larger than it is; a closer look will reveal the detail.

Pictured: 0.56 carat Tapered Classic Solitaire, 0.56 carat center Prague (1.13 total carat weight)


The one carat solitaire is a classic look, but a one carat center halo is quickly becoming just as popular with modern brides. The style is eye-catching without being too flashy or over-the-top for most women to wear comfortably. The center stone is more defined, but the halo still makes it look larger when seen at a distance.

Pictured: 1.03 carat Tapered Classic Solitaire, 1.03 carat center Prague (1.60 total carat weight)


Now we’re getting glam! A 1.5 carat solitaire is beautiful, of course, and a halo takes it to a whole new level of gorgeous. With this carat weight, the visual weight of the center stone begins to outweigh the surrounding halo, making it a focal point even when seen from further away. The overall look is more modern than vintage at larger carat weights.

Pictured: 1.49 carat Tapered Classic Solitaire, 1.49 carat center Prague (2.06 total carat weight)


At two carats, the style is big, bold and luxurious. This is a striking style for those who love all things glamorous. Like in the 1.5 carat halo, the center stone is the focal point, and the halo plays a supporting role. However, the overall look will be substantial and flashy. A two-carat halo is seriously stunning!

Pictured: 2.04 carat Tapered Classic Solitaire, 2.04 carat center Prague (2.61 total carat weight)


Want even more sparkle? The trendy double halo might be for you! With two rows of accents encircling the center stone, a double halo will take up a lot more room on your finger, making the look very dramatic.

Pictured: 0.56 carat Dubai (1.10 total carat weight), 1.49 carat Dubai (2.03 total carat weight)

When comparing a single halo to a double halo, you may actually notice that the single halo can have a higher total carat weight; this is because of the size of the accent stones. On a double halo, the accents may be smaller because there are so many of them. But when viewed side-by-side, the double halo still has a bigger, flashier look because of extra row of sparkle surrounding the center stone and the presence of more metal in the structure of the design.

Pictured: 0.56 carat Dubai (1.10 total carat weight), 0.56 carat Prague (1.13 total carat weight), 0.56 carat Tapered Classic Solitaire

Overall, a good rule of thumb is that the larger your center stone, the more space the design will take up on your finger. Keep your ideal look in mind as you consider what ring style and carat weight will fit with your aesthetic and your lifestyle.
Tell us in the comments which style and size you’d pick!

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