Princess Cut Stud Earrings, Tension Back, Basket Set

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Princess Cut Stud Earrings, Tension Back, Basket Set

Price: $174.00
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Price: $174.00
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Square studs are the ultimate classic for the modern woman. With Princess cut Nexus Diamond™ alternative and simple basket settings, these studs will light up any look.

  • Available in a variety of carat weights; choose yours from the menu above.
  • Bend-resistant notched posts with tension backs
  • Model is wearing 1.24 carat stud earrings
  • Product Model: LEXXCL0007X
, 7/24/2019


Absolutely Beautiful I don't think I will ever by a mined diamond again.
, 7/8/2019

Would buy again for sure

Great quality for a good price
, 1/25/2019

Great Quality at a Great Price!

Beautiful! Received on time!! Gave as a gift and they just love them! Great price as well!
, 8/14/2018

Happy Customer

They are such a great buy. Fourth time ordering from Diamond Nexus. The only website I feel comfortable referring friends and family too for great quality at a reasonable price
, 7/29/2018


Stunningly beautiful, Opened the box and immediately was in awe.
, 3/1/2018

Overall happy

It wasn’t a bit small. I sent them back and ordered a bigger carat.
, 1/8/2018


I love my earrings. They are my Christmas and 10th year anniversary present and I just love them
, 1/1/2018

Excellent Gift for my wife

This was the first piece I've bought from Diamond Nexus, and after reading other reviews my expectations were high. These earrings met and exceeded every possible expectation I had. They look fantastic and my wife loves them. She probably wears them every other day now, and she says they go with anything. I got the 1.98 tcw set, so comparable earrings elsewhere would have been measured in thousands of dollars, not hundreds. I couldn't be happier and I will continue to buy jewelry from this site. Thanks so much!
, 12/28/2017

Great and fast shipping

I got these for my fiance for Christmas and she loved them. She wants me to get a bigger carat though.
, 11/22/2017

Description of the earrings

The reflection of light coming from the earrings is stunning. The cut and clarity provide the ambiance of a real diamond.
, 7/11/2017

Diamond earrings

These earrings are the real deal
, 3/18/2017


Love them! They are just gorgeous.
, 1/12/2017


The earrings are beautiful! I shopped around before purchasing and these are the the indistinguishable from real diamonds. I was impressed with the fast shipping, helpful customer service, and rich packaging. Only took one star off because the basket is quite large and sits off the ear a bit. Would like something a bit smaller that sits closer to the ear. Overall they are beautiful; I am happy!
, 1/6/2017

Exceeded expectations

I have tried many disappointing cz earrings before purchasing these so although they appeared beautiful and diamond-like on the website I still was a bit skeptical. First, was blown away by the fast shipping and packaging my earrings came in. When I opened the box I couldn't believe how much they sparkle! I cannot tell the difference between these and my real diamond in my ring and they are the same 1.57ct size. Only reason I took off one star is that the mounting is quite large and sits off my ear a bit. Wish the mounting was bit smaller.
, 12/20/2016


These earrings are amazing! The sparkle adds the perfect amount of glamour to any outfit.
, 10/26/2016

Highly recommended

Bought a pair as a gift for my mother and the stones were gorgeous. They each came with their own Aig certification.
, 10/18/2016

Excellent Choice

I ordered these earrings in the .99 carat size. They are perfect ... bright, sparkly and the perfect size. Will make you proud.
, 9/20/2016

Great product

The earrings were slightly larger than i expected them to be but i love them and they look great! The presentation of how they arrived in their box was unexpected it blew me away with how nice they were packaged.
, 9/16/2016


I love these. Very elegant.
, 7/16/2016

diamond stud earrings

When I opened the box I was surprised by the sparkle of these beautiful earrings! Very nice. Will purchase another pair! Thank you
, 3/5/2016

