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Mother's Day Edition

Here at Diamond Nexus, we're doing what we can to bring moments of joy
and optimism to our customers. That's why we asked you to nominate dedicated
mothers who could use a small token of our appreciation.

WINNER: Alex J. from Grand Forks, ND

PRIZE: Infinite Grace Petite Eternity Band


"My heart is exploding! You are all magical and I am so thrilled to win."

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Megan C. and Laura D. from Lexington, KY

WON: Cushion Cut Kite Set Pendant
Winning Words: "My favorite nurse who has guarded the hospital against infection and is now training in the ICU to help the sickest of the sick! I’m so proud to know someone as courageous and selfless as you!"
- Laura D.

"Laura is a Godsend! She has the most caring heart of any doctor I’ve had the honor of working with. Her patients all have cancer (she is a radiation oncologist), and are some of the highest-risk individuals facing the threat of Covid 19. She works endlessly to comfort them in this uncertain time, and continues to provide them with the treatment they need. The world needs more doctors in general, but specifically, the world needs more doctors like her."
- Megan C.

Helen K. nominated by Alicia C. from Meridian, ID.

WON: Rose Gold Cushion Kite Set Pendant
Winning Words: "This means the world to me!"

Christine P. nominated by Eleni T. from Nashville, TN

WON: Cushion Cut Kite Set Pendant
Winning Words: "Thank you so so much, this is an amazing gift! Best thing to wake up to after sleeping from a night shift. Thank you so much!"

Janet B. nominated by Courtney C. from Merrick, NY

WON: Cushion Cut Basket Set Pendant
GIVEAWAY NOMINATION: "She is one of the hardest working nurses I know! Put herself on the front lines and eventually tested positive for COVID-19, she is now quarantining at home and I know all her patients must miss her!! She's the best mother, grandmother & healthcare worker I know."

thank you!
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