Valencia Round Engagement Ring

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Valencia Round Engagement Ring

Sale $1,126.40

Was $1,408.00

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Sale $1,126.40

Was $1,408.00

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The Valencia engagement ring embodies opulence and drama, starting with the sparkling Nexus Diamond™ Alternative. The thicker split band is encrusted with pave accent stones and carved with ornate details, complete with peekaboo accent stones that make this ring an eye-catcher from every angle.

We are continually improving and updating our pieces to ensure our lifelong quality promise. As of early 2017, the Valencia ring design was updated to include more deeply etched metalwork.

  • Center stone pictured: 1.49 carat Round cut, 1.88 tcw
  • Center stone is available in a variety of carat weights; choose yours from the menu above.
  • Complete the look with the Valencia band.
  • Order additional services like a personal engraving or an appraisal for $25 each. Contact customer service for details at 1.800.509.4990.
  • Product Model: LRENVT0060XRB
, 10/2/2015

Still happy four years later!

Four years later and my ring still looks beautiful! No scratches, clouding, discoloration. Nothing! People are shocked when I tell them it's not a real diamond.

I had a side stone fall out of the matching band a few years ago, and I sent it back in for repair. Customer service was excellent. I feel good knowing that if my ring stops performing as advertised, I can have it replaced for free.
, 10/20/2014

So happy....not so happy

I received this ring back in May, 2012....I was absolutely stunned. It was beautiful. I did notice a slight flaw in the setting of the center diamond. One prong appears to be slightly larger than the other 3. But to be honest I did not want to go a day without my ring. Here I am not even a year later and the center stone has changed color. It does not have the sparkle it did. It seems to have faded and lost its color. And also the center stone is loose and about to fall out. I contact Customer service....only to highly disappointed. When they say the ring has a guarantee and they will replace the stone for free....please be advised that you have to pay to ship the ring back to them and you have to pay for the setting. I feel that they should back their product and repair the ring for free. If its a quality product it shouldn't be an issue. And if you take the ring elsewhere for sizing it voids your warrenty...but they charge $50 to size a ring down. My jeweler will size anything I take their for free!!!

Diamond Nexus responds: Thank you for your purchase from Diamond Nexus. We want to assure you that we do stand behind our products and offer free stone replacement for life, though any work to the metal is possibly going to incur a small charge. All of our rings are handmade so if there had been a small prong difference and we could inspect the ring, we would be able to let you know if it could be fixed. Some slight variations are too tiny to try to fix, if it is under a mm different. The naked eye wouldn't be able to see these small of differences. The stone becoming loose in your setting sounds like it is due to a prong becoming loose, which is from normal wear and tear. Customers do pay for metal work as we do not cover these types of things for life. All jewelers charge for metal work to be done, even sizing. We do however, cover sizing and defects for the first 30 days of purchase. Once outside of this time frame, regular wear on the ring can happen. The stone itself, if not cleaned and kept from elements like hair products, lotions and soaps can develop build-up on the surface that is easily removed with a thorough cleaning. We will be happy to inspect the ring, clean and repair it for you. Please contact us here at 1-800-509-4990 to speak to a representative if you have any further questions. All of our information on customer service issues is found here on our website as well:

Once the ring has been thoroughly cleaned, in an ultrasonic cleaner which is what we use and has had the prongs tightened, we know it will be 100% good as new and to your satisfaction. Please let us know if you have any other concerns. But sending the ring for repair occasionally is something that may need to happen, as rings are worn daily and exposed to different elements.
, 10/20/2014

Just Perfect

I've always loved the look of diamonds, but could never believe the price a jeweler expects you to pay. My fiance and I did a lot of research prior to coming across Diamond Nexus Labs, and I was absolutely blown away by the quality for the price. My fiance always wanted me to have a real diamond, but I'm more sensible money wise and told him I would prefer something from this site. We ordered the brochures and spent hours on this website before finally deciding on this ring. I can not put into words how utterly perfect this ring is. No one can tell this isn't a real ring, even the people I have told the truth to still don't believe me until I show them this site. Thank you so much for what you do.
, 10/17/2014

You Get What You Pay For...

I gave the Valencia to my fiancee about eight months ago. At the time of purchase I was hesitant, but for the money, I figured it was worth a shot.

