Round Cut Stud Earrings, Tension Back, Basket Set

Round Cut Stud Earrings, Tension Back, Basket Set

Price: $109.00
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Price: $109.00
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This is the ultimate wardrobe go-to. Dressed up or dressed down, these are the studs you can wear anywhere, any time. Simple basket settings allow the Round Brilliant cutContemporary Nexus Diamonds™ to shine while still being comfortable for all-day wear.


Customer Reviews

Acaxochitl, 9/15/2017

Beautiful sparkle quality!

I bought the round cut 2ct weight ea earrings in yellow gold. The setting makes them stick out enough that they sag downwards, so I am currently using the large clear plastic backs to hold them upright. I should have gotten a smaller size so they wouldn't sag. However, they ARE stunning and even my jeweler couldn't believe the sparkle and wanted to know where to get them! They have a beautiful perfect sparkle and I don't have to worry about them getting scratched so can wear them all the time! I'm getting ready to order another item!
Willow Rose, 9/15/2017

Diamonds that sparkle in the sun!

These are STUNNING! They are so gorgeous, even my jeweler wanted to know where I got them! I love that they are conflict-free, they sparkle like mined diamonds in the sunlight, and they won't scratch like CZs! I love diamonds and will be buying more from Diamond Nexus in the future!
Ruben, 9/14/2017


You can't tell the difference between "real" and Diamond Nexus. Beautiful right down to the packaging! My girlfriend loved them! I'll be buying from Diamond Nexus for now on.
Shea, 9/12/2017

Love them!

Nice good size beautiful!! Love love love them!!
Shea, 9/8/2017


I absolutely love these!!! They are absolutely beautiful!!
sciencegirl , 9/3/2017

Great everyday earring

Great basic, easy to care for, and lovely! Have two additional pairs of DN earrings.
Tracy, 8/22/2017

Good earrings.

Very shine & bright earrings. I love it. I bought the .66 size each earring, little bit small. So I recommend people should buy from 1.03 & up
Audrey, 8/19/2017

Great Buy

Just received these studs and they are beautiful. I want to order my daughter a pair too!
Edmdude3, 8/18/2017

Sparkling LIKE diamonds

Sparkling LIKE diamonds. Good deal when it is discounted. Love them.
Pam, 7/28/2017

Great "go to" earrings!

I bought the .25/.50 tcw in white gold for a daughter's friend who had just graduated from nursing school. I also bought the same size for myself in yellow gold. These are stunning classic earrings! Very sparkly...
Bobby, 7/25/2017

Great product at a fair price. I'm a customer for life.

Bought a pair last year for my daughter and they were beautiful. I have just ordered a second pair as a gift for a family member.
Dolly, 7/21/2017

love them

I love mine I got the one ct and I ware them everyday instead of my real ones. I find the backs to be a bit small but that is okay I just replace it with a back the keeps my ear flat. You will love them when you see how pretty they are.
Linda M, 6/18/2017

Beautiful sparkle

I got the 2.04 carats each and they aren't to big or fake looking. They sparkle like crazy and no one could ever tell they aren't mined diamonds. I don't wear any costume or fake jewelry so I was hesitant on ordering these but after reading how they are grown instead of mined I thought they are a diamond in a different way, so I ordered them and I'm really glad I did. I'm hooked! And I'm glad I don't have to insure them:)!
hhood, 6/6/2017

Pair for me - Pair for mom

Bought for me by my husband in 2007, after I had my daughter. And then I purchased a pair for my mom for her 60th birthday. Mine still look as beautiful as the day I received them, and mom loves hers! You won't be disappointed with the purchase of this jewelry staple.
LoveSparkles, 5/24/2017

Really Good Purchase!

Been wearing it everyday, while swimming and in showers for the last 2 years or so, still as sparkly as the day it arrived! Very comfortable to wear, good with Tshirt and jeans, as well as a cocktail dress.
Ryan, 5/18/2017

Amazing company with amazing products

Gorgeous! My wife absolutely loved the earrings. Amazing quality and customers service, with super fast shipping. Very clear and perfect in all aspects. I will definitely purchase from this company again.
Billie, 5/16/2017

You will love these earrings!

