Round Cut Stud Earrings, Screw Back, Martini Set

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Round Cut Stud Earrings, Screw Back, Martini Set

Price: $170.00
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Price: $170.00
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With a low profile, these classic studs sit close to the ear so even larger carat weights won't droop. The three prongs are unobtrusive, making it appear almost as thought the Nexus Diamond™ alternatives are floating.

  • Available in a variety of carat weights; choose yours from the menu above.
  • Bend-resistant posts with screw backs
  • Model is wearing 0.84 carat stud earrings
  • Product Model: LEXXCL0002X
, 6/9/2019


Best earrings they look real!! I compared to my real diamonds and I could not tell the difference. Very fabulous quality and not to heavy for my ear and I have tiny ears. I did but the 2cart and they are good for everyday
, 4/6/2019


What a beautiful gift to receive... Studs tend to droop on my ears but not this setting. Size 1.24 cts is perfect. Lots of sparkle and very believable!
, 1/20/2019

5 stars for a great product

Perfect gift! The person who received them loved these earrings. they matched all their other ones perfectily
, 1/14/2019

wonderful, great customer service

If you have questions, email or chat with them. Very helpful. You'll be very pleased with their products. These earrings are lovely.
, 12/20/2018


This is the 2nd pair of these I have ordered. I purchased the .92 TCW a few years back and they look just as fabulous as they did when I bought them. I decided to up the size so I purchased the 1.32 TCW and they are magnificent. Love these products.
, 10/4/2018

Just beautiful!

I love these earrings! They are so beautiful. I have always wanted beautiful diamond earrings, and nobody lost life or limb for these. Very pleased with my purchase.
I was also blown away by the packaging. My earrings wear protected and presented beautifully to me.
, 9/10/2018

1.67ct puppies

I went with the 1.67/ 3.34 tw. certified in white gold. I would recommend going with certified as it give the extra credibility. All I can say is wow! These blow away earth mined stones. I want more!
, 8/28/2018

Still sparkly after all these years

I bought these about 10 years ago in the 2ct tw size in yellow gold. I get constant comments and compliments on them. I wear them in my 2nd ear holes and only take them out to clean them. It took me awhile to get used to the screw backs because the studs seemed too long and they poked me, but then I realized if I didn't tighten them too much, they were more comfortable. So now I loosen them just a bit and when I'm sleeping, they don't poke me. They really are stunning and I'm glad I bought them when I did. I would never pay the price for mined diamonds and appreciate that you can't tell the difference and get all the bling without all the cost. Thanks again Diamond Nexus.
, 7/13/2018

Perfect in every way!

Gorgeous set!
, 5/3/2018

Amazing Value

Extremely high-quality setting, and the stones are gorgeous! What a great value!
, 4/1/2018

Classic pieces

I had to purchase this set. It is classic, shiny. I always want to have round solitaire diamond earrings. You need to use screw back, you don't need to worry them fell off. I bought them December 2016 they are still shiny and new. Love them
, 3/20/2018

Perfect Gift

I ordered these for my girlfriend two years ago. They are still her favorite studs and look as good today!
, 3/17/2018

Why did I bother.

I wrote a review. A good one. Not included here. Won't waste my time doing that again.

***Hello, We approve reviews once a week. If you aren't seeing your review please let me know the nickname or account used and I can take a look. I can be reached directly at***
, 3/15/2018

A purchase I'll enjoy and won't regret.

It's said that a "diamond is forever." But life isn't and I saw no need to own a mined diamond. When my .84 round cut studs (screw back, martini set) arrived I was absolutely thrilled with their quality. Gorgeous. Brilliant stone. I love the martini setting because it shows more of the stone. I'm on the fence about their size. In my case, a .84 is large enough, possibly too large, and I'm considering going down to a .66. If I do choose a smaller size then I'll use the money that's refunded to purchase a DN righthand ring. These earrings are a purchase I'll enjoy, and not regret.
, 2/14/2018

Perfect for Me

Just received and love them. Purchased .92 ct they are the perfect size for 2nd hole. 2nd purchase from this company. Not disappointed at all. Give them a chance.
, 2/13/2018

Simply Stunning!