Turns out that I managed to waste $1300. Upon delivery, the ring had a nice appearance. I was satisfied and more importantly, she was satisfied. Then she began to wear it. Sarah is very careful and after eight or so months, the stone looks terrible. We've lost two side stones but can't be bothered to replace them because as of now, this ring is a simple place holder while we shop for the REAL THING. It's a nice idea, but this product just doesn't hold up.

Customer Service was great with us, but that must be a priority when you sell an inferior product.

Diamond Nexus responds: We are very sorry that you are having issues with your Valencia engagement ring but we would like to offer our assistance. We certainly don't think that your fiance should be forced to wear her ring with missing stones! We want to restore your faith in Diamond Nexus quality and get her beautiful engagement ring back on her hand in the same quality it was when she first was given the ring.

Please contact our Customer Experience Coordinator at with your order number and she will be more than happy to assist you.
, 10/17/2014

5 Star Review

I just received your beautiful ring in the mail today. I was initially worried about purchasing a ring over the internet and having it sent to Australia, but watching it through the tracking system was fantastic! It arrived quickly. The ring itself is outstanding and looked exactly like it did off the website. The diamond authenticity certificate makes for a great read too!
Thankyou so much Diamond Nexus!
, 2/15/2014


I am extremely pleased with the quality and beauty of this piece for the price I paid. It is stunning! The stone is clear and sparkly - I am a very happy customer!
, 1/22/2014

Satisfied so far

I just got my ring. My boyfriend and I shopped for awhile and I finally settled on the 2.04 round in white gold. He hasn't proposed yet, so I have to sleep at night knowing it's in the house but I can't wear it yet. It's pure torture.

Also, to the lady freaking out (4/12/13) about "DN exposing your ring as a fake on the Facebook side ads..." Perhaps you're unfamiliar about how ad placement works, and perhaps no one at DN would tell you this because you're unreasonable and they have to be nice, but the ad was only on the side bar of YOUR page. Why would anyone market ads for your google searches to anyone else? That would be a waste of time and resources. Don't believe me? Research vacations, or cowboy boots, or gardening tools for a few days and see if the "ads on your FB page" don't change. They will. That's how marketing works. And you're the only one who can see them.
, 1/8/2014

Great purchase

I have had my ring for 8 months now and I still love it just as much as the day I got it, it is stunning and absolutely beautiful. we were hesitant to buy because of the mixed reviews BUT, sooo glad we did! :) Happy Happy!
, 1/6/2014


Just got Propose to for Christmas with the Valencia wedding band. What a beautiful ring I can't stop looking at it and all of my family and friends and everyone that sees the ring stops to look at it and says how beautiful it is. The detail is amazing and the stone sparkles. Every morning I wake up with this ring it still takes my breath away. Amazing amazing amazing!!!!! I give this ring a major A plus!
, 11/12/2013

Gorgeous ring!

I was amazed at how beautiful the stone is.
, 11/10/2013


, 10/21/2013

will get easily damaged

Let me start off by saying the ring is beautiful. It sparkles and stuns. BUT,,, within a few months the center stone was scratched. I am a student so its not like i was sticking my arms in crazy machines or something. At first it was surface scratches but now they are deep visible gashes. I have stopped wearing it since it is obvious it is a fake, and not a good one at that. I recommend something with a small center stone so that the scratches are not noticeable. I was lead to believe that this would not happen because it was supposed to be as hard as a diamond. Very disillusioned.

Diamond Nexus responds: We would like to apologize for the issues that you have had with your engagement ring scratching. Our stones are harder than CZ and are guaranteed not to scratch, but even a mined diamond can actually scratch if something tough comes into contact with the stone. We offer a lifetime guarantee on the stones and there would be no cost involved in replacing the stone unless there is damage to the metal of the ring. Please contact us here at 1-800-509-4990 to set up a repair with our customer service representatives. We will be happy to assist you.
, 8/3/2013

Great Investment!

I have had my ring for 2 years now and am just as happy with it as the day I received it. Absolutely no one can tell it's not a genuine diamond, not even jewelers. I have gotten many compliments on my ring. None of my stones have fallen out, chipped, or clouded. I think the bad reviews on here were mishaps. It's impossible to present a perfect product every single time. The gold is good quality and heavy duty. DN's customer service has always been pleasant to me and very helpful. Save the money you'd spend on an actual diamond and go on a great honeymoon instead!
, 7/2/2013

Just like the rest..