I love these earrings. They are great quality. Beautiful earrings that anyone would love to own.
noddy83, 5/12/2017


I bought this as a present for my wife and she absolutely loved it! As others have mentioned, the carat size seems even bigger than most diamonds.
Rocky Mountain girl, 5/11/2017

Perfect size for me

I was unsure of the size I ordered, after I ordered them .34 ctw. They are the PERFECT size for my 2nd piercing. I have not worn anything in the piercing since I had it done. Glad I bought these!
Colin was very help
LLL, 4/4/2017

Just do it

My wife and I have purchased several items from nexus love to show off the rings and earrings Very Happy
Lindsay, 3/29/2017

Allergic Reaction to Gold

Beautiful earrings - I purchasing for my teenaged daughter. The only issue is she had an allergic reaction to the yellow gold and can no longer wear them.
Lilith, 2/3/2017

Simply perfect

Kept the martini for me and gave these in 1+Ct size to my sister. The packaging alone say that these are going to be stunning, and they are.
Jnjsheil , 1/26/2017

This size pops!

Stunning! I bought these in a smaller size first and then exchanged them for the 2.43 cart and am super happy. The only this is they did droop a bit because of the weight but I got the backs with plastic as my service rep Dawn (awesome btw) suggested and they stay very secure.
savy, 12/15/2016

1.68ct stud earrings

These are my favorite earrings! Perfect size for everyday wear. Love them!
jc7171717, 12/10/2016

Top Notch

My girlfriend will love these earrings! They are extremely beautiful!!!!
Nas, 12/7/2016

Highly recommend the earrings

It arrived in very nice packaging. Earrings were better than I expected. Wife was happy that they were not mined diamonds. Would highly recommend the earrings.
Judy, 11/25/2016

Great Product!

I had trouble deciding on the size of studs I wanted and also the type of back...Tiffany helped me tremendously. I am very happy and am thinking of placing another order.
Elle, 10/18/2016


Beautiful right down to the packaging! Love them, can't say enough
Jenny, 8/19/2016

They're nice if you clean them. They run big.

I have these in two different sizes. They appear to run bigger (?) than a diamond carat, so keep that in mind. I was gifted 1.68 TW and they were so big -- it was unrealistic. I went down to 1.32 and they are still big. If there was an option between .92 and 1.32, it would be perfect. I also have 0.5 TW, which are larger than my 0.5 TW diamonds. Now then -- these stones are very pretty right after they have been cleaned, polished and buffed. But after a few days, they lose their luster quickly and look nothing like real diamonds, sadly. If you don't mind polishing your earrings every couple days, these are a great purchase. If you want something that looks and act like a real diamond, buy a real diamond.
TC, 8/17/2016

Exactly what we wanted

I gave these to my wife for Christmas last year, she absolutely loves them and wears them all the time. I've had multiple men come up to me and ask me how much I paid for them.
Kris, 7/16/2016

Cause extreme pain to my ears

These are beautiful earrings and I try to wear them. However, I have worn pierced earrings of all types, sizes, shapes, metals and these are the first ones in 40 years that have irritated my ears to the point I can't wear them. It feels like they are infected after a day of wearing them every single time.
Lisa, 5/15/2016

For the price, a nice diamond substitute

These are my second set of earrings from Diamond Nexus. The quality and brilliance of the stones is outstanding. The reason for the 3 is that the gold used irritates my ears.
Frank, 2/20/2016

What I expected

Very elaborate packaging arrived ,ready to be given on time.
Pleased!, 2/14/2016

Just the right size

These earrings are beautiful. Before I received them I wondered if they would be big enough. Once they arrived I was so pleased they were just right, not too small and not too flashy. Perfect!
Jamie, 2/12/2016

Disappointed Ears

They are beautiful, however, after a couple of times wearing them they have turned cloudy and I didn't expect that from a "certified" stone. I am extremely disappointed.
Kjkkn, 2/6/2016

Very little sparkle

I am not familiar with diamond size, the ones I got are very small. Passed them on to my 8 year old.
Leslie , 2/3/2016

Other than that they are very pretty

Got these they are very sparkly and pretty. They sit a little high for me. Should have order the lower martini style
Kjkkn, 1/27/2016

Small with a sparkle

I ordered this product thinking the earrings were going to be just like the video, I am disappointed that I don't know much about carats. Not the earring sizes I was hoping for
Jan, 1/8/2016

Outstanding customer service from Dawn Clark.

