Ulyssa Round Cut Engagement Ring - 10k Value Collection

Ulyssa Round Cut Engagement Ring - 10k Value Collection

Price: $435.00
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Price: $435.00
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The Ulyssa engagement ring features a light, low-profile design that is high on sparkle. The 0.76 carat Round Brilliant cut Contemporary Nexus Diamond™ glitters in the center of a halo, which is flanked by two larger lofted accents. This ring even gleams from the side, where bezel set peekaboo accents are tucked within the setting.

  • Center stone: 0.76 carat Round Brilliant cut, 1.19tcw
  • 36 Round Brilliant cut accent stones.
  • Complete the look with the matching Ulyssa band.
  • Order additional services like a personal engraving or an appraisal for $25 each. Contact customer service for details.
  • Shown in 10k gold; call customer service for an upgrade to 14k, 18k, palladium, or platinum.
  • Product Model: LRVLSA0041X

Customer Reviews

TMS, 4/19/2018

Good for what it is

My husband and I purchased my wedding set from here because we were 21 when we got engaged and the price was right and I genuinely loved (and still love) this ring, and like a lot of people on here, I wanted something ethical. The trouble with a lot of these reviews are that they were written soon after receiving the ring, but I've been wearing it every day for almost four years. The pros are that it is beautiful! I still get complimented on it all the time and people are shocked when I tell them it's not a real diamond, and it's ethical. However, I would not consider it durable. After wearing the ring for three years, it developed two weak spots on either side of the center stone and also on the wedding band (which is very thin) and the bands on both rings actually broke apart. It was very small, not large enough to make it fall off or anything, but large enough that it was irritating my finger and rubbing it raw and it needed to be fixed. Also, the engagement ring and matching band do not fit flush together, as they do in one of the earlier pictures. There's a space between them, show in one of those later pictures. So I don't regret buying this set. It is beautiful, but you do get what you pay for. It's served me well and I'm getting it fixed, but the jeweler said it's likely to happen again, and how much money do you really want to pour into a ring that only cost $400? Just wanted to throw my two cents in if it might help someone make an informed decision.
BlondeGirl, 3/16/2018

So sparkly!

I am so impressed with this ring! It is absolutely beautiful and not too big and gaudy. The center stone is just the right size. It sparkles like crazy! I will buy from Nexus again.
Johnie Love, 3/8/2018

You won't be disappointed with all the diamonds, neither will she, she will Love it!

My wife loves this ring, it is beautiful and sparkles just as it did when I gave it to her. She loves the delicate look of it, exquisite and very ornate, gorgeous from any angle and the diamond just sparkles, especially in the sunlight. Classic look and elegant flair, sophisticated and very deserving of a beautiful woman's finger. She is now my wife and I am getting the band to match to set it off.
KirstyMcDonald, 1/29/2018

Beautiful ring, couldn't expect anything better for the price!

This ring is beautiful. Being someone who knows about diamonds, I was concerned about how it would look in comparison to other diamond jewellery that I wear every day. However, I needed have worried; the ring sparkles just like the rest of my jewellery. I do think I may have lost one of the small stones on the halo of the ring and I will send it in to Diamond Nexus for a free service and to have it replaced if need be, but it is not hugely noticeable.

***Hello Kristy, If you do need to send it in, please reach out to us for a shipping label. We cover shipping both ways and would be happy to take a look at the ring for you.***
Diamondsfullyloaded , 11/23/2017

Haters gonna hate

This ring is so beautiful, the pictures really don't do it justice. These diamonds will definitely catch the eyes of others, so if you have jealous family be ready for some hate. In all seriousness, it is beautifully crafted and the ring is so sparkly; it's hard to not stop working just to stare at it. My fiance did a wonderful job. And no people were harmed in the making.
Nicc, 11/12/2017

Perfect engagement ring

Very durable and feminine. Always get compliments on the unique and simple design. Must have for anyone! Very beautiful!
Cait, 9/1/2017

Beautiful ring

Edges are sharp. Otherwise the pictures don't do its justice. Some may feel it looks fake may look big on small hands and is a little sharp on the little diamonds def sharp enough it digs into the skin. I however personally love it. I will never take it off.
K.Jones, 8/24/2017

Dainty Ring with a Big Sparkle!

