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Diamond Nexus offers beautiful, affordable, environmentally conscious engagement rings and fine jewelry set with the Nexus Diamond™ Alternatives. The Nexus Diamond is a stone that simulates how a diamond looks and feels, but at a significantly lower cost and without the environmental impact and potential human cruelty.


About the Nexus Diamond Alternative



Looks and feels like a flawless, colorless, Ideal Cut diamond.


Chemically different than a diamond.



Costs up to 80% less than a comparable diamond.



Guaranteed to be beautiful forever.



Go bigger and get a larger stone.



Choose a more elaborate setting.

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Never sacrifice quality for style.

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Customer Reviews

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Tiffany Style Round Cut
My fiancé and I couldn't be happier with our ring. Not only is the stone flawless and the ring stunning but it was a fraction of the price, leaving us with more to spend on our wedding!


Prague Halo
This ring is a wonderful, elegant piece, I got the large stone and rose gold, and totally blew her away. Everyone who sees it loves it. The shine is amazing.


Gwyenth Round Cut
Stunning. Incredible. Unbelievable value. Just some of the things that come to mind with this ring…I never would have been able to get a mined diamond close to this size for 5 times the price!


Valencia Princess Cut
The stone is gorgeous, and ring itself looks very elegant and high-end. [My fiancée] gets complemented on it where ever she goes.


Bali Round Cut
I LOVED the idea of a more sustainable diamond look-alike and the price allowed for me to get a much larger carat size too. I expected it to look lovely, but what I wasn't expecting was for it to also "feel" like a real diamond…It really feels like a win-win-win to me (perfect cut/clarity/color + sustainable/socially responsible + still affordable and twice the size).


Montreal Round
I am in love with this ring! I have never been so excited to put on a piece of jewelry every single day. Literally, all I do all day is stare at my hand. I have gotten so many compliments on it-- the sparkle can't help but catch the eye. I am so happy that I took the time to research diamond alternative stones. Diamond Nexus truly does produce heirloom quality jewelry.


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