I wasn't sure if these earrings would look real. Actually I own real diamond stud earrings in a different carat weight. When I received my order, I compared the two pairs and I do not feel anyone could tell the stimulants from my real diamonds. I would not hesitate to buy more jewelry from Diamond Nexus.
Susan, 1/2/2016

Too fabulous for words!!!!!!!!

They are GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!! I REALLY love them. People just stare at their twinkling beauty!!!!!!!!
Joe Bananas, 12/15/2015

Really pleased

Very nice stones and solid setting. Very pleaseed
Mickie, 12/11/2015

Beautiful earrings at a fraction of the cost

I was very skeptical, even after talking to the rep, but decided with their 30 day guarantee, why not. Had no idea they would be as good if not better than my own real diamond, a .90 ct round, G, VS2. I held them side by side and couldn't tell the difference under any light source. Just saved my husband $3K by not getting real ones and I don't need to insure these. Everything they say about these stones is true, and with their guarantee, you can't go wrong. If you don't own a real diamond, that's another story, but for earrings, these are the best!
You can wear them everyday and not worry about loss or theft. As for size, they do run a bit on the larger side. I wanted 2 tcw, but after reading other reviews, settled on the .84ct each stone, and they are perfect. If you want a mm measurement, they are about 6mm. Perfect gift for any age!
Rob, 11/12/2015


I am very pleased with the size, quality and price of my purchase.
susan, 10/12/2015

very authentic looking!

I got these to replace a real pair of studs that were stolen because I LOVED my earrings and wore them every day. These are really very pretty and no one would ever know that they aren't my original pair....
Cici, 10/3/2015

Beautiful studs!

I got these earrings in the 1.24 ct ea size and they're just perfect! I love them. They sparkle like crazy and they actually look bigger than I thought they'd be. I'm extremely happy with my purchase. I was recently getting ready to go out and I asked my husband which earrings he liked best between another CZ stud and these. He picked these. I asked him why he liked them better and he said "because they sparkle." Works for me!
Sparkle, 10/2/2015

Excellent & elegant

I purchased the 2.06 tcw tension back earrings. I was going to go with the screwback as I thought they would be more secure, but reviews seemed to imply that the stem was thicker and longer. My set seem like they could be a tad longer but they fit well and time will tell if they stay secure. As for appearance, the sparkle and clarity are spectacular and they look like the real deal. I never ordered diamonds online before so I was hesitant but the earrings are gorgeous. I would definitely recommend Diamond Nexus.
Jennifer , 7/22/2015


I received my earrings yesterday, 1.64 carat tw. Packaging as always was impressive. For a 58-facet cut stone, the stones produced fire, brilliance and scintillation. i'm liking this earrings. Cant wait to try to see what they look like under an ASET. I like to see it's optical symmetry and light performance. Thanks you very much Kyle Blades and DN!
Janis, 7/18/2015

Brilliant, Sturdy and Comfortable!

I bought the 1.03 ct in yellow gold after I lost the ones that had been my "go to" choice for the past 20 years. I was not optimistic that the new ones could be anywhere near as perfect as my old favorites. I was so wrong! These studs are brilliant, sturdy and comfortable in my sensitive ears. I will be making more purchases from Diamond Nexus in the future.
Anna, 1/22/2015

Quality diamond, poor construction

The diamond was beautiful, with much more brilliance/fire than my I1-2 diamond earrings. However, the earring construction itself (basket, post, clasp) were subpar. One tension back was noticeably looser than the other, with the notch placed unevenly (higher up on one earring compared to the other). The clasp was discolored as well. To top it off, the box was poorly constructed and very crooked, exacerbating the overall "cheap" appearance. In summary, not satisfied and would not buy again.
Bettyann, 1/11/2015


The studs are dazzling - They sparkle in the dimmest lighting. Very impressed with this gift to myself.
Nanny Dee, 10/10/2014

Dazzling Studs

I purchased the .36ct ea/.72ct tw tension studs in 14kt white gold. I love the round disc tension backs for holding the stones upright and no sagging!!! They are perfect for every day! I bought these with a discount coupon so the price was right! I also have the 1.03ct ea/2.06ct tw that are saved for special occassions. This is my 8th purchase with DN and it won't be the last. Always a pleasure from ordering the perfect bling to signing with FedEx when they deliver :))
Diamond Girl, 8/6/2014

A must have!

