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10 Best Simple Engagement Rings for Her

10 Best Simple Engagement Rings for Her
10 Best Simple Engagement Rings for Her

Engagement ring styles have continued to evolve throughout time, and although you can have practically anything you dream of designed today, there’s something to be said for classic and simple diamond wedding rings. The return to simple elegant wedding rings is actually trending. Solitaire settings, emerald and pear cut diamonds, colored gemstones, diamond alternatives, and gold bands are all popular with modern brides. Rightfully so. These design elements are timeless; they will not only never go out of style, but they will flatter any wearer.

Classic wedding ring designs

If you are shopping for the ideal engagement ring design for your bride and her style is classic and elegant, understated yet sophisticated, or she appreciates quality over quantity, look no further than these simple wedding rings for her.

How to Find the Right Engagement Ring for Her

Being able to pick out the right engagement ring for your fiancé is not as difficult a task as it may seem when you begin to shop for engagement rings. We commend you for doing your research, though, as this will only help you decide on a diamond ring she will love.

Consider Her Style

Before you begin browsing for the perfect ring, you need to have a good idea of what you are looking for, which means you need to know your bride-to-be’s style. A few words probably already come to mind; perhaps vintage or trendy, modern or classic. A great way to tell what her style is as it relates to a diamond engagement ring is by paying attention to her jewelry. Does she typically wear gold or silver jewelry? Is it ornate or simple? Delicate or chunky?

If your bride has refined style, typically dresses in neutrals, doesn’t wear much jewelry in general, or wears the same pieces all of the time, you’re in the right place. Below we’ll share the best simple wedding rings for someone with this style.

Ask Questions

An engagement ring is an important purchase and often a big surprise. Ensure it is a good surprise by asking questions about what your significant other likes in a ring style. You can be as subtle or not subtle as you want. Comment on the rings of friends, family, or people you pass on the street to elicit a response or ask her directly for inspiration photos.

A couple taking a stroll through the city

You should also ask what type of stone she wants, including what shape and color, but also if she cares how it is sourced and if it is sustainable. If she desires a sustainable stone, the Nexus Diamond™ alternative is a great option that will also help you stretch your budget. Having conversations about a diamond ring is not abnormal, nor is shopping for a ring together. What’s important is that your fiancé loves the ring and will want to wear it for decades to come. Even if you already think you know her style, these questions and conversations will help guide you to selecting the right ring among the many options.

Remember, you know her best, so once you decide to purchase an engagement ring, be confident that you’ve selected the perfect simple style she won’t want to take off.

Simple Engagement Rings for Her

Here are some of the most beautiful, simple yet elegant, engagement rings.

1. Tapered Classic Round Cut Solitaire

One of the most classic simple diamond wedding rings dates back around 150 years. Tiffany & Co. created The Tiffany Setting back in 1886, which set a brilliant-cut round diamond in prongs above the ring so it could catch the light and radiate brilliance. This Tapered Classic Solitaire ring is inspired by the original and is minimalism at its best. Whether you opt for yellow gold, rose gold, or white gold, the solitaire stone at the center will shine.

close-up image of a solitaire ring

2. East-West Oval Ring

Turning a diamond alternative on its side is a trendier technique used to create simple unique wedding rings such as this East-West Oval engagement ring. This setting is called an East-West setting, because the stone points East to West rather than North to South. It is only possible, of course, with oblong-shaped stones such as the emerald oval, pear, or marquise. According to our diamond carat size chart, these shapes often appear larger in size at equivalent carat weights than their round counterparts, which is another reason to fall for this style ring.

An oval stone in an east-west setting

3. Pavé Band

A pavé band is a simple way to add sparkle and beauty to a ring. It consists of small diamonds set in a row along with the band of the engagement ring. Pavé bands are quite popular among the understated and flashy brides alike; they pair well with a variety of settings and elevate the look of any ring. Take this simple emerald engagement ring, for instance, which is accented beautifully with a pavé band.