I was so excited to receive my Valencia ring at the end of March, my fiance and I did our research with these rings for over a year and I went back and forth trying to choose on which ring would be absolutely perfect. Well when he finally popped the question this March with the beautiful Valencia little to my dismay as soon as I put it on the center stone rattled... I was soo upset but wanted to pretend like it was ok, because I didn't want to send it back and be without it considering we were getting married that same month. A couple of weeks ago as I was going to take off my ring before bed like I always do, I noticed one of the side diamonds was missing on the wedding band. That was it for me, I contacted diamond nexus and they said that if I send it in they would fix it. I told her about the center stone and she said she had never ever heard of the center stone becoming loose. I'm pretty sure if you read the reviews on the page alone you'll find a couple. But I think it's outrageous we have to pay for the ring to be shipped back to their facility to fix a problem that shouldn't have been an issue. I baby my rings like no other, I take them off when I wash my hands and sleep- there is absolutely no reason a diamond should have already fallen out. And there is no excuse for the center stone to arrive loose. I am simply disappointed because I am going to be without my ring now for probably 3-4 weeks, with shipping. I was hoping for some reason when I got my ring I would have none of the issues I've read about in the reviews but, I was wrong- it's exactly how the reviews have put it.

Diamond Nexus responds: We are very sorry to hear of your frustrations with seeking ring repair. We assure you that within the first 30 days of purchase, any and all repairs are covered by Diamond Nexus. Outside of that timeframe, regular wear and tear can happen and we do ask that customers ship their rings to us for repairs. Loose center stones mean that the prongs need tightening and if a prong catches on something like clothing, they can bend and cause the center stone to rattle. Rarely, when our jewelers make rings, they may not tighten a new ring enough and the ring is shipped out needing to be tightened a bit more. We will happily repair and correct these errors for customers as we value our customers greatly and want to offer the very best in customer service and quality. Repairs themselves do take about 7-10 business days plus shipping time. If you have any questions or concerns about this order and the issues that you have gone through, please feel free to email Michelle Edwards, our customer care manager at She will happily look into these matters for you and do what she can to restore your faith in Diamond Nexus. Thank you for taking the time to write a review. Without learning where we fall short, we can't continue to grow stronger and better.
, 5/20/2013

Disappointed customer!

I don't even know where to start. My fiancée ordered my ring on March 6 and surprised me with a proposal. I noticed on the solid band metal piece on bottom that it had a thick deep dent scratch and there was a space between one of the small diamonds on the top side and the side of the ring. My fiancée noticed hoping I wouldn't noticed but sure enough I did. We sent the ring back and when I received it back it looked like as if someone had scratched the metal on the side up with a tool of some sort. I am guessing it came from whatever was used to fix the diamond which btw was also missing the little balls that went under the diamond. Sent the ring back and I was mortified when after receiving the ring it the bottom band metal piece that had been dented before was all worn out. It had a smoky look and a big line running thru the metal piece. When they received the ring back-the lady Michelle whom I had to address the shipment back too said she seen what I was referring to and got back to me saying there were just going to remake my ring. I asked if I would receive any type of compensation-perhaps a half a carat upgrade or something to make up for my troubles and time and I was flat out told 'no'. I was told they were remaking my ring at no cost and that was all they could do even though I had sent my ring back 3 times for repairs when I should have received a perfect ring in the first place. I wasn't over exaggerating either considering they noticed the problems when the ring was returned so they owned up to the problems but I wasn't compensated anything for the troubles of their from the beginning mistakes. My fiancée said if this ring wasn't a set then he wouldn't be buying me the wedding band to batch. I would say after that then we will never do business with DN again. I was also promised overnight shipping since they couldn't compensate me (even though they have others due to things like late shipping but I don't think it gets worse than receiving a crappy made ring 3 times). Guess what? No promise was kept. It took the same amount of time to receive the ring. They are crooks right out and over!

Diamond Nexus Response: April-we are very sorry to hear that you feel you have had an unsatisfactory experience so far with Diamond Nexus and your Valencia ring. Again, we sincerely apologize for any issues that you feel you incurred concerning the metal or quality of the ring. We are very happy that we were able to fix those issues and were able to have a new ring made for you. We are also sorry if there was any confusion concerning your shipping, but are glad that we were able to have the new ring made and shipped back out to you within our standard production time frame and at no cost to you. We sincerely hope that you and your fiance continue your relationship with Diamond Nexus and look forward to working with you on future purchases.
, 4/27/2013


At first glance I loved my ring! After closer inspection, the center stone was visibly crooked and there was extra metal where the band splits. I had to spend $15 to insure and ship it back to Diamond Nexus for repair. They also want me to pay $8 to ship it back to me. This seems outrageous since THEIR WORKMANSHIP WAS DEFECTIVE. Karen in customer service was not friendly and hung up on me while talking to her. I would not recommend Diamond Nexus due to this unfortunate and unnecessary situation.