You can't go wrong! I ordered the 1.03 in white gold in 2010. Today I received the 1.67 in yellow gold and they are equally as stunning. I am so excited! Happy Valentine's Day!
, 2/11/2018

Stunning bobbles of sunshine to light up your lobes.

These beautiful little bobbles fit so well on my ears. I got the 0.92 ctw as a stopping smoking present to myself. These are the same as smoking 600 cigarettes!!! So I am do something healthy for me and my jewelry box! The earrings are absolutely stunning. The cut and martini setting enhance the facets and bring the shine on to your ears. The screw back gives peace of mind that you won't accidentally lose one.
, 2/10/2018

Beautiful earrings backed by incredible customer service!

I at first ordered the 1.67 carat size for these earrings which was way too large for me. However, on contacting customer service, I had NO trouble in exchanging them for a smaller carat size and was contacted several times to insure that my order was correct. They even added an additional 10% discount, even though the fault was mine in placing the original order. I am extremely pleased with these earrings; the Nexus diamonds are beautiful, they are far more brilliant than CZ, and more closely resemble natural diamonds than does Moissanite. Thank you Diamond Nexus!
, 2/9/2018

Bling to the extreme!!!

Let me start with how uncertain I was before and during purchase because these aren't "real" diamonds. I have a pair of Moissanite and they are great. I have two pair of real diamonds (G, I2), and they very nice. I wanted something that would standout and let me feel "blunted out" without looking fake, silly, unreal. Well, I think I just found what I'm looking for!

I bought the round cut, 4ctw (2ct each) stud with screwbacks. Man I tell you these are beautiful and bling! Let me start with the presentation, the box they come in is way beyond what I was expecting, you would think that you bought a $10-15K pair of earrings or more. Very elegant and classy. Once I finally got over how nice this was packaged, I opened the box and BAAAMMM! In my face sparkle! I mean they really jump out at you, and look so real, I wouldn't be able to tell if I didn't know where I bought them from. The quality is going to serve you well even if you have to tell someone they are man made. They sparkle and the brilliance is outstanding. Clarity is better than my real diamonds.

For the 4 ctw size that I paid, if they were real diamonds, I would have seriously spent well over $10K and I wouldn't do that even if I had the money (well if I won a Powerball jackpot, then yeah), but this gives me seriously clear, sparkle and shine jewels that I am going to love to wear. I have to be honest (like as if I haven't been), the only caution that I have is the size, Im thinking about dropping down to a 3ctw or 2.5ctw. These 4ctw are a little intimidating to wear at work in the office, I wouldn't have any reservation during the weekend (clubbing, bar hopping, etc.) but this size might be too bold for my conservative office.
, 1/16/2018


Fantastic piece of jewelry!
, 1/5/2018

Beyond Expectations

Awesome studs! The stones are clear and sparkle like crazy! Love them!
, 12/30/2017

Outstanding studs, low quality backs, overall fantastic earrings.

Wife loved these. Outstanding clarity, perfect cut makes stone look bigger than it actually is. Triangle basket really frames stone well without interrupting with its simple elegance. Stud backings don't hold well though, so you may need to find a better backing.
, 12/28/2017

Prepare yourself for the WOW

The earrings were purchased for the screw back and the fact that the martini setting was a little different than the standard 4 prong setting. I wasn't prepared for the difference and WOW that the setting would offer. I wouldn't have imagined that 3 vs 4 prongs would make that much of a difference; the 1.32 tcw is just short of being too big. Nor was I prepared for the color, the sparkle, the shine that the stones would offer.
Thanks DN - I will definitely shop again!
, 11/21/2017

Complete Satisfaction!!