This ring is absolutely beautiful! It's has a petite, dainty band that gives it a classic, romantic look. It's very dainty looking but still has BIG sparkle. It just glitters in all lighting! It just sparkles beautifully & is sure to catch anyone's eye. It is cut to perfection and the result is stunning! The pictures don't do it justice, it's absolutely gorgeous on your finger. You truly can't go wrong with this ring if you're looking for a dainty halo style diamond ring that sparkles like a huge diamond ring.
meme, 7/31/2017


Very quality looking and affordable
HankA, 7/1/2017

Love this design

Breanna, 6/9/2017

Beautiful and unique

I have had this ring for 2 full months now and I absolutely love it! I have big hands for a woman but long thin fingers and it looks perfect. The band is thinner than I expected but I can't imagine it being bigger it is the perfect size for my lifestyle and taste. I haven't had any stones fall out like some other reviews mentioned. I catch myself admiring my engagement ring all the time: it's so pretty and it sparkles and shines so brightly! I love it!
Andrea, 3/22/2017

Beuatiful, but delicate

I love this ring! It is dainty and skinny! With a size 4 ring, it was just what I was looking for! The one bad thing, I have had the ring for almost 4 years now, and I have had to send it back at least 3 times to replace a lost diamond on the band and/or the halo surrounding the larger diamond. I am just a housewife, so no hard working going on with my hands! Other than that, it still as sparkly as the day I got it!
Lisa, 1/22/2017

Good but petite

Nice product. Pretty, looks like the picture. I read the reviews that it was a bit petite but thought since I was a size 4 it might wear different...a bit thin in the band but nice. Diamonds look good enough to me!
Tim, 1/21/2017


AMAZING. BEAUTIFUL. Just what I needed to propose to my fiancee the day after her birthday on 1/7/17! It was beautiful and the light shined on it just right and made the morning that much more special! I highly recommend this ring! It doesn't matter how much or how many carrots when it comes to true love! All that matters is what is in your heart; True and unconditional love!
MrsMiller, 1/9/2017

Still in love!

My husband proposed with this ring 12/31/12. I have had it on my hand every day since. I take it off when I shower and before bed but that's all. I haven't had any issues with this ring at all! I love how it looks and I still get compliments on it! I saw some other reviews where people have had issues and I'm sure every ring is different but I personally haven't had any issues and I still look at it everyday and love it!
J, 12/24/2016

It's beautiful

Still in love. I've had my ring for a year now. I love it! The reviews scared me away horrors of stones falling out. I've had no issue with stones falling out. My ring is as beautiful as the day I received it. I wear a size 6 and this is the perfect finger coverage. I receive compliments all the time.
Erika, 11/9/2016

Nice size

Totalled pleased with this ring. It's petite yet it is not. Great presence on my finger. I find myself looking at it all the time. Don't hesitate to own it. The lighted box was amazing too. If you Want to say I do, or as an anniversary gift to say You did. She will love it.
Becca, 10/16/2016

Excellent quality and beautiful sparkle!!

I absolutely love this ring. It's beautiful and Ive had no issues with the stones falling out (and I have a 5 month old, dogs, and work on a farm lol). Me and my fiance looked into these rings after he spent over 1500$ on one and I convinced him to, instead, save that money for a house.
Mindy moo, 1/3/2016


I LOOOOOVE this ring but I have had 2 stones fall out in the 3 years I've had it. I'm a stay at home mom and if I'm do any extensive activities I take my ring off. I am sick of looking at this beautiful ring to find a sto e is missing then having to go through the back and forth process to get it fixed then returned.

** Diamond Nexus response:

Hi Mindy -

I apologize and am very sorry to hear about the issues that you've had. Please contact me if this happens again and I'll make sure to inspect the ring and see if it needs to be remade.

Thank you,

Kyle Blades
Executive Director
Sam, 10/22/2015


My fiancé proposed with this ring about a month and a half ago and I'm in LOVE!! I have gotten so many compliments on it and it looks great on my size 7 finger. I haven't had any problems with stones falling out. I would definitely recommend this ring for a couple on a budget!
Happy wife, 7/19/2015

Love the ring!

I have had this ring for 2 and a half years and I still get complements on it! I have never had issues with stones falling out, and I wear it daily! I did have one repair done on it (ring got stuck on a drawer at work) and the ring was received in a timely matter as promised.
Africa, 5/17/2014


Here I am, again, writing another review. I have now had 3 stones fall out of this ring. The second time a stone fell out, DNL wrote:

Diamond Nexus responds: We are very sorry that you experienced issues with your Ulyssa ring and we want to assure you that we stand behind our jewelry with top of the line guarantees so that if there is an issue with them, we will happily repair the ring for you.