These earrings are just gorgeous and a staple of classic style. I got the 1.03 carat size per stud and they are just the right size, but I would not have wanted to go any larger as I doubt they would be as believable. These sparkle and shine like all my Diamond Nexus pieces. The setting adds to the believability. Love!
Sylvia, 7/7/2014


Wonderful. I bought the size just under a carat because I did not want it to look fake on my ear. I was complimented the first time I wore it. This is not my first purchase from Diamond Nexus nor will it be my last
Kathy D, 1/30/2014


I have looked and looked for a pair of cz earrings that look real. To me, the settings are just as important as the stones. These earrings are perfect. The settings are beautiful and weighty and the stones are gorgeous. I haven't taken them out since I received them. Love them.
Alisa, 1/22/2014

The Best

These are classic, stunning, diamond studs. They are super comfortable and lay perfect on the ear. I purchased stones on the bigger side and put them side-by-side with real diamonds and they look exactly the same. Diamond simulants are not all the same and DN has proven this to me. I purchased three pairs of earrings and all three are beautiful. I actually just ordered another pair that will arrive tomorrow. -- As for customer service, I must say that I'm impressed, but that is not how I felt the first time I called. The first customer service person was surprisingly abrupt and rude, BUT, I believe it was an isolated incident with that one particular person. Everyone else I have spoken to at DN has been super, ultra helpful, not to mention apologetic. I highly recommend DN. I'm pleased with the quality of the earrings and customer service will jump in and assist as needed.
mswinnie, 12/28/2013

Perfect Second Hole Earrings

I love these stud earrings for the second hole in my ears. They make their own statement at the same time not taking away from the hoop earrings in my first hole in my ears. They are so classy.
Caro, 11/12/2013

Delightful earrings, ridiculous delivery

1. The earrings I ordered were delightfully sparkling
2. Very well presented.
1. Ordering online no visual indicators of size were given, so I was surprised how small they were.
2. The packaging they arrived in was ridiculous - a small pair of earrings arriving in multiple boxes, the last big enough for a toaster.
3. Postage was expensive
4. Delivery was problematic - I was not advised I would have to be home to receive the parcel.
Pamela, 6/21/2013

Beautiful AND Believable!

I recently purchased these earrings in the .50 tcw size. I had a single earring with the same size stone that was from a set belonging to my Mother. When she passed away, my sister and I split the set, both of us wearing the single earring in a second hole. In my other ear, I have 3 holes, so I wanted a pair that matched the single earring to wear simultaneously. Even though the single earring is of a very high quality diamond, it still does not sparkle as much as my DN pair.
I do not hesitate to buy any product from DN as I also own a pair of princess cut earrings, a special order wedding band, and a princess cut engagement ring. All are as beautiful as the day i received then!
Katie, 6/14/2013


I had these earrings for less than two months when I went out to dinner only to return home and find that one of them had fallen out. Upon further inspection I also noticed that the back to the other earring also goes on crooked. I wrote an email describing my predicament and a week later NO ONE had gotten back to me. When I called I spoke with a very unsympathetic representative who told me my only option aside from buying a new pair was to buy one new earring at $170.00. I might as well just buy the new set. I understand things happen but when you pay that much money for something you expect it to last for more than two months, and to make it worse these were a gift from my mother. It says a lot when a company won't even stand by their own product and would make a customer pay to replace faulty product that was essentially brand new.