I purchased the martini screw backs specifically because I had never had fancy gemstone earrings and was worried about investing in something nice and having it fall out and disappear on me. I ordered the screw backs as a way of feeling more secure, and they have delivered!

As with all of my Diamond Nexus purchases, the stones are brilliant and beautiful, even almost a decade after purchasing them. Never do I regret what I buy from here, and these earrings are no exception. I wear them constantly.

The martini setting is gorgeous and I love that I can wear a larger carat size without having them feel like they're sitting up above my ear. They sit snug, and screw in nice and tight. I've read a lot of reviews complaining about the posts being too long to sleep in but I'll admit, I can't sleep with any earrings in ever, they're all uncomfortable, so I don't honestly understand why these posts would be any different than normal ones.

I am supremely pleased with my studs. They are timeless and I will wear them forever and hopefully pass them down one day.
, 11/12/2017


These earrings are beautiful! They look so luxe and real and stay upright, no sagging. The sparkle beautifully. I️ think the martini setting makes a big difference in how well they sit on the ear and shine!!!
, 11/4/2017

Stunning Earrings

I bought the half carat studs for the second ear piercing in my ears. The earrings are beautiful. I love the security of the screw backs. The stones are impeccable and I never take them out except to clean them. They are absolutely gorgeous and I have never regretted this purchase! I plan to buy a pair for my daughter as well.
, 10/14/2017

Expected a little more

I expected it to sparkle more. I find the length of the post too long for me as I normally wear earrings to bed but these poke me so i’m having to unscrew them daily which I wasn’t planning on doing.

***Hello Leigh, I'm sorry you are having difficulty with your earrings. They may need a cleaning to bring back some of the sparkle. As a practical method, we suggest a mild dish soap and a baby toothbrush to get in between the prongs. For your posts, we may be able to shorten those a little to help with the poking you are experiencing. We do recommend that you don't sleep in your earrings however, as it can cause the posts to bend. If you would like to send them in to be shortened please reach out to our customer service team and we can get you a shipping label so there is no cost to you.***
, 10/1/2017

Beautiful and elegant

I love the studs. Since I only wear one, I asked that one be set with a diamond, and one with a ruby. They’re beautiful and elegant.
, 9/6/2017

Brilliant rocks!

I bought 2 ctw Martini Set. They are stunning brilliant rocks.
, 8/8/2017

Great Set of Earrings

Great pair of every day earrings. My first purchase from Diamond Nexus ... checking them out ... I purchased the 1 carat size. My fiance absolutely loved them and was wearing them every day until I purchased another style for her birthday. Since then I have purchased SEVERAL more items. A testament to the quality of Nexus products. I will be a faithful customer from here out.
, 7/29/2017

Loved them!

Beautiful!!! Ordering a larger pair next!
, 5/26/2017

5 out of 5

Beautiful in every way. Stones are perfect and the hardware is sturdy and well constructed.
, 5/18/2017

Gorgeous/Too Big!

Stunning, but the 0.36ct stones were unrealistically large - for me - I wouldn't own real diamonds that large. I also found that the size and weight made them stick out more than I wanted. When another sale comes along, I will definitely size down to a 0.25ct (4mm) or even 0.17ct (3.5mm)
, 3/8/2017

In love!

Must have! I got the 1.68 tcw and to me this is the perfect size for every day wear. They look like real diamonds, flawless!
, 3/6/2017

Two Thumbs up from this picky diamond buyer

I was on the hunt for real diamond studs since Christmas of 2016. I wanted to treat myself and get a nice pair of 1 ctw studs. After discovering Diamond Nexus and doing extensive research, I opted to save $2000.00 and go for a pair from this jeweler. It was the best decision I ever made.

The quality and sparkle are identical to that of a "real" pair of diamonds. In dim light, bright light and natural light, these earrings bring a smile to my face when I look at them.