Diamond Nexus responds: We are very sorry that you are having issues with your purchase but we would like to offer our assistance. Please contact our Customer Experience Coordinator at with your order number and she will be more than happy to assist you.
, 4/12/2013

Your ads just made sure everyone knows my ring is fake

I just saw my valencia ring in a Diamond Nexus ad - ON FACEBOOK! Given that DNL's premise is that we can all have what look like diamonds without paying the ridiculous price, and that no one will know the difference - I was horrified to see your ad in the sidebar of my Facebook home page this morning. Now everyone who has seen my ring WILL KNOW ITS A FAKE. I had hoped to keep the fact that my ring had lab diamonds in it a secret. DNL should create a design just for ads that wont expose those of us who bought them as having fake stones. :( Sincerely, very embarrassed DNL ring owner

Diamond Nexus Response: We are sincerely sorry for any embarrassment that you feel. That is definitely not our intention with any of the ads that we run on Facebook or the Internet. The Valencia is a very popular ring, and because of this we do like to feature it and have been doing so for a few years, and think that it's a great representation of how amazing our product looks. Again, we are very sorry that you are unhappy with your Diamond Nexus piece, especially because we want people to be proud of their DN jewelry. If you would be interested in upgrading to a different ring, we would be more than happy to help you in doing that. Our Customer Service Coordinator has been made aware of this issue and she looks forward to hearing from you if you are interested in going with a ring that doesn't have such a high profile like the Valencia. She can can be reached at
, 3/31/2013


This ring is so beautiful, People can't stop looking at it .I got it four days ago for my engagement. People stopped me in the store just to ask me about my ring .. I couldn't be happier .. Thank you .. I'm very happy..
, 3/21/2013


When I received this ring the stones looked OK however the ring setting looked very fake and way smaller than it looked like in all the pictures. They did refund all my money as promised.

Diamond Nexus Response: Bruce, we are very sorry that the Valencia ring did not meet your expectations. We truly do hope that you will consider us for a future purchase and hopefully one of our other rings will be more to your liking. If you have any questions in the future about any of our other settings, please feel free to speak with one of our Customer Service Reps for further assistance. They can be reached at 1-800-509-4990
, 12/24/2012


Initially a skeptic of lab created diamond stimulants, purchasing the valencia completely changed my mind. The reaction alone was worth it! My now fiancé is completely blown away by the workmanship, quality, and actual size of the stimulant. My own experience was wonderful as well. My rep, Missy was very responsive to all inquiries, and I received the ring in a timely manner. The package that it came in was very discreet, and the box that held the ring was beautifully made. I will definitely order from Diamond Nexus again.
, 12/21/2012

Very Happy!

I was looking for a vintage, low-set, stand alone engagement ring. I chose the valencia because of the split band; I thought this would create enough width that I could wear it without the wedding band. I got the 1.03ct round center, and it is beautiful! The ring is a lot more dainty than I expected, and I may end up ordering the matching band eventually. I was taken off guard by how shiny the gold is due to all the milgrain and scroll work. Basically, since I wasn't able to try it on and had to go off of the pictures alone, the setting looks much shinier and daintier in real life than I expected, but it is still beautiful and I'm very glad I chose it! We bought it to replace my real rings that were lost, and I kind of wish we had just bought this one in the first place! I was concerned the stone would look fake, but it doesn't at all!
, 12/15/2012

Poor Poor Quality

Hi, I am the bride to be and the issues I've had with this ring has brought me to tears from both embarrassment and being extremely dissatisfied. As I type up this review my ring is making an obnoxious rattling noise because the main diamond is loose, again!

My fiance proposed to me this past Oct 2012 and I was so excited. At first glance the ring was beautiful. Within about 30 minutes I noticed the mil work on the sides of the ring was very poor. Looked like somebody took a soldering iron and just through diamonds on the side. Nothing was symmetrical. Also I noticed that the swirly engravings were not symmetrical and not consistent in shape. Within a few days the main diamond was loose. Seemed like the ring just got worse and worse everyday.