Diamond Nexus Responds: Katie- we sincerely apologize that you have been unhappy with your earrings. We do have a 30 day return/exchange policy, but past that time frame we have an upgrade policy. We do sell single earrings, and we're sorry that this option did not satisfy you. We will always stand behind our lifetime guarantees with our stones, but due to the nature of precious metal like gold, normal wear and tear is going to happen and we unfortunately cannot cover the setting in the guarantee. We are sorry and understand that these were a gift, and do apologize for your frustration.
Missy, 6/1/2013

Impressed with my first purchase

Completely gorgeous, sparkly, radiant and much admired by my friends. Very well made, very prompt shipping.
Kim, 5/9/2013

Their nice and I'm back for a necklace

I got these as a graduation gift from my parents and they are cute and sparkle nice. Now I'm looking for a necklace to wear them as a set
Klaudia, 5/9/2013

I found my new favorite jewelry company!!

This was my first experience with your company and I went with the 1.67cts each. I have to say I was pleasantly surprised, from the presentation of the boxes down to the actually pieces themselves. The gems are quite charming and very attractive to the eye, and I was taken back by the clarity and sparkle that they offer, I will be ordering again soon!
Arica M., 4/16/2013

First purchase - Love them

This was my first experience with DN and I love the product! I'll definitely revisit. The tension backs stay put, I'm glad I chose these instead of the screw back. The basket setting is pretty tall; I got .83 carats in each ear and they're so big they sit pretty far away from my ear... that's the only thing I'd change if I could. Still love them.

roy22791, 3/13/2013

First Time Buyer

I wanted to get my wife something nice and chose these after reading reviews from three companies selling similar products. She liked these a lot, the .86 size of the stones was very good - not too big. The sparkle is almost unbelieveable, the workmanship is also very good. The only problem was removing one of the tension backs - very difficult even when I tried when she could not get it off. I suggested she use the plastic backs I ordered previously for her from Amazon. I will not buy her any more cubic zirconia after seeing these.
crystal, 3/6/2013

not what I was expecting

So pretty, but they do look super fake,to me anyway. it's crazy, but its like their to perfect. to shiny, to clear to be believable.
Shelly , 3/2/2013


I contacted customer service to place my order, they were very helpful. I request overnight delivery, as this was an option in the item listing.

I did not receive my item overnight, however, it was received the second day, after I called in to inquire about the tracking number. I was told that I would receive a credit for shipping charges because DN did not send the itemas requested.

When i received the item it came in a lovely, plain white box with a black bow around it. With-in this, was a brown laquer box with the earrings in it. I ordered the 1.03 carat earrings. The mounting looked to high, and the stones looked fake. This is comparing the stone and earring design to a $12k vs1. I could definitly tell the difference.

I must say, the stones sparkle, but someone familiar with diamond quality will tell a difference. Needless to say, I am sending the earrings back and will not be ordering again.

I contacted customer service to follow-up on my shipping refund. i was then told that the earrings I ordered were never available for overnight shipping and not sure why another agent offered to issue a refund. After this expereince, I definitly will not order anything from DN again.

Diamond Nexus responds: We are very sorry for the frustrations you encountered when ordering your earrings from Diamond Nexus. Items are all stated on the website as to the timeframe needed for production before shipping. Though, if you were promised a refund and not given one we are glad to look into this for you if you can please email our Social Media Coordinator at at your earliest convenience. We understand that lab created jewelry is not for everyone and we appreciate your opinion and taking the time to write a review on the earrings. Though we do make all stones D in color and ideally cut, flawless and optically like mined diamonds that are also D in color, everyone will have their own preferences on stone looks, which is why we do offer a full 30 day money back guarantee. We would like to offer our assistance with you in mending the shipping fee situation if you can email us soon. Thank you again for taking the time to reach out to us.
Robert, 1/24/2013

Beautiful but Shipping Costs to Canada Too High

Just received the earrings for my fiance and they are advetised. But the COD charge upon deliver of 60 dollars via UPS to Canada was WAY to high. Diamond Nexus, seriously consider looking into shipping alternatives for those of us North of the Border.

Diamond Nexus responds: Thank you for your order from Diamond Nexus. We greatly appreciate your business and want you to know that for future purchases, you can opt for shipping USPS. It can take longer to reach you but we do have other shipping options. We wish that customs charges and duties weren't charged but that is out of our hands, as that is to do with the government and the UPS charges.
donna, 12/7/2012

Excellent strong and brilliant earrings.

You can't tell them apart from real diamonds. Heavy gold to hold up the earrings. Treat yourself, you won't be sorry.
SOWEGA Girl, 12/5/2012

No fire.