No one EVER grabs your ear to inspect your earring clarity, etc, so I had no issue not having "real" carbon diamonds on my ears. I do care for my ring finger but this is just a no brainer. I was tired of buying cheap sterling or gold plated CZ's and wanted to invest in something I can keep for years to come. While I do enjoy "real" or "nature made gemstones, I think I will definitely continue to buy little secrets from DN. ;)

If you keep the DN stones under 1 ctw, you can totally get away with this and never have to tell a soul they aren't "real". Just accept the compliments and ENJOY the money you save on other things like designer shoes and purses!
, 3/4/2017

Martini glass round cut earrings

These are the PERFECT size for every day wear. I love the martini glass setting as they sit up a bit higher on my ear lobe and really sparkle! The screw backs are great because my ear lobes are a bit different in thickness and size and the screw back allows a perfect fit for each ear. Sometimes earrings can droop or get loose during the day and these don't! They stay right where I put them and I don't need to worry about them getting lost or loosening up while I'm talking on the phone. Great job Diamond Nexus!
, 2/20/2017

Highly reccommend this product.

The earrings are amazing and I love that the settings are made of 14K white gold. Extremely pleased with this purchase.
, 2/15/2017

win win

I love these earrings. They are exactly what I was looking for when I started doing research on a pair of diamond studs. Price= great, quality= great, service= great! A win win all the way around. I got the .88 each martini setting round earrings. I wear them every single day!!
, 2/12/2017

Really pretty!

I just got these, so this review is based on my first time wearing them. I got the .36 carat each, and I love them! I have small ear lobes, and these are a nice size for every day. I slept in them last night, and they were comfortable. They are prettier than comparable products costing up to 10 times as much. I got several compliments on them today, and I'm not at all surprised. They aren't my first DNL product, and they will not be my last.
, 2/11/2017

I would recommend these to any of my friends.

Wow! Elegant. I received the .84ct each earrings and I have to say the earrings sparkle like the sun. In every direction you can see their true beauty.
, 2/9/2017

Stunning Earrings

Love these, they are stunning! Had this same pair in smaller stone and wanted something a littler bigger. They are perfect! Love, love, love the screw back. Highly recommend. Thanks!
, 2/9/2017

Perfect in every way

I ordered the 2ct studs and absolutely love them! The martini settings make the stones look bigger than they actually are and I love the screw backs so I can't lose them. Perfect in every way! Thanks Diamond Nexus!!!
, 2/9/2017

Beautiful As My Real Diamond Earrings

This was my first Diamond Nexus purchase. I kept going back and forth between DN and their competitors. I finally decided on DN because they support the LBGT community which is important to me. I purchased these in the .92 TCW. I am a man and I have triple piercings in each ear. I have two pairs of genuine diamond earrings in .25 TCW and .50 TCW which are H in color and VS2 in clarity. I purchased these to wear with them. I decided I'd try a simulant and I'll have to say, they look just as fabulous as my real ones. I've only had them a week or so, so I want to see if they look just as fabulous several months from now . So far, I am impressed and love them. Thanks Diamond Nexus.
, 1/2/2017

Great value, beautiful stones and setting.

My sister and her husband were in the diamond business in Russia and Belgium, through them I had beautiful diamond stubs, perfect diamonds set in platinum. Well I lost one even though they were screw back. I didn't want to make that investment again and honestly I never loved the stud basket setting, I want martini set. I ordered 2ct diamond nexus in white gold martini cut and I can tell you I am much happier with these earrings than I ever was with my real ones.
, 8/27/2016

"Beautifully Remarkable."

