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6 Best Men’s Wedding Bands Metals

Table of Contents

  • What Is the Best Wedding Band for a Man?
  • What Is the Most Durable Men’s Wedding Ring?
  • How Much Should You Spend on a Men’s Wedding Band?
  • Who Buys a Man’s Wedding Ring?


It’s important to do your research for a men’s wedding band before choosing one to wear for the rest of your life. With a wide variety of styles and metal types available, it can be hard to know which features will be best for the look, durability, and price point you’re looking for. That’s why we’re answering some of the most commonly asked questions regarding men’s wedding band metals.

Whether you’re looking for gold, cobalt, tungsten, or aren’t even sure where to begin, learning the pros and cons of each can help steer you down the right path to finding the perfect wedding band for you or your significant other. Read on as we outlined six of the best metals for men’s wedding bands and top frequently asked questions about the shopping journey.

Men's wedding ring

What Is the Best Wedding Band for a Man?

When searching for the best wedding band for a man, there’s a variety of factors you should look at such as style and price point. Men’s wedding bands are most commonly designed with simple style in mind, and may or may not feature accent stones to add a touch of sparkle. There are so many different types of rings that may lead to questions like: What is filigree, or, what are pave diamonds? They also tend to have a thick shank making the most prominent factor of the ring the metal type. The metal type will affect the color, look, and price of the overall ring, which is why it is one of the most important choices to weigh heavily on. So, how do you know which is the best? It may help to understand the six most popular metal types for men’s wedding bands and their key characteristics.

14K White Gold: While the name suggests a white color, white gold actually looks more silvery in color. It also features a glossy finish that makes it appear very sleek. It’s a very popular metal type for men’s wedding bands because it’s such a classic style that goes with just about any wardrobe or style preference. Since men’s bands tend to be simple anyway, you can’t go wrong with a white gold ring.

14K Yellow Gold: Though more unique in color, yellow gold is also a go-to look for men’s wedding rings. Yellow gold is a good metal choice for men with vintage or outdoorsy style. Since it is a warmer tone, it can be paired with many wardrobes, but keep in mind other accessories that will be close to the ring to prevent clashing. Say, for instance, that you or your significant other wears a silver watch every day. While yellow gold does pair with that, some might not enjoy the classic of colors. So, be aware of style preferences when choosing a warm tone such as yellow gold.

Men's white gold wedding ring and men's yellow gold wedding ring 14K Rose Gold: Similar to yellow gold, rose gold is another warm metal type for men’s wedding rings. This look is perfect for those who like the warm look of their accessories and enjoy bolder styles than the appearance of a classic silver ring. Men also choose rose gold in order to match their significant other’s wedding ring as it’s also a popular metal type for women’s rings. Whether you choose it because of the unique color or to match, rose gold is a great choice for any men’s wedding ring.

Titanium: This metal type wasn’t also popular, but it has grown in liability in the last couple of decades. This might be due to its intriguing style that comes in both a silvery finish as well as black. A silver-finished tungsten wedding band is a good alternative to white gold for men that enjoy the scuffed look of the finish as it’s less shiny than a white gold wedding band. For men with an edgier style, the black version of a tungsten ring is an incredibly unique look that is sure to be noticed.

Cobalt: As another silver alternative to a white gold and titanium ring, cobalt is an excellent choice for a classic look. Similar to gold, cobalt is a rather malleable metal type which is why it is combined with stronger alloys to form durable jewelry. Though it looks quite similar to a white gold wedding band with a glossy finish, it is more affordable.This is a popular choice for many couples who are searching for affordability first. Although, one con you should keep in mind is that it is more difficult to resize due to its strength. So be sure to accurately measure your ring size before purchasing this metal type.

Tungsten: For men who work with their hands frequently, tungsten is a top choice. It is more scratch-resistant than other precious metals and can be found in white, grey, and black. Its versatility makes it a perfect option for any style of men’s ring, especially since it can be found with a multitude of different metalwork and shank designs. Many men want something more than just a plain band but don’t want to go as far as adding stones. That’s why choosing a men’s ring with metalwork gives them the best of both worlds.