If this style is not right for your lifestyle and you want to check out another option, perhaps utilizing our trade up program would be an option. We would suggest a style that may have channel set stones for more secure wear. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our Customer Experience Coordinator at Michelle.Edwards@diamondnexus.com and she can further assist you.

I think it is ridiculous that I should have to buy a ring to match my "lifestyle." I do not work with my hands, nor do I do anything with my hands that doesn't occur during average living. But then I thought that perhaps I could find another ring that would work better, and they suggested that I look into "trading up".... as in pay them more money. Someone else also wrote on here that they were told to "not wear the ring while at home."

I am tired of sending my ring back and forth and not being able to wear it. I am also tired of looking down at my wedding ring to make sure there are no missing stones. Just do yourself a favor, and don't shop here.

Diamond Nexus responds: We do apologize for the ring issues and do admit that some rings are not for everyone. The Ulyssa is a petite ring with delicate stones. We suggest checking into our tradeup if you are outside of the return timeframe. We have a very generous program that allows customers to change the style to something that would suit them better. In this case, perhaps a channel set ring would work better for you. Please contact our Customer Experience Coordinator at Michelle.Edwards@diamondnexus.com and she can further assist you.
Lauren loves Paul, 2/27/2014

Valentine's Day

My boyfriend Paul did an excellent job picking from the rings that I had hinted at on this site. I have the DNL Simple Pleasures Eternity Band that he got for me 2 years ago that I wear all the time and which still excites me with its sparkle. Now I am showing off this brilliant halo ring as well. The thin band is what I asked for and is quite comfortable with a dainty bright sparkle. The center stone is a great size for me (ring size 10) and the halo creates a pretty effect as the contrast in types of sparkle are the fun part of this ring. The accent stones are quite a unique spin. YAY Love it BABY! P.S. the stones are holding in place nicely as I read some other people had problems? I practice medicine and wash my hands often and have done ok. Just throwing that in as it would be important to me to hear some opposing experience concerning that. Thanks


DO NOT BUY THIS RING. My ring has been in for repair more than it has been on my hand. I had the ring aprox 4 months, lost my first stone, sent it in for repair and since my wedding was just around the corner I had it soldered to my wedding band. Got it on my wedding day and on our HONEYMOON I lost my second stone, tried to go ahead and wear it because I just didn't want to send it back and be without my wedding ring, well aprox a month later I lost ANOTHER stone. Sent it back and literally have had it for about two months look down today and another stone from the halo is gone. I'm so upset. I can't believe they would sell a ring that falls apart this much. When I questioned the customer service rep her answer was to not wear my wedding ring around the house. REALLY?! That is unacceptable, if I can't wear my wedding ring all the time what is the point of having one. I sit behind a desk all week and am not hard on jewelry. Again I would strongly suggest that no one purchase this ring. It's horrible.

Diamond Nexus responds: We would like the opportunity to speak with you and figure out how we can best assist you. Please email our customer experience coordinator at michelle.edwards@diamondnexus.com and she will be more than happy to look into your order and offer a solution.
Lee, 11/18/2013

Poor customer service

We purchased this rIng with the matching band for our wedding, actually I didn't know which ring I was getting, I gave him choices and he picked the one from my choices to surprise me with on the day of our wedding, We put a rush on shipping and gave more than enough time for us to receive the set in time for our wedding. Well, guess what? Wedding day arrives and no wedding set. My fiancé, now husband, spent that week prior to the wedding contacting customer service and trying to locate the ring, he was told the day before the wedding that it would be there that day, but it never arrived, it finally made it the following Monday, two days after our wedding. I ended up having to use my mom's (not her wedding ring) ring for the ceremony. I was so upset, I don't have any wedding pictures with my wedding ring, it wasn't blessed by our preacher the day of the ceremony, the element of surprise was absent, honestly my mom's costume ring I used has more sentiment than this ring. My husband called customer service to try and get some of our shipping cost back and perhaps a substantial discount, he only thing he was offered was his shipping costs refunded and a 20% discount . I told him that it was unacceptable, the very least DN could do was offer me a bigger discount than 20% for all the stress they caused over this and the lost memory of my husband placing MY wedding ring on my finger as he said his vow. As far as the quality of the ring, it's pretty, engagement ring seems to be well made, the groove in the band where the accent diamond is below the halo on the engagement ring is too small for the accent to sit in so it just hovers on top of it,, I assume if the groove were cut right it would cradle the accent diamond. I would like to purchase another band for the other side and make it more symmetrical looking, but I don't foresee me buying it through DN. Hopefully, I can find a similar band with another jeweler. So disappointed.