As perfect as you would imagine. The screw back had the perfect length and sparkle was an eye catcher.
, 5/27/2016

I will definitely be purchasing more from nexus diamond

Absolutely love these earrings, very beautiful. Comfortable to wear. The screw backs help them stay easily in place. As soon as I got them I put them in and have not taken them out since.
, 5/27/2016

I will definitely be purchasing more from nexus diamond

Absolutely love these earrings, very beautiful. Comfortable to wear. The screw backs help them stay easily in place. As soon as I got them I put them in and have not taken them out since.
, 2/20/2016

made my day

They are beautiful. My next purchase will be a ring have picked out a few to pick from.
, 2/12/2016

.66ct/ea Happy Customer

These earrings where exactly as described... Very sparkly, clear, and the screw back martini setting makes them feel very secure and sit upright. If I could change one thing I may have ordered them slightly larger. I ordered them in the .66ct/ea size. If you are trying to decide what size to go with for everyday wear I would say go with the .66ct if you have small ear lobes and the .84ct if you have larger ones.Happy Shopping!!!
, 1/5/2016


very satisfied with the quality and will buy again!
, 11/12/2015


I bought these earrings for my birthday carat size 4.08 I haven't wore them yet but they are absolutely beautiful .I am very glad I bought them & will buy more diamonds from this company in the future for sure.Thank you Diamond NEXUS
, 9/13/2015

would buy again

nice sparkle, perfect size, right price
, 6/22/2015

Great Purchase

I purchased the .46 carat in white gold for my niece as a graduation present. She absolutely loves them! I have purchased several DN pieces and as usual I was not disappointed. They have great sparkle and the security of the screw back makes her not afraid to wear them everyday.
, 6/4/2015


Great looking earrings at an affordable price!
, 5/12/2015

Beautiful and Authentic looking

I am so happy with my purchase of the Martini set earrings. They are gorgeous, also look very authentic. I am more than pleased with my purchase, I have bought other simulated earrings in the past but nothing can compare to these. I am ecstatic with joy.
Thanks you Diamond Nexus!
, 4/6/2015

Why buy "real"

After 2 home burglaries and the loss of my most precious memories - regardless of cost - I couldn't bear the thought of losing anything more (yes, we have a state of the art security system including motion detectors and floor plates as well as photo surveillance...all bypassed by a professional thief... and we don't live in some mega-mansion!) Only one piece was insured but I was wearing that and only that piece was insured due to cost of jewelry insurance. Since I travel the world with my husband, a wise and extremely wealthy woman put me on to Diamond Nexus' website. She said even the biggest movie stars used "paste" and she assured me, her real jewels were brought out for only the most prestigious of events while she, too, used paste. Once I tried the studs, I knew immediately they were indiscernible from my real ones and I ordered them immediately. That was 15 years ago and when I have some "play" money....I still ONLY buy from Diamond Nexus. With the exception of Mozanite, there is no other stone that comes close and you can wear it with the utmost of confidence ....not even your jeweler will be able to tell!
, 2/13/2015


The earrings are by far prettier than one could imagine, they look very expensive,
, 1/19/2015

wonderful sparkle

My husband purchased these in the 1 carat each size, certified stones. They are stunning and the sparkle is amazing. The posts are very long.
, 1/9/2015

Mesmerizing sparkle and glow

My husband bought me the certified 1 carat (each) diamond studs. They are just gorgeous! I was not sure about the long shank with the screw on backs but have got used to them. We just received the .25 carat (each) studs I ordered to wear in my other hole....not able to order the certified stone with these smaller earrings. Too bad because there is a noticeable difference in colour. Great service from DiamondNexus and fast shipping!
, 12/9/2014

martini set diamond studs

The stones are beautiful, the studs that go through my ears are a little large and make my ears sore. It may take some time before I can wear them for long periods of time. I was hoping they would be so comfortable I could wear them daily.
, 7/11/2014

Wow! Delighted!