Great Earrings

I love these earrings! I wasn't sure what size to get, so I bought a few sizes and the .77 looked the most realistic as a real pair of mined diamonds because we aren't rich, and a big pair of diamonds would look fake. These are a realistic size
, 1/28/2016

In Love

My husband bought these for me 2 years ago and I still wear these almost every day. They are my favorite and they look perfect with everything!
, 1/4/2016

I love my earrings

I love my earrings and I love the princess cut. They shine just like the real thing and no one would every guess.
, 12/4/2015

Nice package all around

I bought the 1.12 tcw suds for my second piercings and they look great. They're super shiny and look even bigger on your ears than in the box. The black velvet box it came in is also very nice. I would highly recommend.
, 12/1/2015

Very Impressed

Was very impressed with quality and lab created stones, arrived on time for anniversary :)
, 11/21/2015

Beautiful earrings

Purchased the 1.24ct size. They look bigger than the carat weight. Beautiful sparkling earrings and they look like real diamonds. 2nd time purchased and I am just as happy as the last time!
, 7/9/2015

Amazing piece

My girlfriend opened the box and her face lit up like the 4th of July, perfect gift of any event.
, 7/12/2013


They are great , I wanted something I can wear exercising , the backs are nice & tight don't slip off the post. The only thing I would have liked is bigger but they don't make them bigger!
, 7/2/2013


Customer service to die for, very fast shipping, packaging/gift wrap/box lovely. Only thing I would do different is get the next size the 1 carat and almost too big. Lovely and certainly set well. Great company experience would use again!
, 6/25/2013


Was so impressed with these earrings. I have plenty of real, very expensive diamonds that don't look as good. I guess time will tell how they hold up.
I was also really happy with the packaging. They came in a very elegant white gift box with a stylish black bow. Inside the box was a smaller box (wooden), which contained the earrings. Everything looks very expensive.
, 5/26/2013

Beautiful & Bigger than you'd Expect

I originally purchased the 1.12 total carat weight around Christmas (on sale!). They are beautiful, but a lot larger than I expected them to be. I just purchased a second pair, this time the .58 total carat. Again, a beautiful piece of jewelry.
I don't see how you could tell the difference between a Diamond Nexus diamond and a traditional diamond unless you have a microscope and diamond knowledge.
My only complaint is that they have a lot of 'height' and stick out further in my ear than my previous traditional diamond earrings, but that's just a personal preference. I did not get the screw on backs and I feel like the backs click securely in place on the traditional stud.
, 5/16/2013


My husband bought the earrings for my birthday. I absolutely love them! They are beautiful.
, 5/15/2013

The wife loved them

My wife was absolutely over joyed when she opened the box that had the princess cut earrings in it. We had just been to the Bahamas and almost bought the same earrings,(although they weren't nearly as good looking). One of the first things she said was, "I'm glad we didn't buy the earrings in the Bahamas." The earrings from Diamond Nexus were amazing. I am glad that I purchased the earrings from Diamond Nexus, and so is my wife. Thank you!!!!
, 5/13/2013

Way Sassy

I decided to treat myself to these hot little numbers, I love the princess cut cause they are so foxy and sassy. You know if a girls wearing a princess cut she has some attitude ;)
, 5/9/2013

Everything I wanted them to be and more

These are the first set of stud earrings I have ever owned and I love them! From this cut to how luxurious they sparkle and shine, they are so appealing and wondrous
, 3/9/2013

Great product

The earrings are fantastic the girlfriend loved them and no one will ever know that they are not a mined diamond except for her and I.
, 2/27/2013

Very nice

The earrings are beautiful, but the customer service was awful. If Diamond Nexus can improve their customer service, they will be the premier place to buy manufactured diamonds.

