Semi-Custom Restocking Fee

Any modification not listed on our website is considered a semi-custom piece and will incur a 20% restocking fee if returned within our 30 day return policy.

What is semi-custom?

Semi-custom items are changes to products that cannot be made on our website. Examples of semi-custom items include changes to stone color, metal type, carat weight or cut not found on the website, or changes to design features. Semi-custom is separate from fully custom items through the Nexus Design Studio, which carries a separate return policy.

How to calculate fee

Restocking fees are 20% of the product purchase price. The restocking fee does not include shipping, tax, customs or other products associated with the order. For example, should you purchase a semi-custom ring for $1000 and earrings for $250, your purchase total would be $1258 with shipping and the restocking fee would be $200.

Exchanges and trade-up policy

Restocking fees are not applied to exchanges or trade-up orders, the full purchase price will be applied to the new order. However, the restocking fee policy will carry over for all exchanges and trades, even if the new item is a stock piece. For more information about our trade-up policy, please visit this page.
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