Diamond Nexus responds: Please accept our apologies for your frustrations and the issues involved in purchasing your engagement ring. We would be happy to work with you on remedying this situation. Please contact our customer experience coordinator at Michelle.Edwards@diamondnexus.com and she will be able to assist you.
moo, 11/16/2013

stone fell out after 1 month

I got this ring a year and a half ago and after wearing for 1 month one of the smaller stones on the side fell out and its been sitting in the jewelery box since. I didnt return it to get fixed because i couldnt find the paperwork & I thought i would need it to return it! So today Im doing some fall cleaning and i find the papers. So i get on here to check some things out and realized I could've sent it in without the paperwork long ago and now the price has dropped 160$ from when my husband purchased it wich is a lil aggervating!! But I loooooove this ring and i cant wait to get it fixed
Eeyes, 10/31/2013

Lovely ring.

This ring is so beautiful, I love how petite and perfect it is for my size 4 finger, not to mention how much it sparkles! I did lose a stone on the 3rd day I wore it, but DN replaced it for free, and supplies a free shipping label. So they make good on their warranty with minimal hassle. Other than that the only other thing I notice is that my bezel stones under the halo don't sparkle. I wonder if it is just mine. But overall I would not trade this ring for anything. For as pretty as it is I don't know why it is so cheap! But I'm not complaining!
Amanda, 10/25/2013


This ring just arrived today. My finance hasn't asked me any important questions yet but I did get to see the ring. It's smaller than I expected but very beautiful. I wanted something with a halo and a really really thin band to show off the center stone better. It definitely has a very thin band. I imagine this would be better suited on someone with very small hands but it doesn't look out of place on my size 9 finger either.

Diamond Nexus responds: We appreciate you taking the time to post a review on your Diamond Nexus purchase. We want to let you know that if the ring is more petite than you had been wanting, we can set up an exchange within the first 30 days of receiving the ring, to another style for you. Just contact us here at 1-800-509-4990 if you would like to choose a different setting. Thank you for making Diamond Nexus your jeweler and have a wonderful day!
Africa, 9/7/2013

Don't shop here!

I was so excited to find this website, and now I am so disappointed about this product. I just sent my ring in for repair and received it back a few days ago. And, yet ANOTHER stone has fallen out right next to where the first one fell out. These products are not worth the hundreds you're paying. This ring is gorgeous, and I am extremely disappointed. I sent in an email to complain to come to some resolution, and no one has replied. This ring is supposed to be a symbol of commitment to my husband... not a very good symbol if the ring starts to fall apart a year later. Please, I would discourage you from shopping here. Use the money you would pay for this as a good downpayment on a better ring... one that will last longer than a year.

Diamond Nexus responds: We are very sorry that you experienced issues with your Ulyssa ring and we want to assure you that we stand behind our jewelry with top of the line guarantees so that if there is an issue with them, we will happily repair the ring for you.

If this style is not right for your lifestyle and you want to check out another option, perhaps utilizing our trade up program would be an option. We would suggest a style that may have channel set stones for more secure wear. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our Customer Experience Coordinator at Michelle.Edwards@diamondnexus.com and she can further assist you.
Meghan, 8/21/2013

In L-O-V-E

When my boyfriend (now fiance) and I talked about getting married I started looking at rings to give him ideas of the style I liked. I came across this website and started looking around. I absolutely fell in love with this ring and told him that THIS was the one I wanted. It is soooo elegant and perfect size. So many people have complimented how gorgeous my ring is. I have bragged up DN and expressed how pleased I am! Not only is my ring stunning, but it was within our budget. PERFECT!
Only complaint would be the band. It is thin, but is sturdy.
Africa, 8/11/2013

After a while...

