Secret Love with 1.49 Carat Canary Round Center - Lorian Platinum

Secret Love with 1.49 Carat Canary Round Center - Lorian Platinum

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This ring will win your heart with its old-fashioned charm and modern pop of color!  A generous canary colored Round Brilliant cut diamond simulant is the focal point of this vintage style piece while a halo of white Round Brilliant accents circles the center and trails down the slim band.

  • Center Stone: 1.49 carats
  • 1.88 Total Carat Weight
  • 26 Round Brilliant cut diamond simulant accents
  • What is Lorián Platinum?  Click here to learn more.
  • Product Model: LRRHXX0029XRBNCXX0149CS0LPXX

Customer Reviews

Little Red, 12/27/2017

One of my favorite Lorian Platinum pieces!!

I bought this ring when you had the choice of a yellow or clear stone. I have it in the clear stone, but it's the exact same ring, and I absolutely LOVE it!!!!! One of my favorite Lorian Platinum pieces!
Bibine, 3/9/2017

Beautiful ring

I purchase this ring as a gift to my self. The ring is gorgeous I love the style, the only down side is that the band is too thin and its shine only under direct light. Other than that I love this ring.
runinman, 12/9/2016

Beautiful ring

We bought this ring for our daughter for Christmas. It's beautiful she's going to love it. Very well made and the sparkle is awsome. There was a delay in the order due to the casting of the ring. Diamond Nexus shipped it next day air at no additional cost to us. The customer service rep Gary was absolutely the best. We will be buying more from them in the future.
AD, 9/23/2016

Beautiful Ring

This ring is lovely. It was one of my first purchases from DN. The only reason I did not give this ring a 5 is because the metal on my ring scratches very easily. I even sent it back to be polished and it still scratches easily. Much easier than any of my other DN rings. But the stones in this ring are stunning. I wore this ring as a engagement ring while my ring was getting repaired, and I got comments all the time.
Csmom, 3/2/2016


I have had this ring for a couple years and it is still beautiful! I originally bought it as a right hand ring but often wear it in lieu of my engagement and wedding band (which is also a beautiful DN ring). I catch myself staring at it often and I love the low profile. The stone size is perfect, too. My engagement ring is 2 carats so wearing this instead comes close to the same size. It's perfect!
Domica , 1/20/2016

Great purchase!

I LOVE this ring! My boyfriend got it for me as a Christmas gift because I had mentioned a few times that I had my eye on this ring. It looks even better in person. The stone size is perfect. Not too big and not too small. What impressed me the most is the customer service. I called to get tracking information about my delivery and they not only answered my question over the phone but they sent a follow up email as well. Love Love Love!
Jules D, 12/6/2015

poor metal

For an engagement ring being made with LP w/o a choice to upgrade makes it a poor choice.

**Diamond Nexus Response:

Hi there - Just so you know, the Secret Love is available in 10k gold here:

Helane, 5/29/2015

Can't say enough about the beauty of this ring.

This ring is very beautiful and looks so feminine and classy. It is a thrill to wear.
Halo, 5/1/2015

Well crafted, almost delicate

Beautifully crafted, overall it is a small ring. Halo style is pretty. Lots of tiny metal prongs surround the center stone. Design has a sunflower look similar to the expensive one by the turquoise box people. Shoulder stones are tiny. Not a blockbuster on my hand. Gave it only 3 stars because it is so delicate looking. Would like to see DN design something bolder and more intense at this price point.
Daisy, 3/23/2015


I absolutely love my Secret Love!! I bought it for myself as a Valentine's Day present to myself. And I wonder why I waited so long to order it. I can't stop looking at it. The stones sparkle with every slight movement. And the setting is perfect for someone who uses the computer all day for work. The size is perfect, even for someone with small fingers. And the band looks so delicate and compliments the rest of the ring perfectly. I absolutely love the low profile of the setting because it makes it great for everyone.
Jen, 1/26/2015

Absolutely Perfect

My sister and I purchased this ring as a gift for our beautiful Mom. Although we now have to keep this hidden from her for several months (it's her Mother's Day 2015 present!), we're absolutely blown away with how perfect the ring is and we CANNOT WAIT to give it to her! The craftsmanship is nothing short of perfection; I cannot stress enough how lovely this piece is. The canary stone is exactly the color you'd expect. The band, the halo and the setting are flawless and really play into the simple, understated elligance of this ring. Diamond Nexus has exceeded our expectations and we're now customers for life. We're currently contemplating ordering matching rings for ourselves because we're so happy with our Mom's ring! We've recommended Diamond Nexus to everyone and are so thankful to have found you. We're looking forward to our future purchases and that's all because of this fabulous ring (and the fabulous people of Diamond Nexus!). Thank you so very much!
Sabine, 2/4/2014