When we got back from our week long trip my fiance called customer service but they said since it had been over 30 days since he originally purchased it he could not get his money back nor get a brand new one. All they could do is fix it at no cost. No cost being a lie since you have to pay for shipping. This was extremely embarrassing since I was newly engaged and our friends and family wondered where the ring was. It took 2 WEEKS from the time we sent it out to the time we got it back. I told people that i had to get it resized when they asked where my ring was.

When we received the ring back from DN I noticed that they tried to fix the mil work on the side but the quality was ok, still looked like an amateur jeweler worked on it. Literally within the next day the main diamond started to become loose again and rattle. Wow, was I upset. I talked to a customer representative and they said they can't do anything about it except return it back to them to get it fixed once more. I asked how can I expect DN to fix it when they didn't the first time? I can't keep returning it over and over again.

We had an engagement party after we received it from getting repaired so I could not send it back. Now with the holidays I can't deal with family asking where it is once more. What do I tell them this time? I do not believe if I send it back they will fix it. The ring already looks damaged. Very poor manufacturing and quality.

I will only be satisfied with DN if 1.) They give us our money back or 2.) Give us a brand new ring that was manufactured correctly from the get go.

My fiance and I were going to buy our bands from here but with this service not sure about it.

FYI, I am planning on putting this review on wedding wire, the knot, etc. until I am 100% satisfied with Diamond Nexus.

Thank you,

Diamond Nexus responds: We are truly very sorry that you have experienced issues with your Diamond Nexus ring. We can completely understand how frustrating it can be to go without your new engagement ring when you are wanting to show it off after your engagement. Please contact us here at and we will be happy to work with you to see to it that this ring looks absolutely perfect for you.
, 11/25/2012


I just received this ring as a gift from my husband after our daughter was born and I would like to thank Diamond Nexus for the wonderful quality, clarity and beauty this ring displays. Thanks!
, 11/24/2012

Beautiful Ring!

I just saw this exact ring on an acquaintance. I am so glad she told me where I could get a fabulous ring like hers at a fabulous price! Diamond Nexus, you're my new go-to jeweler. Thank you!
, 11/20/2012


Hello! My boyfriend and I have been looking at rings for awhile now and this cought our eyes! I was wondering if there was a direct link on your facebook page where I could view this ring on someones hand to get a better idea. Do you have any locations in Florida?

Thank you!

Diamond Nexus responds: Thank you for contacting us. We have quite a few ring photos of the Valencia in our customer request albums. We would be happy to show you some, if you can contact our social media coordinator at

As of right now, the only retail loations are in Milwaukee and Chicago but we plan to keep expanding to other areas soon!
, 10/2/2012


My now fiance and I did a lot of research before choosing whether or not to get a 'real' diamond or a lab created. We are already raising a family and didn't want to spend an outrageous amount on a ring, but wanted something that would be unique, but not look 'cheap'. When we came across the Valencia, we both knew that this is the ring that we wanted. We got the 1.03 carat round diamond in 14k white gold and it is amazing! It is everything I wanted in a ring and we can't stop staring at it because it is so beautiful! I'm very excited to see what it is going to look like with the band.
Their customer service and shipping is excellent and I hope you find this review helpful because as much as we were skeptical to begin with...we now know we made the right choice in purchasing this from Diamond Nexus!
, 9/27/2012

Where can I try this on?!

I am interested in the ring but am afraid it was be too "blingy" for my style. I absolutely LOVE it, but I just don't want it to be too over the top. Any suggestions? Any places in California where I could try it on?

Diamond Nexus responds: Hi Ashley, thank you for checking out the Valencia engagement ring. Unfortunately, we don't have a retail location in California but we do have one in Chicago and one in Milwaukee. If you would like to speak with one of our customer service representatives to help get a better idea of what size to order, please feel free to call us here at 1-800-509-4990 or swing by our Facebook page at and check out our customer request albums, filled with great ring photos. That should help you in determining the right size for your hand.
, 8/28/2012

What an Amazing Ring!