I previously posted on this ring and after having the ring for over a year, I am somewhat disappointed. A stone has fallen out of the Halo, and this had made me very sad. I am careful with my ring as I have seen other customer reviews that warned about stones falling out. I also saw on the website that if stone need replacing that I may be charged... not so happy anymore. It also is very difficult to keep clean, and I noticed that after a while the shine doesn't compare to natural diamonds.

Diamond Nexus responds: We are sorry that you are having issues with your Ulyssa engagement ring. Stones can sometimes be lost from settings and though we don't charge for the stones themselves, if there has been damage to the metal on the ring, charges may be incurred for repairs. If you do decide that you may want to trade to a different style of ring, we do offer a very generous trade up program where you get a full credit on a new ring as long as the next purchase totals 1.5 times the initial amount. You would just pay the difference.

If you are noticing the stones are not shining as brightly, this could be the effect of build up on the ring, from chemicals, soap, lotion etc. Cleaning the ring either at home, with a jeweler or sending it to us for ultrasonic cleaning is going to remove the buildup and allow the stones to shine as they did when you first bought your ring.
Soon2BPope-Banks, 7/31/2013

Love It!

I picked this ring our for my engagement ring and my boyfriend, now fiancé, proposed to me recently. The pictures really can't compare to how elegant, bright, and amazingly gorgeous this ring truly is. Ive had it for almost a week and love every part of it! I truly recommend DN and am a lifetime customer as of now!
Larry , 7/14/2013

A beautiful ring

A beautiful ring jus wished the band was a wider band that disappointed me a little .
sandy, 7/5/2013

excellent buy

i love this ring it is adorable, better than the pictures!!
Michelle, 6/27/2013

Absolutely Atonishing

My Ulyssa engagement ring and matching band arrived this morning in a beautiful box with a bow. Both rings are just attonishing and very dainty. They are a perfect match! I am so thrilled with the rings and I am proud to wear them. I wear a size 8 ring and the ring fits perfectly. I wore the engagement ring while I was running errands and strangers complimented me on the beauty of this ring. The video does not illustrate how beautiful the ring shines and sparkles. Our friends are truly amazed. The best part is my fiancee did not have to spend thousands on a truly unique and absolutely gorgeous set. I am proud that we have not contributed to the blood diamond industry. Thank you DN. I highly recommend the Ulyssa engagement ring and matching band.
budget bride, 6/21/2013

Great value if you have a small budget

I own several DN jewelry pieces and love the quality of the simulants. When my boyfriend (now fiancé) and I started talking about getting married, I told him I didn't want a real diamond and showed him DN. We have a very small budget to work with so I picked out this one because I like the beautiful and feminine design. I have small hands and fingers (size 5). When the ring arrived, it is true to the size. While the center stone is only a 0.76 (6mm), the halo design gives the illusion that it's a bigger stone. The design fits well for my tiny finger. The only complaint I have is that the band is really, really thin. It starts with 1mm at the shoulders and then tapers down to maybe 0.5mm. The accent stones on the band are almost invisible unless you look at them very closely.

When he showed his mother the ring before giving it to me, his mother said it is "very small," but she compared it with diamonds that she owns and said the center stone is "perfect." It sparkles brilliantly under the sun, and is bright in low lighting. I am pleased with this choice but we will upgrade to a more sturdy ring when our budget allows. This will be a great backup/travel ring for me.
Camake, 6/6/2013


Delicate, petite, believable and incredibly sparkly. I did my research on simulated and tried a different ring first which I didn't like. This one caught my eye but I wasn't sure how it would look against my pave set 18K real diamond band. Honestly, no one will know one is and one isn't. I just wish a 14k or 18k white was standard vs a special order. But the 10k is fine and very slim so you can't tell. I have to exchange for a smaller size and I'm going to order the matching band. Can't wait!
Sara, 5/24/2013


I just got my Ulyssa ring, and it is absolutely gorgeous!! I was relly nervous/excited about ordering for the first time from Diamond Nexus, but all my worries disappeared when I saw the ring. It is perfect. The band is very thin though, but I feel like it just adds to its delicate appeal. I am in love, thank you Diamond Nexus!! :)
Future Mrs.McLennan, 4/25/2013