I've been all over the DN website learning about diamond simulants. Some of the reviews I read were mixed so I was ambivalent about buying anything. My good friend had her engagement ring custom made by DN and it's completely gorgeous. So I took a chance and decided to purchase Secret Love. I'm so glad I did! It's so beautiful and sparkly!! I showed my coworkers and they thought it was real! Paired next to my diamond band, it looks better! I can't stop looking at it and I love that it's conflict free! I will definitely shop for my jewelry on DN.
Pam, 1/20/2014

Love this ring

I first saw this ring at a special show that Diamond Nexus did at the Franklin library. I was finally able to get this last year and have worn it every day since. I get so many compliments on its beauty and I love it!
Santa Claus, 12/27/2013

Great Christmas Gift

I bought this for my girlfriend's Christmas present; she really seems to like it. It's a very nice ring and shines all over the place. For the price, it is a quality purchase. Looking forward to doing business with Diamond Nexus again.
LF, 12/4/2013

cocktail ring

I was really looking forward in getting the ring. After all the great reviews, I had to get one. When I got it the ring looked fine. It really looks like a cocktail ring. It's kinda chunky and it's big. Maybe because I have real small hands. The yellow center stone is a little lighter then the picture. I returned it and I really wanted to like it but it was just not for me.
Boone, 11/30/2013

Still Beautiful!

I have been wearing this ring everyday for two years and it is still gorgeous! I went swimming in Florida this summer and the sun was making this ring shine like crazy under the water! I couldn't help but admire the shine, then I got scared a shark would be attracted to it! Everyone compliments me on the ring and I don't say a thing, I just let them think what they want!
Skyelines mommy, 7/8/2013

love love love!

My boyfriend proposed to me on july 5 with this ring. It is everything that I wanted! The canary diamond is the perfect shade and the clear stones are so believeable!
Kate, 3/30/2013


My husband gave me this ring in April of 2012 for our 9th anniversary & I absolutely love it. I do not wear it every day but I wear it a lot as a right hand ring. Everyone thinks it is the real deal I don't tell them it is a Nexus piece. My wedding ring is a 1 carat band of 5 diamonds set in platinum & the Lorain platinum has held up just as well. Love this piece.
lmtran, 3/26/2013


Just got my is even more beautiful then the picture/video. I'm in love with it! So much sparkles!
Stefani, 1/2/2013

Gorgeous ring!

Definitely a sparkly ring! The yellow is a very pretty shade, I am so happy with this purchase. I wear this everyday as my right hand ring :)
Cherry, 1/2/2013

Pretty neat look

Great look!
Cherry, 12/5/2012


I love it
vikki, 12/5/2012

Wrong Stone and You Can Tell it is Fake

I just received my ring today. It is very disappointed because it is the wrong color stone not the canary, I ordered. Second, when I test the stone it is fake, you can see straight through it and it "fog" up.
ktkelly, 8/29/2012

Excellent 3rd time buying here

I anticipated this ring to be brilliant because this is my 3rd Diamond Nexus jewellery. When I finally had it, I was amazing just the excellent standard I had come to expect from DNL. Now I regret for not buyinh this ring in 14k white gold. Only with wearing this ring longer will I know whether the Lorian Platinum will stand its time and still shine like it is made of white gold. I am your customer for life .
Kristin, 8/8/2012


My boyfriend (now fiancee) just proposed to me a little over a week ago with Secret Love and I was (and still am) blown away by how stunning this ring is in person. The sparkle of the yellow diamond is unbelievable. I'm so glad Diamond Nexus created this--it's been my absolute dream to have a canary diamond engagement ring, but I always thought my fiancee and I would never be able to afford one. Thanks to DN, our dreams have come true! I have gotten so many compliments on how beautiful this ring is, and the best part is everyone is completely convinced that it's real! He went with the Lorian Platinum to see how it looks in person, so now that we are both 100% satisfied we will be saving up and purchasing this ring in white gold next time DN has a sale. If you have any hesitation at all in purchasing this, DON'T! It will be the best purchase you've made on yourself or a loved one.

P.S. If anyone has any suggestions on bands that would look nice with this ring, please suggest away! Also does anyone happen to know typically how long it takes to have your ring back after sending it in to be re-sized? Thanks! :)
Jo, 7/5/2012


This ring is so beautiful in person! The picture/video make the ring look almost orange, but there isn't even a hint of that in person. The ring is bright yellow and so sparkly! It's the perfect size. Casual enough for every day wear, and small enough to pass off as the real thing. The metal is very light weight, and I'm not sure how it will hold up. I plan to wear this ring every day and hope it will withstand the test of time! I gorgeous piece for an unbeatable price!
Robin, 6/18/2012

Love this ring!

