Pure Grown Diamonds

Diamond Nexus’ sister company, 1215 Engagement, produces a range of Pure Grown Diamonds that are made of 100% carbon, like an earth mined diamond. These lab made stones duplicate the chemical, optical and physical properties of earth-mined diamonds. Their exact clarity and color varies just as natural mined diamonds do, with the pricing reflecting those variances.

These stones are quite different from our Diamond Simulants. Whereas our Diamond Simulants replicate the optical and physical properties of mined diamonds (i.e., how it looks and wears, but not the chemical properties), our Pure Grown Diamonds replicate all three.

Our Pure Grown Diamonds do cost more than our Diamond Simulants, as the process to create them is much more time consuming. Though the end result, a Pure Grown Diamond is definitely worth every penny!

For consumers interested in the chemistry of their stones, Pure Grown Diamonds are an excellent choice as they are the same as mined diamonds, with the only distinguishable quality being that earth-mined diamonds will be identified with complex scientific testing that would ruin the stone.

The process to create a Pure Grown Diamond begins with a tiny seed of natural diamond. In a crystal growth chamber, each seed is bathed in a solution of graphite and a metal-based catalyst at very high temperatures and pressures. Under highly controlled conditions, the small diamond seed begins to grow, molecule by molecule, layer by layer, emulating nature's process. Over the course of several weeks, a pure carbon crystal up to one and a half carats can be grown. Natural coloring agents are added in a controlled fashion to produce a brighter, fancier color.


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