Men's tungsten wedding ring

What Is the Most Durable Men’s Wedding Ring?

Though each of the six top men’s wedding band metal types varies slightly in look and price, they also vary in durability. Men often use their hands, making this feature one of the most important. Before you decide on the metal type based on the look and price alone, learn more about the durability to ensure it’s the right fit. Here are the most durable men’s wedding rings when comparing the top metal types.

Gold: Just as a gold wedding band is a popular choice for women—whether white, yellow or rose— it is also popular for men’s rings. White gold comes in a variety of different karats, including 10K, 14K, and 18K. The difference between these karat weights is the amount of pure gold that they contain. While gold is a luxury metal, it is also a malleable one. That means pure gold is too weak for jewelry as it will scratch and bend easily. That’s why it is mixed with stronger alloys to be durable enough for everyday wear. The most common type to find is 14K which means it contains 14 parts gold and only 10 parts alloy mixture. So while it is durable enough for jewelry, it also contains more gold than anything making it a valuable and luxurious metal type. Gold is known for its durability, so you should feel confident your gold ring will last if you find the right style in white, yellow or rose gold.

Titanium: This hypoallergenic metal type is loved because even though it is one of the most durable choices, it’s also one of the lightest. Tungsten is resistant to temperature changes ensuring that it won’t rust or require much maintenance. Now, though wearing a lightweight metal has its pros—such and being less likely to fall off and because of its comfortable nature—some men don’t necessarily like the feeling of a light metal as it feels like a cheaper metal. So, be sure to weigh the pros and cons before deciding this is right for you. It may help to try this metal type on before committing to it for a lifetime.

Tungsten: As we briefly covered before, tungsten is known for its durable nature because it’s one of the hardest substances in the world, making it perfect for men who work with their hands frequently. This is the right metal for men who work in construction, hospitals or even offices but enjoy outdoor hobbies. This metal type is also chosen because it’s more affordable than a gold wedding band even though it is one of the most durable. So if you’re weighing the best bang for your buck, consider a tungsten ring as your metal of choice for a men’s wedding band.

Men's classic wedding ring

How Much Should You Spend on a Men’s Wedding Band?

The cost of a men’s wedding ring will depend on his style preference and the metal type chosen. While simple men’s rings crafted from classic metal types may be most affordable, those who prefer accent stones and a flashier metal type may cost more. Either way, men’s wedding rings are usually still more affordable than a women’s engagement ring. The average men’s wedding ring usually costs between $400 to $2,000—although this will depend on whether it’s crafted with simulated diamonds or high-end metals. While it may sound more convenient to go to your nearest jewelry store to shop for the perfect wedding band, online stores tend to have more affordable pricing because they’re able to cut out the middleman. If you do prefer to get a feel for the different metal types in person, try heading to a jewelry store for a consultation and then look for online deals once you’ve decided on a metal and style type.

Men's modern wedding rings

Who Buys a Man’s Wedding Ring?

While traditionally a man would purchase his ring along with his fiances, times are changing. Now, couples are more commonly opting to buy each other’s rings for a more equal method of purchasing wedding rings. But who buys the man’s wedding ring truly depends on your personal preference and your unique situation. It may be smart to talk about this topic with your partner if possible. Since the engagement will likely be out of the way by the time you’re in the market for a men’s wedding ring, you shouldn’t have to worry about ruining the surprise. Plus, since you’ll soon be married, it might be a good idea to begin working through these financial decisions together. After all, the decision on how much to spend on your wedding should be one you decide on together. Through the conversation, you may find that your partner is more concerned about saving money than spending a fortune on wedding rings, or vise versa, your partner may hold the sentimental value of the rings dear to their heart and therefore thinks it’s worth spending more money on. Whatever you decide to do, you should consider deciding on who buys the man’s wedding ring together as a couple.

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