This is my second order from Diamond Nexus. I was simply thrilled with the loose stone I bought so I decided to get a pair of basic studs for my daughter as a graduation gift. Unfortunately, these do not live up to the billing. The service is prompt, courteous, and the packaging nice but these just do not have the fire and brilliance I expected. These may be sent back after I consult with my husband. Pretty disappointed.
EstoyJaneDoe, 12/4/2012

Also beautiful small and in blue

I purchased this set as a semi-custom order, I had the stones replaced with glacial ice stones, .11 ct each. The size is perfect for me, as I nearly never wear earrings. I got them to match a Venus pendant (also customized with glacial ice) in a .76 ct. I think the size works out great together. Even in such a small weight and in blue, they catch the eye and sparkle. Now I can tell everyone I have beautiful blue diamonds and no one is the wiser.
jd, 9/17/2012

absolutely stunning

no more mined diamonds this way, What a waste of monies. real mined diamonds are so over promoted. They are not rare at all..Ive had it all real diamonds, fake, and lab made. Diamond nexus stones are great. They have that shine that lasts for ever...Well done.
May, 7/5/2012


Today I received this earring, Its my first time getting item to Diamond Nexus, since I just want to try the product. I was so excited with my order, but my excitement turned into a BIG FRUSTRATION! The earring doesn't look like as what is supposed to be in the picture. The Diamond didnt even sparkle. It comes with a cute wooden box and a cute package but when you opened it? The product was far from what the videos. I regret that I have ordered to Diamond Nexus. I pay 8 dollars for the shipping online going to Canada but the UPS ask me to pay 35 dollars in change!!! Why you guys did not state the correct amount? IF I only knew that I would pay another charged and that I would have not order in the first place. I paid 136 dollars in total for this earring! It was adjust a WASTE OF MONEY! I will NEVER ORDER AGAIN! I don't Recommend buying to Diamond Nexus, better in a more reliable store. I would like to send it back but that would cost a lot for shipping again! Not worth it!


Hi May, we are sorry that you are not happy with your product. Your earrings should sparkle exactly the same as as natural mined diamonds. It would be great if you could send them back to us so we could make sure that there is no defect and if there is, correct it for you. Unfortunately, we cannot control what Canadian customs charges you for a shipment. It is fairly arbitrary and differs from province to province and even customs agent to customs agent. We do the best that we can to estimate it for you at the time you place your order. However, you should not be charged any customs fees for returning your item for repair, so the cost would only be the postage.

Feel free to call our Customer Care number and we can help you directly.

Best regards,

Chris Jacobs

Customer Experience Manager
eun, 4/23/2012

love the stones but

The stones are perfect. I compared it to my real diamond, there is no difference. Even I looked at it with my jeweller's loupe, it's so perfect. But the setting is little bit bulky and too tall. The prongs are pointy and long. .
Shanna, 3/14/2012

Just what I was looking for

I ordered these in .36 ct (.72 tcw) and I love them! They look great and are very pretty. I like the size because they are not too big to be believable (something that is important to me). I love that I will be able to wear these for everyday and will be able to also dress them up.
klergy, 2/21/2012

She "Loved" Them!!!

Got these for my girlfriend as a Valentines Day gift. She could not be happier! this was my first purchase ...yes..i was skeptical...but now i am a believer. DNL you have a customer for life. Thanks for helping make this V-day special!
RWJ, 2/20/2012


Brought these for a female friend for Valentine's Day. She was excited. If I would have know I could have gotten them a little bit bigger, I would have went all the way out! These earring shine bright! I know next time to buy them at least 1ct. each ear!!!!
Lynn, 1/21/2012


Ordered the 2.76 each ear, total carat weight 5.50 but had to return. They were beautiful but too big for my taste. The return process was smooth with no problems and only a slight charge for the shipping.

I then ordered the 2.04 each ear, total carat weight 4.08 and they are also beautiful and more the size I was looking for. In fact I think they are actually more brilliant than the bigger pair I ordered the first time.

They are slightly bigger than my "mined" diamond set but with way more brilliance!!!!!! I absolutely love them! Seriously considering selling my real diamond pair which cost so much more. Wish I would have know about DNL earlier.