This is the first item I purchased from Diamond Nexus and the one carot stones set in white gold stud are gorgeous! Everything that is claimed is true. They really look like natural mined diamonds, not CZs or another diamond simulant which have always disappointed me. I highly recommend them. Have since purchased a pendant and the same holds true for it.
, 7/7/2014

Elegant solution

Dazzling long awaited replacements for the genuine D-colorless diamond studs that I lost during and international moving. Best of all, affordable price and no worries.
, 5/15/2014

Get Certified Stones

I recently purchased 2 set of earrings for Mother's Day(one for the wife and one for my mom). One set had certified stones and while the other set did not. Once my wife saw the certified set there was no going back to the uncertifed. Dont ask me what the actual difference is, all I know is she wouldn't take them off. Needless to say I am sending the other pair back and reordering certified stones for my mom. I will post a second review about the return process.
, 2/15/2014

Beautiful and affordable

I've had these about 2 weeks and I'm very pleased. They look like nature's diamonds with all the sparkle and clarity. I was so impressed with these, I ordered a pair of much smaller ones as a gift. This sure beats paying thousands of dollars to get so much 'bling'.
, 11/19/2013

I love the martini cut.

I purchased the one carat set and they are breathtaking. I couldn't afford them from any where else. They are very clear just like my diamond engagement ring.
, 8/29/2013

I am not a happy customer!!!!!

Originally I purchased the 1.24 carat studs (round cut, screwback, martini set). I was not happy with how far they stuck out from my ear lobe (when I looked at myself in the mirror, I had to turn my head to see the "diamond.") and how large the posts were, both in diameter and in length. I called Diamond Nexus and reordered some other studs, .84 carat this time and had to pay for return postage. These looked much better and did not stick out so far. HOWEVER, even though two consultants from this company told me the posts would not be so large this time, the post is the same--so large it barely fits into my ear and I certainly cannot sleep in them because they poke me. I have left a message with live chat and have tried to log on twice more and have been IGNORED!!!!!!

Diamond Nexus responds: We are very sorry that you have experienced issues with the size of the earring posts and we will be happy to contact you to figure out how this issue can be solved. Our first thought is that you have a petite earlobe and simply by having our jewelers shorten the posts, you will have much improvement. We are having our Social Media Coordinator, Jennifer London contact you to offer assistance so that you can get the earrings that you want and start wearing them as soon as possible.
, 7/14/2013


Beautiful. Reasonably priced but maximum 'glitz'. I'm very pleased with my purchase.
, 6/4/2013

Not satisfied

Earrings were too small. Guess I'll keep them for my new born granddaughter. I will not do business with you again, nor recommend you to my friends

Diamond Nexus Responds: Adie-we are sorry that the carat size was not what you were hoping for. Because we want our online shoppers to have an enjoyable experience and love their DN jewelry, we do offer a 30 day Return/Exchange policy. Please feel free to reach out to 1-800-509-4990 and speak to one of our reps about exchanging the earrings for a size that's much more to your liking.
, 5/13/2013

These earrings sizzle!

I am so happy I went with the 1.24ct and what a neat idea to have screw backs!
, 5/13/2013

very disapointed

Just got of the phone with customer service, spoke with Sara. My complaint is,the backs of those earnings do not stay on, it is now 3times that they literally fell out of my ear, luckily each time i was at home and noticed. Was told of the 30day guarantee,option... to purchase pats $20.00 each, why that, when they are supposed to be the screw on for security. Expected a little more quality " indeed " , after all $258.75 for earnings that fall out is no bargain. I will never purchase anything from D.N. again...and actually... you lost 2 customers that was going to purchase the same earnings,( friends of mine) Do me a favor...stand behind what you sell !!!

Diamond Nexus Response: Renate, we are very sorry to hear that you have not been happy with your overall experience. Unfortunately screw back earrings can sometimes strip themselves, depending on how frequently they are taken off and on. For the lifetime of your earrings or any of our pieces, we are always happy to stand behind the guarantees of our stones, but due to the precious nature of gold, sometimes unforeseen things can happen to settings. Past the 30 day return/exchange time frame, we do also offer a Trade Up policy if you'd be interested in finding a different style of earrings or different piece of jewelry all together. Our Customer Service Coordinator Michelle has been briefed on your order issues and would love to hear from you, and she can be reached at We truly hope that you reach out to us so we can come to some type of resolution that you will be happy with.
, 5/10/2013

Daughter Adores Them

I bought a pair for my daughter and they arrived today absolutely gorgeous. There was an issue with one of the screwback I called Diamond Nexus customer service and they told me how to take care of that issue There was some kind of film on the screwback and I got some jewelry cleaner and it took care of that issue. All of our friends are wondering how much did I pay for the diamond earrings oh boy are they going to be in for a surprise when I get the courage to tell them how much I could paid.They are probably not going to believe me anyway thanks again Diamond Nexus this won't be my last purchase.