Perfect ring and great customer service

My wonderful fiancé proposed to me with this ring in yellow gold, it is PERFECT! The yellow gold accents the stones perfectly. We did have a small issue with one of the micro pave stones but we had it fixed at no cost DN are great to work with and so helpful.
Thank you so much Diamond Nexus!
Future Mrs., 4/14/2013

absolutely gorgeous

Received my Ulyssa ring from my fiancé two days ago and it is more than I imagined!! We chose this ring to save money, but also so we could have a ring we were proud for me to wear....it sparkles in the light and is just beautiful!!! So happy we went the route we did and chose Diamond Nexus! Thank You!!!
Alexis, 4/8/2013


So after a HORRIFIC experience at Zales that ruined the first 2.5 months of my engagement, Diamond Nexus has MORE than made up for it with this GORGEOUS ring! The video doesn't even begin to showcase how much this ring glitters in the sunlight! Thank you, DN for restoring the happiness that my fiance and I should have been feeling since the very beginning in this moment of our life together!
Lisa, 4/2/2013

thrilled at first.....now not sure.

I received my ring 3 weeks ago and was absolutely thrilled !!! Last night i realized an accent stone was missing from the halo. I have been very careful to take it off when doing things with my hands. I really love this ring .....but i am not sure it's going to work out. Especially if the stones continue to fall out. I am returning it to be repaired. Guess we will see what happens.

Diamond Nexus Response: Lisa- We are truly sorry to hear that you are somewhat unhappy with your setting. Thank you though for reaching out to us and taking the proper steps in letting us repair it. Because of how the guarantees are structured, we will always replace any stones if they ever become loose from the setting. Please feel free to reach out to our customer service reps at 1-800-509-4990 if you have any further questions.
gg, 3/30/2013

Ulyssa ring

just recieved my ring and i seriously cannot wait to wear it, the video doesnt even compare to what it looks like in person. So much shine and brilliance i would recommend anyone who is looking for a good deal to purchase a ring from diamond nexus. I am one happy customer.
William, 3/25/2013

Rings - Kearney- Ulyssa

Both rings are outstanding and they were nicer than what the pictures portrayed we are very satisfied.
NICOLI213, 2/23/2013


Soon to be Mrs, 10/9/2012

So very beautiful

My fiance (gasp!) proposed with this ring last Friday. The picture does not do it justice! It is so sparkly, and random people have stopped me to comment on it. I can't stop staring at it. Thank you DN for creating such a beautiful ring!
Africa, 7/19/2012

Petite and Beautiful

My fiance asked me to marry him yesterday and presented me with this ring. It is so dainty and perfect for my small hands and fingers. Everyone was fawning over it at work today. I love the way it catches the light; it truly is the most beautiful engagement ring I have ever seen. I am so happy with my DNL ring. I am worried about previous posts of the micro diamonds falling out but so far so good.
Em, 6/11/2012

Beautiful, but be careful if you use your hands a lot...

I wrote the first review, and have absolutely loved how this ring looks. However, I lost one of the micropave set stones in the halo last night. I have had it fewer than 30 days (the replacement came about 3-4 weeks ago). I still love how this looks, but I am exchanging it for a ring without accent stones. It is advised that for rings with these tiny micropave set stones, that you take it off when you're going to be using your hands for many activities, and that just doesn't work with my lifestyle. I'm still very happy with customer service, just wanted any future buyers to think about having to take it off!
kacilbs, 6/7/2012

Love it!

I've had this ring for a week now, and I love it! It was worried that it might look a little too dainty on my size 10 finger, but it doesn't at all. I receive compliments everywhere I go, and I couldn't be happier that I chose this for my engagement ring.
jksalsy, 6/5/2012

absolutely gorgeous!

my boyfriend (now fiance, i guess lol) ordered me this ring and proposed to me with it. I LOVE IT! It is beautifully crafted, and the stones shine beautifully. I can't tell the difference between it and a mined diamond ring and nobody else can either! it's perfect! it looks and feels like a mined diamond but we paid a FRACTION of the cost. It's great because this gives us more funds to spend on our wedding! great ring! great price! i've only had it for a couple of days, but so far so good!
Em, 4/30/2012

Beautiful, delicate ring!

I traded up from a Lorian Platinum Gypsy ring that I felt was too bulky on my size 5 finger, and bought a Ulyssa ring the first week it came out. It is sparkly, delicate, detailed and unique. It combines a pave set band with a halo, 3 stone feel and a "secret" stone underneath. It's just perfect! I am having to have it sized down 3/4 of a size though (to a 4.25). The band is so thin, that I found that a size 5 is far too big for me.
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