I received my ring and fell in love with it at first glance. I wanted to use it as my engagement ring but was a little disappointed that a matching band does not exist. I have enjoyed wearing this ring so much that my fiance' and myself have decided to purchase another set as our wedding set and just let me continue to enjoy this ring as a right hand ring which is what I think it was suppose to be. My experience with Diamond Nexus has been wonderful throughout.

Thanks Guys!!! :)
ljr, 5/30/2012


I just received my ring today, and I'm absolutely in love with it! The canary diamond is so sparkly and the diamond accents are so bright! I'm completely impressed by my ring each and every time I look at it. When I received it, I had to spend half an hour just looking at it. :)
Furthermore, this ring is totally worth the value- everyone around me is convinced I dropped a year's worth of savings to buy it!
My only concern is that it might be a little big for my hand (I'm 5'2" with average hands for my size); it's not quite "gaudy" but it's certainly "LOOK AT MY AMAZING RING!"
Kayla, 3/27/2012

Was & Still is sooo BEAUTIFUL!

The picture does not do this ring justice! This ring is the perfect size for any size finger, not to big & not to small. I got this Ring back in September of 2011. This ring is so beautiful & breath taking!! I loved it when I got it and still do so much! The yellow is just sparkly and the diamonds around it and on the band are a great accent! I work in a lot of water and wear this ring daily, it still looks just as great as the day I received it!
Kylie, 1/4/2012


My (now) fiance gave me this as my engagement ring and it is absolutely perfect!! It glitters and shines and I get compliments on it daily. This is by far my favorite piece of jewerly!!
I would love for DNL to make a matching band since many other people have asked for one and I would not hesitate to purchase it.
Angelita, 12/29/2011


I have been admiring at this ring for several months wishing it was mine. I finally received this ring, as an X-mas gift. There is nothing greater than wanting something and getting it without asking. I love this canary sparkle as yellow is a favorite color of mine and I have longed for a canary piece of jewerly since the age of 7. Very happy as this is my 2nd fav ring next to my beautiful engament ring.
B.H., 12/4/2011


I LOVE this ring so much, my fiance and I want a band to match!! I am looking for suggestions too!! Might have to contact DNL custom design department to make us one!! Great buy again!! You cannot go wrong with this ring!! ;)
Sa, 11/23/2011

awesome ring

I am actually looking for a band that will match it, any suggestions?
B.H., 10/31/2011

My Dreams of Owning a Canary Diamond Ring Have Come True!

I love this ring!! The pictures do not do this ring any justice! Ever since the day I got from my fiance (5/29/11), I still cannot keep my eyes off it or take it off!! Very vintage looking and extremely beautiful! I have always wanted a canary diamond ring, and now I have one and I love it!! Thanks DNL for creating such great pieces of jewelry!
Stacey M., 10/31/2011

Wonderful Righthand Ring

My husband bought me this one after I fell in love with a Canary ring with a price tag of $23,000. This one is just as beautiful, and without the price tag. All my girlfriends love it.
Katie, 10/22/2011

Such a beautiful ring!

I have been looking at this ring for over a year. After shopping around and doing my research I decided Secret Love was what I wanted for my engagement ring. I sent hints to my boyfriend and he purposed with Secret Love! Within hours of wearing my ring, I received complements on how beautiful it looks. My favorite was, "and boy is that Canary sing'n!" The picture doesn't do this ring justice. It is far more beautiful in person. Secret Love is one of the most beautiful rings I have ever seen. You will not go wrong in purchasing this piece of jewelry. After having this ring for a few months now I STILL get compliments on how beautiful it is. I just love it! It was the best jewelry purchase my sweetheart has made.
jamie, 10/22/2011


This year is so affordable but looks so elegant. I've caught a woman sneaking looks at it when she was seated next to me at a function.

I wear this ring a lot and it looks beautiful.
Boone, 10/21/2011

Beautiful Ring

I needed to replace my wedding band that I lost. I was looking for something affordable. I remembered hearing about the lab created diamonds so I searched online and found this website. I wanted a low profile ring I could wear everyday and I wanted something different. This ring fits the bill. It is absolutely beautiful! I am enjoying wearing this ring and showing it off.
Dee, 10/21/2011

affordable platinum rings

I was curious when i saw a link 'affordable lorain platinum' jewelry but when i clicked on the link and noticed the price, i was surprised and amazed how affordable it really is even for a student like myself. These rings especially 'secret love' have such beautiful designs and the translucent settle gem on the ring is wonderfully contrasted but uniquely complimented. I have one ring from Nexus that I love and treasure and when I'm ready for marriage I will be excited to see what Diamond Nexus got in store for me. In the meantime, I'm going to pray about winning this $1000 gift card! Yaay!!
LM, 10/14/2011

Absolutely stunning ring...

I bought this for my girlfriend and had the center stone replaced for free with a clear color stone, the pictures absolutely DO NOT do this ring justice! this is by far the most beautiful, STUNNING ring ive ever seen in my life..its absolutely perfect....
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