Diamond Simulants

Carrying a lifetime warranty and a much lower ticket price than mined diamonds, our Diamond Simulant is a revolutionary coated crystal that nearly perfectly recreates the optical and physical (how it looks and how it wears) properties of an earth-mined diamond. The patent-pending process to create this simulant is complex, but ultimately worthwhile.

Significantly different from and superior to other competing products such as CZ and Moissanite (learn more), a Diamond Simulant will cut glass, is incredibly hard, and, like an earth-mined diamond, will last forever. No one in the world, including your jeweler, can tell that a Diamond Simulant is not a natural diamond without scientific testing.


Our Diamond Simulants are available in pure white and these 6 additional colors:


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Grade D colorless flawless; matches the physical and optical properties of mined diamonds, but the chemistry is different in that it is not pure carbon.

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