I'm a customer for a lifetime! You have me hooked.
Dani, 1/17/2012

Beautiful gift!

My fiance got me these earrings for Christmas and I just love them! They're nice and fiery and boy to they sparkle. Not to mention they're HUGE! This was the first thing we've purchased from DNL and I'm sure we'll be getting more pieces.
Brendan, 12/27/2011

Could not be happier

I could not be more pleased with this purchase. I ordered the 1.67ct each size for my wife, and honestly didn't expect much for the price. I found myself plesantly surprised when they arrived in a prefectly wrapped gift box, with a elegant wooden jewelry case. I was even happier to find that the packaging wasn't filled with Diamond Nexus advertizing. I have always hated buying jewelry in the past and having it openned in an overly branded box saying something like "Kay Jewelers" all over it. I was also shocked to find that the quality of the product was top notch, like I said, I wasn't expecting much for the price I paid. The diamond sparkles like crazy and the white gold stud is of heavy weight and solid construction, much like the quality you would expect from spending $5k-10k. I could not be happier and will be back for more jewelry in the future.
Rachel, 12/26/2011

What an amazing buy

My mom got me these as a christmas present this year. I absolutely love them! I got the .84 and they are a great size. I may stop by the store later to compare them to the 1.02, but am still incredibly happy. The shine and sparkle can't be beat. And even though it's just tension back, they fit snugly and stay on. Perfect!
Billy, 12/3/2011

Blown Away

I could not be more pleased. I purchased these in the .84 ct each size for my daughter for Christmas as she hinted she wanted a pair of cz earrings to replace what she had lost. These make cz and any other simulated diamond pale in comparison. They live up to the quality statement advertised. When I opened the box I was blown away at how these earrings sparkle, shine and reflect colors. They look like earrings costing much more than I could afford. I can't wait until my daughter opens these gift on Christmas. The packaging was excellent as well along with the gift box the earring box is quallity made and very attractive to look at. It adds a class presentation to a very classy jewelry item.
I wish I had discovered you sooner.
Prince Charles, 10/30/2011

Every Day is a Sparking day

I purchased some earring for my fiancee to go with her other diamond stud earring that she has, she loves the ones from DN so much that she wears them more than her mined diamond studs... and the compliments she gets on them is so wonderful
Kirsten, 10/29/2011

Perfect classic earrings!

These earrings are very elegant and simple and I love wearing them everyday!
Kirsten, 10/29/2011

Perfect classic earrings!

These earrings are very elegant and simple and I love wearing them everyday!
Kirsten, 10/29/2011

Perfect classic earrings!

These earrings are very elegant and simple and I love wearing them everyday!
Caire, 10/24/2011

Elegant Choice

I ordered the 1.67 ct each. These earrings are beautifully perfect. I wear them as my everyday and they look as genuine as my smaller studs that came from a famous NY jeweler. If I had to do it over I maybe would order one carat size smaller. These sit really well but my hair sometimes get caught in them.
Caire, 10/24/2011

Elegant Choice

I ordered the 1.67 ct each. These earrings are beautifully perfect. I wear them as my everyday and they look as genuine as my smaller studs that came from a famous NY jeweler. If I had to do it over I maybe would order one carat size smaller. These sit really well but my hair sometimes get caught in them.
KL, 10/21/2011

Love these earrings!

I replaced a smaller pair of mined diamond earrings with the .86 version of these and they are amazing. I get way more compliments on these than I ever did on my "real" diamonds. LOVE LOVE LOVE!
Russ, 10/21/2011

Great Buy

I puchased these for my wife and she absolutely loves them.
Russ, 10/21/2011

Great Buy

Bought these for my wife and she was thrilled. They are buitiful and she wears them now all the time. She says they are the only earrings that dont irritate her ears. The only thing that we would have preffered is if we would have gotten the screw back instead of the tension back.
joyfullmama, 10/21/2011


I have the .84ct each studs and I love them! The .84 ct (each) size is just right. They are elegant and can be dressed up or down....they are very versatile. You can't go wrong with this classic!
Lisa, 10/21/2011

classic staple in jewelry wardrobe!

These earrings are beautiful with any outfit, they should be a staple in every girls wardrobe!
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