, 5/10/2013

They are so foxy

A few months ago I ordered these earrings for myself and was a little hesitant. I never had screw back post before, but I liked the thought of the added security, I usually lose earrings easily. They take a few extra minutes to put on but they don't sag and I haven't lost them yet! I'm glad because they are such a foxy set being that I ordered the 2.04cts
, 4/23/2013


I was very pleased with the look of these earrings. They fit great in the ear, look amazing, and capture a few long stares. Can't beat the quality and price. This won't be my last purchase.
, 4/6/2013


I purchased these earrings a few months ago and I was so excited to order these earrings thinking they would have fire and brilliance like a real diamond. I spent too much money to be disappointed. THESE DO NOT MAINTAIN SPARKLE. Now I have to buy moissanite stones to replace these stones, plus pay a jeweler to change the stones over to my screwback setting. The only thing I like about these earrings is the screwback setting. If you really want pretty earrings that keep their fire and shine even when they get dirty just buy moissanite instead.

Diamond Nexus Response: We are sincerely sorry that you are not satisfied with how the stones have been performing. Diamond Nexus will gladly stand behind their guarantees and we would be more than happy to have our jewelers replace the stones themselves for you. Sometimes we also find that using a soft toothbrush to really clean underneath the stones help with them maintaining their sparkle. Please feel free to call 1-800-509-4990 and speak to any of our Customer Service Reps about sending the earrings in to have the stones replaced. We look forward to hearing from you.
, 4/5/2013


These earrings are fantastic! My first dnl purchase was great ! Thank you for making such a quality product :)
, 3/23/2013

Beautiful Birthday Present for Myself

This is the first pair of lab created diamond simulant earrings I have purchased from this company. I had purchased my first pair from a Russian Source 10 years ago when these stones first became available to the general public for a much greater price; THEY WERE LOVELY!
Now 10 years later; I purchased these earrings for my fiftieth birthday at half the cost and they are just as Beautiful if not more so than my first lab created diamonds! I will be ordering additional earrings for up coming birthday presents!!!
Thank You Very Much for such a great product!!!!
, 3/14/2013

Great product, just what I wanted

I love my new earrings. i didn't realize they would arrive as screw backs, though I was happy to have the safety of screw backs. My left ear is painful with the size of the post, but will grow to accommodate it. Anyone considering screw backs should be aware of the time it takes to put the earrings in and out, and that the posts may be larger than the holes in your ears. This isn't a deal breaker, just something about which one should be aware. Again, I love my new earrings and am proud to wear them. They do look like real diamonds!
, 2/18/2013

Hurt my ears

The screw back post sounded like a good idea in theory for security, but the posts were too thick and I couldn't get them into my ear holes. Once I forced them in they irritated my ears. The earrings were pretty, but I am returning them.
, 2/13/2013


It was so fun to be able to select the size of "diamond", the setting, and most important, the screw on back. The earrings arrived perfectly packed in a gift box and I was delighted to give them to myself. I am wearing them all the time and have gotten many compliments.
, 2/12/2013

Quality merchandise at an affordable price!!