An emerald cut ring with an accented band

4. Beaded Band Ring

There are other ways to elevate a band than with just a pave setting. Take this beaded band pear cut engagement ring, for example, which features charming beaded metalwork that adds a unique touch and texture to the ring’s appearance.

A pear cut ring with a beaded band

5. Three Stone Setting

A three-stone setting is an extremely popular choice among diamond-loving brides. It consists of a center stone set on either side with slightly smaller diamonds of the same or varying cuts, such as this timeless radiant cut set with trillion-cut stones. However, it doesn’t have to be just diamonds that flank the sides of a center stone; colored gemstones are also popular in three-stone settings and give the ring a more vintage feel.

A three stone ring

6. Halo Engagement Ring

Similar to a pavé band, a halo can add instant sparkle to any ring. A halo is made up of small diamonds that surround the center stone, which also often enhances its appearance in size. This Madrid Classic Cushion Cut Engagement Ring is simple, yet brilliant, ideal for the elegant bride who wants her ring to shine.

A yellow gold ring in a halo setting

7. Split-Shank Band

A split-shank band is one where the metal band splits away from the center stone, creating two metal bands that wrap around the finger. Once again, a simple solitaire setting is made unique with exquisite metalwork such as this. As you can see, the open sides of this Elan Round Cut Engagement Ring draw all the attention to the brilliant round-cut center stone. Plus, it can be fitted with a matching wedding band to add an extra level of interest and drama should your bride desire it.

A round cut stone set in a split shank band

8. Claw-Prong Ring

Claw prongs can put a modern twist on a classic solitaire engagement ring. For a contrasting look, opt for a yellow gold claw prong setting, which will stand out against the bright white of the center stone. With this Claw Prong Round Cut Solitaire engagement ring, you can even choose two separate tones for the precious metal band and claw prongs. A white gold band with yellow gold or rose gold prongs is particularly striking.

A claw prong engagement ring

9. Bezel Setting

A bezel setting was far more common in antique eras than it is today but it still remains a beautiful choice for a simple bride, especially one who appreciates vintage style. Additionally, a bezel setting is the most secure setting of all because the metal surrounds the center stone entirely on all sides. This makes a bezel setting a smart choice for extremely active brides as well. While a bezel setting does limit the amount of light that passe through the stone, opting for a cushion cut stone, as seen in this Marseille Cushion Cut engagement ring, will ensure the ring sparkles.

a bezel set ring

10. Eternity Band

Forgoing a large center stone in favor of a diamond band with a beautiful design is not out of sorts for the simple bride. A band such as this Soul Petite Eternity Band will surely stand out on any finger all on its own. It is also the perfect first layer on which to stack additional bands given for anniversaries or birthdays down the line.

an eternity band

It’s a common misconception that “simple” cannot be luxurious or unique. In fact, so many of the simplest wedding rings are the most luxurious and the most unique. Take the jewelry of the stars, for instance. Beyonce wears a solitaire emerald diamond engagement ring, Meghan Markle wears a classic cushion cut diamond in a simple three-stone setting, and countless others have opted for an oval center stone and a simple pave band. Although simple, all of these rings are exquisite and have immense style.

An accented band in yellow gold

All of the rings above are also exquisite and stylish in their own right. If, however, you are looking for a little something extra special, there are a few ways to make a simple engagement ring more unique. A uniquely designed wedding band or eternity band can instantly transform the look of a simple engagement ring, and be easily added or removed to suit the occasion. You may also want to consider customizing an engagement ring by adding a personal inscription or your wedding date on the inside of the band to enhance its sentimental value.

*Here at Diamond Nexus, we strive to provide valuable information while being clear and honest about our products. The Nexus Diamond™ alternative is a patented lab created diamond simulant that, among all simulants, most closely imitates the look, weight and wear of a diamond, with two exceptions – it is absolutely perfect in every way, and it costs significantly less. Price points and environmental facts expressed in this blog were taken from popular online retailers and may vary. Learn more about the environmental impact of mining by visiting our blog.

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