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Diamond Nexus is serious about preserving the environment

Our Commitment to the Environment

Being eco-friendly isn't something that we just say; it's something that we do on a daily basis. From our products, to our support of environmental agencies, to the recycled paper we use, we strive to leave our earth better than we found it. While many in our industry talk about the environment, few offer a product that is truly as ecologically friendly as ours.

Our Lab Created Stone

Our Stone

Since our stones are made in a lab they never have to disrupt Mother Nature to make their way onto your finger.

Our Metals

Our Metals

Whenever possible, we use recycled gold. Any additional gold comes from Canadian sources, which are the most well regulated and environmentally safe sources available.

Our Employees

Our Employees

All of our employees are located safely in the United States and never have to worry about enduring conflict or harm to create your dream jewelry.

Diamond mining is harmful to the environment

No Harmful Mining

Strip mining, toxic runoff and poisoned fields are commonplace in the diamond industry. While there are miners that are attempting to be responsible in their practices, there is no way to determine if the diamond you're purchasing came from an ethical miner or not. Even if you were able to verify the roots of a diamond, there is nothing better than leaving the earth unharmed and creating a beautiful stone inside of a clean laboratory. Lab-created stones are the easiest way to ensure your jewelry does not impact our environment.

Conflict Free

Since the movie Blood Diamond, consumers have become much more aware of the painful sacrifice that drives diamond cartels. While many hoped the Kimberley Process would stem the sale of conflict diamonds, it has been ineffective. Truly the only way to know for sure if a diamond is conflict free is to watch it being mined with your own eyes. However, Diamond Simulants are always conflict free and ensure no one needs to get hurt for a luxury item. For more information about diamond mining in Africa watch the below video, featuring Greg Campbell, author of Blood Diamonds.

Diamond mining is harmful to the environment
Learn about Blood Diamonds

Blood Diamonds: An Overview

Greg Campbell, author of Blood Diamonds, talks about diamond mining in Sierra Leone and gives us some insight into why buying a mined diamond can be a harmful choice.

Learn How We Make Our Stones

How Do We Make A Diamond Simulant?

Frank from research is your guide as you track our proprietary process from raw material to coating... it takes some doing to bring that stunning stone to life!

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