This is my second pair of Diamond Nexus studs and I have to say that I will never spend the money on "real" diamonds again! I have these earrings in the 1.32 tcw for everyday wear and also in the 2.48 tcw size for special occasions. I also have a pair of mined diamond studs in 1.5 tcw. The DN studs are in settings that are of comparable quality and the stones are just brilliant with tons of fire! I get compliments on them all of the time and the screwbacks mean that I can just leave them in all the time and never have to worry about loosing them in the pool or the shower. I can't say enough about the quality. I'm just very pleased........
, 1/9/2013


I got these as a second year wedding anniversary gift and they are absolutely stunning! Love them
, 12/6/2012

still great

I bought these almost 5 years ago, wear them every day, clean them with just got water, and they still look amazing, people always ask me if they are real because they are so big and bright (1 CTW) I always say of course, now I'm buying a heart shaped pendant for my sister for Christmas, I can't wait for it to come in. Thank You DNL
, 12/6/2012

So far so good, but I wish DN used Fedex instead

Ordered for the first time from DN last week and these arrived today. 1st impression was "omg, these are stunning" ... actually I have to say the stones and setting are both lovely. I can't speak to the durability of the sparkle and setting at this point, but I'm pleased with the earrings. I have to say that I can tell they aren't real diamonds if I look up close and personal, but if anyone else stuck their face so close to my ears, I have much bigger problem than whether my earrings look real. The bigger problem is actually that these have more sparkle than the real diamond pendant that I'm wearing, which tells me it's time upgrade my pendant to a larger diamond, hehe. My only complaint is that I wished Diamond Nexus offered Canadians an option to use Fedex or Purolator or USPS instead of UPS. I order items very often from American vendors, and UPS is hands down the worst for brokerage fees. I love these earrings and I would love to order from Diamond Nexus again, but the brokerage fees are so prohibitive that I probably won't do so. I'll just wait till a friend/relative visit me from the USA and have them order something for me.

Diamond Nexus responds: Thank you for your review of the Round cut stud earrings. We are so happy that you are pleased with your new earrings and that you have chosen Diamond Nexus. We do understand the frustration with dealing with customs and duties, but this is out of our hands, as we have no control over what Canadian taxes will be. Brokerage fees are paid to UPS and this is also something that we do not control and that many shipping agents charge. The one thing you can do for your next order is to use USPS, which is not an option on our website but if you call in to order, we can happily do for you. Thank you again and have a wonderful day!
, 8/22/2012


I have two pairs of these studs. I purchased the 1.6 carats each studs and the 2nd pair of 0.66 carats each studs I won from Diamond Nexus in a Facebook fans contest. Both sets of studs sparkle like crazy. I like the security of the screw backs because I wear my studs all the time. The martini setting is beautiful - it allows you to see more of the diamond's beauty. I have never had a problem with these earrings and I like Diamond Nexus' triple guarantee. You will love these earrings too!
, 7/27/2012

Simply Beautiful

These were my first DN purchase and have totally turned me into a DN lover. They're totally classy but I don't even notice them in my ears. I love the fact that the screw backs are so secure. I haven't removed them since they arrived and don't plan on doing so any time soon. Round brilliant cut studs are so simple but classic and the martini settings and flawless DN stones are perfection. Thank you DN!
, 7/4/2012

Love my earrings!

Just got my earrings and I love them!Looks amazing!
, 12/23/2011

Fantastic Product!

My husband let me open my Christmas present early. And much to my astonishment, I opened these earrings in white gold, 1.67 ct per ear. I love the low profile of the martini setting; they fit comfortably even when I work out. Thank you, DL, for continued, outstanding jewelry.
, 11/17/2011

Amazing earrings

I bought these earrings as a treat for myself. I absolutely love their shine and the screw backs offer a piece of mind about wearing them all the time. My only complaint is that they hurt my ears to put in. Maybe the holes in my ear are smaller, but as long as I don't take them in and out a bunch it's fine.
, 10/21/2011

Can I give these earrings six stars?

These earrings will never leave my ears! I may change my primary piercing's earrings but these beauties will grace my second piercing foever. They sparkle like crazy and the screw-back keeps them secure. My husband bought them for me for my birthday and he always buys me 'real' diamonds. I was amazed when he told me what they were. I'm thinking, now, that I have no reason to ever buy anything else. I'm hoping for the saphire and diamond-nexus bracelet for Christmas!!!
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