My fiancé and I were looking at several rings together before choosing this one, and I'm SO glad he chose to purchase it. The stone quality is crystal clear and it's so well-crafted. It's going on about two months now, and I find myself marvelling at it on a daily basis. I'm constantly getting compliments on how beautiful it is, and I'm thrilled to wear it. DEFINITELY a great buy, and I would highly recommend it. (This, coming from someone who never takes the time to write a review about anything!)
, 7/7/2012

Good Ring

The ring is great, its beautiful and i get a lot of compliments on it. the only down fall is that the side stones fall out. I have had 2 in the past 5 months and have to keep sending it back to get repaired, which is becoming quite costly. Over all it is a good ring, it would be an amazing one if it just stayed together.
, 7/4/2012


The day I got this ring it was beautiful!! Now a year later the center stone is scratched. I clean it meticulously every morning and it doesn't seem as bright.


Hello. You posted this review as a "Guest" so we can't reach out to you directly. Please remember that your ring has a lifetime warranty on the stones. If you feel your stone is damaged, please call or email Customer Care and we will get it repaired for you free of charge.

Best regards,

Chris Jacobs

Customer Experience Manager
, 5/26/2012


I just got proposed to yesterday, and when i seen the ring i thought it was wonderful and so beautiful. The next day i wore my ring to work, within 2 hours of my shift, the ring rubbed against my arm when i crossed them, and a small side diamond on the band fell off. I was not impressed with this at all. Went home, and boyfriend were mad, called them. they are now sending us back our money. Poor manufacturing CLEARLY!!!

Diamond Nexus Response:
Hi Sassy, we are responding to you here as you posted this review anonymously and we have no way of contacting you directly. Yep, we totally agree. Sounds like one of the dozens of stones in your Valencia ring was not properly set. We are deeply sorry. Your ring is guaranteed for life against stone loss and we would have repaired it free of charge, but we are also happy to honor your return and we hope you might consider another Diamond Nexus product in the future. Our jewelers set literally thousands of stones a day and though we work hard to achieve 100% quality, sometimes we mess up. Again our deepest apologies.
, 5/26/2012


This ring is absolutely gorgeous! I have received NOTHING but compliments since my husband first proposed. It is the most beautiful ring that I have ever seen. :)
, 5/21/2012


Before deciding on a ring my fiancé and I read many, many reviews. Looked at several websites and visited a dozen jewelry stores. After ordering the DNL catalog... I stared at the Valencia day and night and just knew it was the one! My engagement was a surprise, and as it turns out, so was the ring. It was 1,000 times more beautiful than I could have imagined! I have the 1.96carats in white gold, I have been engaged for a year, and it is as brilliant as the day I got it! We get a giggle out of people saying things like "He's a keeper!" and "He must really Love you!" my friends are always trying my ring on and comparing to theirs... But there is no comparison, it is flawless! I work as a nurse and I'm constantly washing my hands and my "diamond" shines on!
Any girl is Lucky to receive this ring!!!
, 5/12/2012


My boyfriend/fiancé purposed to me 5/11/12 and the purposal was just as amazing as the's a beautifully detailed ring..I'm beyond happy with his choice of ring it looks amazing on my u moroooo mouuuu
, 5/5/2012

great product & stellar quality

The ring has been a total hit since the day I bought it. My wife loves the choice. She constantly receives compliments on the ring.
, 4/14/2012


This is an update on my previous review from October. I am still 100% in love with this ring. It looks as amazing as it did when I got it and I have only had to clean it once. I have lost weight, so I probably need to get it resized, but I still get compliments on it every day. My ring actually is way prettier than most of my friend's engagement/wedding rings. My fake ring makes theirs look fake because the color and quality of the simulant is so awesome. I love wearing this ring everyday because its comfortable. I stare at it all the time. I'm obsessed! I was nervous after we ordered my ring because I had read a lot of negative reviews online, but we took the plunge and ordered and hoped for the best. I would say we definitely got more than we expected. Love it!!! There are a lot of haters out there, but don't listen. Diamond Nexus is truly amazing.
, 4/7/2012

Love it, But it Rattles

I love my ring...but my fiance is so disappointed in his purchase, that now I wish we had returned it within the guarantee window. He has sent it back twice because the stone rattles. This company has been great about trying to fix it, but the stone continually gets loose again. My fiance picks up my ring when I take it off now, and he literally shakes it so he can hear it rattle. I tried to ignore it, because I love the design and how it looks, but I have to admit that after sending it back twice, it still rattles! We have been engaged for a year and a half and the stone doesn't seem as brilliant as it did when he first proposed. I clean it frequently, but it gets dull quickly. It's still a beautiful ring, but I wonder if everyone else writing these rave reviews got luckier with their stones, or if they just haven't had it long enough to notice these things.
, 3/18/2012

Great ring!

