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Royal Radiance: The 6 Best Princess Cut Diamond Settings to Consider

Table of Contents

  • What Is a Princess Cut Ring?
  • Princess Cut Diamonds: Affordability
  • Best Princess Cut Diamond Settings
  • Solitaire Setting


Out of all the different diamond shapes, have you landed on a stunning Princess shape for your forever adornment? After navigating the nuances of a cushion cut vs princess style through hours of research, you’re likely curious about the elegant engagement ring settings that will best complement this timeless square-cut stone. In the following sections, we’ll delve into the intricacies of princess-cut simulated diamonds, featuring them in three distinct settings that accentuate their brilliance and charm.

A Princess Cut Simulated Diamond Featured in Three Different Settings
Explore the versatility of a Princess cut simulated diamond as it takes center stage in three unique settings. Each setting brings out different facets of its beauty, showcasing the adaptability and allure of this classic cut.

A princess cut simulated diamond featured in three different settings

What Is a Princess Cut Ring?

So what is a princess cut ring anyways? A Princess cut ring embodies versatility and timeless elegance. This cut, characterized by its square shape, transcends trends and looks stunning in various carat sizes. The Princess cut stands out as one of the most popular diamond cuts globally, combining tradition with brilliance.

Traditionally square, Princess cuts are renowned for their exceptional brilliance, maximizing a large percentage of the stone’s original weight to ensure the ultimate fire. In the realm of diamond jewelry, where brilliance and cut quality are paramount, the princess cut diamond ring emerges as a top choice, offering a perfect balance of sophistication and contemporary style.

Princess Cut Diamonds: Affordability

The affordability of Princess cut diamonds per carat, compared to Round cuts, stems from their shape mirroring that of rough diamonds. This mirroring makes the polishing process less labor-intensive, contributing to the lower cost.

Another factor influencing the cost is that Princess cut diamonds provide slightly less sparkle than the highly sought-after Round cut. However, this difference is negligible to the untrained eye and does not diminish the Princess cut’s inherent elegance and allure.

Best Princess Cut Diamond Settings

Already majestic by nature, the Princess cut’s beauty is enhanced even more with the right setting. Take a look at this list of Princess cut settings and discover why these rings are worthy of a fairy tale.

Solitaire Setting

Princess Cuts steal the show with a classic solitaire setting. Known for their simplicity, solitaires are accent-less bands that are available in all of your favorite gold such as white, yellow, and rose gold. This setting will draw attention to a Princess cut and can create the illusion of a larger carat weight. Solitaires also offer some of the best comforts as the band’s rounded edges are smooth and snag-free.

Classic solitaire princess cut setting

Channel Setting

Looking for an extra hint of sparkle? Channel set engagement rings feature accent diamonds or gemstones for some added pop along your ring’s band. This setting gets its name from the placement of accent stones within a “channel” that is created by two strips of metal. This setting is fairly customizable and often features a sleek metal band with baguette or round diamonds used to fill the channel. A channel setting is a great way to amplify a Princess cut’s allure thanks to the stark contrast between its sleek metal border and the glam and glitz of additional diamonds.

Channel princess cut setting

Halo Setting

For the person who likes to stand out from the crowd, a halo cut setting rivals the twinkle of the night sky with a center gemstone surrounded by elegant accent diamonds. Pair this with the sought after Princess cut diamond and you have a ring that is #trending. Bigger is better with this setting as accent diamonds create the illusion of a larger center stone. In addition to your regular halo setting, there are also double halos and halos with floral details and halos.

Halo princess cut setting

Vintage Setting

Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue… a vintage set Princess cut engagement ring might not fit the bill for the something old category, but rings in this setting do give off a retro vibe. Vintage style engagement ring settings highlight the charm and style of old-school designs and can be crafted using various gemstones and metals. A vintage set Princess cut diamond ring is the perfect amalgam of old meets new.

Vintage princess cut setting

Classic Prong Setting

They don’t call it a classic setting for nothing. The classic prong is the most common setting type among engagement rings. This setting works exceptionally well for Princess cut diamonds as it allows more light to pass through the stone thanks to the use of less metal than other settings. The classic prong secures the Princess cut diamond in place using four prongs that typically come in a v-shape as opposed to pointed or flat prongs that might be suited for different cuts.

Classic prong princess cut setting

Three-Stone Setting

Why should you settle for one stone when you can have three? With two large accent stones on either side of the center Princess cut diamond, this setting is exactly as the name implies. The three-stone diamond setting also allows for some creativity as you can personalize the ring with the addition of colored side stones like emeralds, rubies, or sapphires.

Three stone princess cut setting

In the vast realm of elegant engagement ring options, Princess cut diamonds stand out as an extraordinarily popular choice among discerning buyers. Renowned for its distinctive square shape, the Princess cut has secured its place as the second most sought-after diamond cut, following closely behind the iconic Round cut. The enduring appeal of Princess cut diamonds lies not only in their striking appearance but also in their remarkable versatility, making them an excellent complement to a wide array of engagement ring settings.

When it comes to pairing with settings, the Princess cut effortlessly transcends expectations. Its square silhouette and pointed corners harmonize seamlessly with various settings, enhancing the overall aesthetics of the ring. Whether set in a classic solitaire, adorned with a sparkling halo, or nestled in a sleek channel setting, Princess cut diamonds lend an air of sophistication and modernity to any design. This adaptability contributes significantly to their popularity, as they cater to diverse tastes and styles, ensuring that each engagement ring becomes a unique expression of love and individuality.

In summary, the enduring popularity of Princess cut diamonds can be attributed to their captivating visual appeal, versatility, and their ability to effortlessly harmonize with a multitude of settings. As a result, those seeking an engagement ring that marries elegance with adaptability often find themselves drawn to the timeless allure of the Princess cut, making it a cherished and enduring choice for symbolizing the journey of lifelong commitment.

*Here at Diamond Nexus, we strive to provide valuable information while being clear and honest about our products. The Nexus Diamond™ alternative is a patented lab created diamond simulate that, among all simulants, most closely imitates the look, weight and wear of a diamond, with two exceptions – it is absolutely perfect in every way, and it costs significantly less. Price points and environmental facts expressed in this blog were taken from popular online retailers and may vary. Learn more about the environmental impact of mining by visiting our blog.

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