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You'll love the vintage-style appeal of this cocktail ring! A 1.0 carat Cushion cut blue spinel center stone is surrounded by 0.96 total carats of white Baguette cut accents for a stunning art deco look.

  • 1.96 total carats
  • Metal type: Lorian Platinum
  • Product Model: LRRHES0107XMLWHGI0196TW0LPXX
  • This piece was a limited edition prototype design. It is not set with genuine Diamond Nexus stones.
  • Immediate Ship item: order before 2:00 pm CST and this piece will ship on the next business day. Please choose a shipping method according to your timing needs.
  • Reviews
    , 4/17/2013

    Really Pretty Ring

    After my $20,000 real engagement ring was stolen, I found myself ringless through the ongoing insurance investigation. I decided to order this ring, as it would be an ideal right-hand ring after my ring is replaced.

    After wearing a very heavy platinum ring for eight years, this one felt very comfortable and didn't hurt my finger. It proved to be very realistic and I will be happy to wear it. Even though it is a prototype that is not set with the high end DN STONES, the sparkle is beautiful.

    The Lorian Platinum in which it is set is, I think, too bright to be a substitute for platinum, but it is a great substitute for white gold in its appearance. I appreciate Diamond Nexus disclosing that this metal is not good for wedding rings. I think it will be perfect for right hand rings.

    After buying this little experiment, I am thinking I will keep the insurance money and buy a higher end ring from Diamond Nexus. For the price and the beauty, I can get a new custom ring, and spend the rest touring Europe or paying for a lot of new furnishings. Who needs diamonds when a better, more environmentally friendly option exists?

    I highly recommend this company. Thank you also for your good service.
    , 3/7/2013

    diamond simulantd

    My review is more of a question. What is a diamond simulant? It seems these are pretty high prices for not being the real mccoy. These shiny prettys cut glass or what?

    Diamond Nexus responds: Our stones are lab created diamond simulants, which are created in a lab, made to all be D in color, internally flawless and ideally cut. They can cut glass like mined diamonds and will optically and physically match the properties of mined diamonds. To learn more please check out our product information tab on our website:
    If you have any other questions, feel free to email our customer service dept. at this link:

    Thank you for checking out Diamond Nexus!
    , 2/19/2013


    The ring is beautiful, but after a few hours of wear by my girlfriend a small corner stone fell out. I got ahold of customer service and they emailed me a return shipping label. Sent it back for exchange a week ago waiting for it, hopefully it will hold up.
    , 2/13/2013

    Shinning star

    The ring is much more beautiful in person than on-line. The blue is just crystalline like a Caribbean ocean and the rest of the white are like shinning stars at night.
    , 2/8/2013

    Beautiful ring, but a HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE!!

    I bought this ring earlier and already reviewed this ring! But guess what? Since initially I gave the ring 2 stars, the site did not post the review, I wonder if they will post this review...
    The ring itself is beautiful. It is slightly blue and very gentle in color, yet it looks very large on the hand, definitely making people's heads turn! That good. However, if it would not be this website, I would never have bought or trusted the ring though. And here is why...
    The ring does not have a stamp that it is Platinum/ Silver. No stamp at all. Also, no one seems to know what are the white stones in the ring and it clearly states those are NOT the diamonds. I called a few times to ask what are those stones and why I don't have a stamp on the ring that it is some sort of the precious metal... But no one knows what the problem is.
    As I stated before, I already reviewed this ring, but the site did not think about posting my review. I wonder if they will post it this time...
    If I would not relatively trust this site with the metals, I would really never buy this ring from ANY other place: without the stamp on the metal and without anyone's knowledge what the stones are - those things would definitely make me think twice.

    Diamond Nexus responds: We appreciate your taking the time to post a review to our website. We do apologize for not posting all reviews in a timely manner but with the large amount of customers we sell to, there are also many reviews and our staff is working to catch up on posting these. As for your ring, we are happy that you are pleased with the ring. The metal is Lorian Platinum, which will not be stamped as platinum or silver. It is a combination and though we may have the stamp on rings, it would show the marking LP. Many times though, our jewelers do not place the mark on the rings, as it is not required by law to do so. With prototypes, this would surely be the case. You are welcome to send the ring back to us to have us mark the ring with the metal type if you would like. You can contact our customer service dept. at 1-800-509-4990 at any time to set up the repair. As for the stones, they are prototypes, as we will not set our Certified stones into prototype pieces. These stones are our stones, but test versions, and not the Mark IV stones used in our other rings. We hope this explains things for you better. We apologize that you were feeling that we misled you, but we state this information on the product information page and we are always happy to explain in greater detail what that means. Please let us know if you have any other concerns or questions. We are happy to assist you. You can direct emails to
    , 1/30/2013

    5 stars for the beauty, 1 star for its authenticity...

    I purchased this ring as a present to myself and it looks beautiful! The blue color of the stone is very gentle and relatively light in color, yet the head of the ring is huge.This means it is perfect for a young person, who wants to go out or who wants to look great and put together at work. It looks just amazing and really big, catching eyes of people. I think this is one of the best rings I have purchased. So, for the RING I give 5 stars!!!!
    However, there are also problems with the ring that I received, for which I give it 1 star!!! Namely, there was no stamp on the ring indicating it is a precious metal of any sort! No stamp at all. I know the ring is supposed to be a Lorian Platinum, which means it is silver on the inside and a few layers of platinum on the outside. Therefore, a silver stamp of 925 is supposed to be on the ring. There is nothing on mine, which makes me think if it is made of any precious metal at all... Another huge problem I have is that I have no idea what are the white stones on this ring. The website does say that the blue stone is a spinel. It also specified that the ring "is not set with genuine Diamond Nexus stones" as the website describes. I thought that for the price and beauty of the ring I better buy it and later I would ask a representative what are the stones. To my surprise, the representatives couldn't say what the white stones are.. Now I am wondering what are those and just hope its not glass. To sum up: I don't have a stamp on the ring specifying its a precious metal, and I don't have a description of what the white stones are specifying its some sort of good stones...
    The average, I gave the ring 2 stars. To tell you the truth, I am happy I purchased this ring myself. Because if my husband would have purchase it, with this many questions of doubt, I would not feel good about the ring.
    Is the ring beautiful? Yes! But with so many question in doubt if it is of any quality and preciousness... I am disappointing.

    Diamond Nexus responds: We are happy to have the ring sent back for stamping, as the ring is made from Lorian PLatinum so the stamp will be LP. Our stones are definitely not glass, but when we create prototype pieces we use prototype stones from Diamond Nexus and not our Mark IV stones that we use in all other products. We hope that explains a bit more for you. Please feel free to contact us at with any other questions.
    , 12/17/2012


    I bought this ring about a month ago for $149.00 and it wasn't quite what I had expexted, but I decided to keep it. I am extremely dissapointed. The center stone is a pale blue, NOT the brilliant dark stone that is shown in the picture.
    , 7/18/2012

    The ring is beautifil!!

    I received it today and put it on immediately. It is very rich looking and sparkles just like diamonds. I recommend buying it.
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