The worst thing was waiting for it to come! The look on the website is good but in person this is a very fine piece. My is extremely please with it and cannot believe it's lab created. The fire is brilliant in the sunlight. Everyone gives her a ton of compliments!

I opted for the 1 carat center stone and it's perfectly proportioned on her petite hand.
, 3/11/2012

Worth every bit

I've had my ring (round, 1.03ct) for about 6 months now and it's just as gorgeous as the day my fiance proposed. No one (not even jewelers) can tell that it's not real. I've gotten so many compliments on it! The only complaint: it tends to get dirty fast. It only takes a minute to clean it so it's still WELL worth it!
, 2/19/2012


so i got this ring on valentines day 2012. the ring is amazing!!! so pretty and sparkly and people are constantly asking how much it was and saying how big it is! its overall an amazing ring!!! :)
, 2/14/2012


The ring i beautiful! I thought it would be a little bit wider than it is but over all it is gorgeous! I have the 1.96 center stone and it is perfect!
, 1/4/2012


He asked on after dinner on 12/25.
Absoluetly LOVE the ring!!!!!!!! Cannot wait to return from vacation and show it to all my loved ones!
, 12/6/2011

Very intricate setting, gorgeous with the 1.03 center stone

My fiance and I picked out this ring with the round center stone several months ago back when this particular combination was known as the "Barcelona." I am in awe of how beautiful the stone is. I've owned is for several months and it is just as shiny and clear as the day it arrived. The 1.03 ct is a perfect size because of how sparkly it is, any bigger and I feel it would look gaudy.

I highly recommend this ring. Between the sparkle and the detailed setting you won't be able to stop looking at it!
, 11/3/2011

Beautiful wedding set

I got this ring for my 24th anniversary June 2010. I chose the 1.96 center stone and it is a really impressive stone. Even though I've had it for a year and a half, I still get stopped all the time with compliments and I couldn't be happier. It sparkles in the light beautifully and the vintage style is very popular. I recommend Diamond Nexxus labs to anyone looking for an engagement ring or for any occasion. You cannot find these prices anywhere and the quality cannot be beaten.
, 11/3/2011


I'm loving this ring !! It's a sight to see!!!! fits perfect!! so vintage!!!!
, 10/29/2011


I gave this to my Fiance She Absolutley loved it .She gets so many compliments on it . People ask me how much it was then spew prices like 18- 20 G. i don't say a word . I figure if they can't tell the difference who am I to spoil it . We both love the quality of the ring . My fiance wears it daily . its been a yr since I bought it and I still get caught off guard by the brilliance
, 10/22/2011

Absolutely Love It!!

I normally have a difficult time making decisions of any kind, but when I saw this ring on the DNL website, I knew it was the one I wanted. Originally, I just had a plain silver band because of the ethics of mined diamonds, but when my husband told me about DNL and I saw the Valencia, I knew it was the perfect solution. I received compliments all the time, and many women who have their own engagement rings told me that my ring was the most beautiful ring they have ever seen! I have been wearing it now for 1 1/2 years and it still sparkles like it did when I first got it. There is enough sparkle that you don't really need the matching wedding band, too. Overall, I love my Valencia and would make the same choice over and over again!
, 10/21/2011

The ring of my dreams

When I told my now-husband that I wanted an ornate ring with at least a 2-carat square cut diamond, I thought that he was going to have a heart attack. Then I showed him the Valencia... When he looked at the price, he just grinned! It is really funny how my jeweler family members don't even know and can't tell (unless they look under a loop) that my diamond is a synthetic! And, the only way that they can tell is because my diamond is totally flawless!

The Valencia ring has the "old-school" charm and elegance. I never worry about my diamonds coming lose or wearing my ring anywhere! The craftsmanship of my ring is unbeatable and superb. I can really say that I have my dream ring!!! Thank you Diamond Nexus!
, 10/19/2011


My fiance just proposed with this ring and I ADORE it!!! We didn't want to spend a fortune on an engagement ring, and this ring is perfect. I get so many compliments on it. I truly recommend it!
, 10/16/2011


Incredible detail and major sparkle! Everyone who sees it is blown away. My man did a good thing picking this ring for me! It fit me perfectly right out of the box also.
, 10/16/2011


I was just proposed to with the 1.03ct brilliant cut ring and it is gorgeous! It even sparkles in the rain! It is beautiful, I couldn't have asked for anything more perfect.
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