Carat Comparison: Round, Princess & Oval

What’s the ideal size of a Nexus Diamond Alternative? Though the answer is ultimately a personal preference, there are some guidelines for choosing the carat weight—that is, how big your stone will be. The shape of the stone matters and can make your stone look larger or smaller, depending on the setting.

These are three of our most common stone shapes and how three different carat weights look for each one to help guide your decision.

Round Brilliant

The most popular cut by far. The symmetry of this shape makes it appear very true to its carat weight. Notice how different bands can subtly change the look. A thicker band with a smaller carat weight might make the stone look smaller, while a band that tapers toward the stone maximizes the size.

Pictured (top to bottom): 0.56 carat Tiffany Style in rose gold, 1.03 carat Bridget in white gold, 2.04 carat Montreal in white gold.


The runner-up to round in terms of popularity. The square shape of princess cut engagement rings can make carat weight look a little bigger than it is. Because of the straight lines, the band will not have as much of an effect on how large your center stone looks with this shape.

Pictured (top to bottom): 0.71 carat Tiffany Style in white gold, 0.99 carat Tiffany Style in white gold, 2.01 carat Tiffany style in white gold.


An oval engagement ring is an increasingly popular choice. The oblong shape helps elongate the fingers and maximizes carat weight. Mind your band; a smaller carat weight benefits from a tapered band, while larger carat weights can stand up to more metal.

Pictured: (top to bottom): 0.43 carat Montreal in white gold, 0.98 carat Tiffany Style in white gold, 1.86 carat Fiji in white gold.

With thoughtful decisions like these, you can find the ring you love and maximize the look of your center stone. Score!

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