Lab Grown Diamonds

Lab created diamonds are the smarter choice

Natural, earth mined diamonds are not the only choice for engagement rings and fine jewelry. Modern technology allows us to create diamonds with the same chemical properties in a lab so they are not just beautiful, but are also better for the environment, workers and you. Our lab diamonds—also known as grown or synthetic diamonds—are physically and optically identical to mined diamonds.

Lab Grown Diamond

Carbon, man made diamonds, exclusively from 12FIFTEEN Diamonds.

Made of Carbon
Chemically identical to mined diamonds.

Visually Stunning
The same sparkle and optical properties including graded flaws and a range of color and clarity.

Graded the same as mined diamonds by the International Gemological Institute (IGI).

Cuts Glass
As hard as mined diamonds at a 10 on the Mohs scale.

Lasts a lifetime - and beyond - to be handed down for years and generations.

Eco Friendly & Ethical
If you’re shopping for conflict-free diamonds, these man made diamonds are free of human rights violations and better for the environment because they are not mined.

No matter the carat size, you have more choices than ever.

Modern technology offers lab grown diamonds, as well as lab created diamond simulants that are just as beautiful as natural diamonds and offer the same diamond clarity, but cost less.

The Nexus Diamond™ Alternative

The world’s first heirloom-quality diamond alternative, exclusively from Diamond Nexus. Find the simulated diamond jewelry looks you love at a fraction of the cost.

Certified by Forever Companies using a stringent code of ethics.

Purchase with ease knowing these simulated lab created diamonds are patented and guaranteed for life.

Simulates the look, weight and wear of a diamond but is chemically distinct.

Nearly as hard as diamond and will cut glass.

Indistinguishable from an Ideal Cut, flawless, colorless diamond--even to a jeweler with a loupe.

Diamond simulants cost much less for the same look.

Frequently Asked Questions About Lab Created Diamonds


What is a lab created diamond?

Lab created diamonds are a chemical replica of mined diamonds, however they are made in a lab. Lab created diamonds are environmentally superior because they are not mined like diamonds found in the earth. They are made with crystallized carbon in a lab to have identical compositions both physically and chemically, meaning they are in every way equal to a mined diamond beside origin.

Are lab created diamonds real diamonds?

The optical, physical and chemical composition of both natural diamonds and lab diamonds are the same. The difference between a lab created diamond and a mined diamond is that one is created in a lab and the other is naturally mined.

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