Why Get an Appraisal?

You know the old expression, “It’s better to be safe than sorry”, right? Well, that’s why it’s a good idea to get an appraisal. Buying an appraisal with your ring adds just $25 to the cost and can provide you with significant peace of mind. Just call customer service at 800.509.4990 and tell the representative that you’d like to add an appraisal to your order.

Yes, it is true that your Diamond Simulant is 100% covered for Life against fading, discoloring, or damage. We will even replace your Diamond Simulant for a nominal fee if you lose the stone from its setting. But what if you lose the whole setting?

An appraisal offers additional protection and peace of mind for you in two key ways.

ONE - If your ring is lost or stolen and the police do recover it, your appraisal serves to identify your specific piece of jewelry to the police so that they can release it to you without incident.
TWO - If you choose to insure your ring (for example under your home owners policy), then if your ring is lost or stolen (and not recovered), your appraisal will cover you so that the full retail value of your jewelry will be verifiable and returnable to you.

To add an appraisal to your order for $25, simply call 800.509.4990 Your appraisal is an official document unique to your piece of jewelry. It describes your jewelry completely and serves to verify the replacement cost of your piece. Please keep it in a safe place for your future reference.

Example Appraisal
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