Diamond Nexus responds: We are so happy to hear that you are pleased with your new Diamond Nexus earrings. As for your experience with our customer service, we would really like to hear more from you on what had happened. If you would please email our Social Media Coordinator at with your order number and the situation we will be happy to look into this for you, as we want to constantly improve the customer experience. Thank you for your purchase and taking the time to post a review of the product.
, 2/15/2013


I based my purchase on the reviews of this product. Some how I feel like I must of received a different item. I don't think they have the same sparkle as a diamond at all or for that matter, some CZ I've purchased in the past.

Diamond Nexus responds: We are very sorry to hear that you are not 100% satisfied with your new earrings. We do want to let you know that there is a 30 day money back guarantee on the earrings but if you feel that you would like us to check over and clean them for you instead, we are happy to do so. Sometimes, products like lotion and hair products can get on stones and make them look cloudy. This is easily removed using an ultrasonic cleaner. We always recommend removing earrings before showering and applying any products to the hair. You may call us here at 1-800-509-4900 to speak with a representative about sending them back to us.
, 7/30/2012

Gorgeous Timeless Earrings

I received these princess cut diamond stud earrings in the .56 size as a birthday gift from my husband. I LOVE these earrings! They look great with jeans and a t-shirt, or with a beautiful cocktail dress. These earrings have all the shine of natural diamonds...but without the flaws, ridiculous price tag, harm to the environment, or loss of value once purchased! No one will every question whether your diamonds are natural or created. My engagement ring and wedding band are also from Diamond Nexus, and I get tons of compliments. Diamond Nexus is by far my favorite place to receive jewelry from!!!
, 7/17/2012

Almost to bright to be true

They dazzle, sparkle and bling almost to much but they show blue light like real diamonds, if you don't know diamonds you will think they are fake either way but if you know your stones you will be blown away. I,ve spent 1,000s $ on real diamond studs and they don't look half as good as these. I bought these for my gorlfriend and allready ordered my self a pair. I want to tell everyone about this site but also don't want to give away my new sercet. Thanks DN!
, 7/17/2012


I wasn't sure what to expect when I ordered these. As soon as they arrived I held them up to my wedding rings and they look like diamonds. The only tell is that the colour and clarity of the stones are perfect and real diamonds (unless you're a millionare) are never perfect.
, 5/4/2012


I find them to be very cloudy....they do not have the fire of real diamonds.
, 1/9/2012


My princess cut stud earrings just came and when I opened the box I was floored. I am the proud owner of real diamond stud earring but I don't wear them every day since my toddler keeps pulling them out of my ears. My new Nexus earrings are SO BELIEVABLE and have the sparkle and razzle dazzle of real diamonds. What I absolutely LOVE are the large solid tension backings; it secures the stud and keeps it upright on your ear. The baskets are made of very substantial gold and are very sturdy. If you have never tried Nexus before, please do. You will NOT be dissatisfied! Cannot wait to buy my next pair!
, 1/6/2012

Absolutely Gorgeous

I had always looked at DN jewelry, but with a bit of cynicism. Simulant diamonds?, said I. I figured with good lighting and the right backdrop you can make even CZ look good. So I bought these earrings, not quite sure what I should expect.
I was completely dazzled when I opened the box. These diamonds are just absolutely gorgeous. And even in the worst lighting, they look lovely. I regret any doubt i had about DN's quality. They are really just perfection!
, 12/7/2011

Awesome Earrings!

I'm fortunate enough to live near both retail locations. In person, seeing is believing! These actually look just like the real deal! In comparison, these are far superior to the other CZ and 'fake' diamonds out there.

I almost opted for the screw backs until I saw them in action. There is no tension with them, they continue to spin up and down the post freely with the flick of a finger. Because of this, the sales woman even told me that over time they will strip the post down completely!! They did not seem worth the extra $30 at all.
, 10/21/2011

Most beautiful stud earrings!

I bought my first pair of princess cut earrings (tension back) in 2005. I was very skeptical so decided to buy the half carat size. I was totally blown away by the craftmanship of the gold settings and the brilliance of the stones...they were truly beautiful! I received so many compliments and everyone thought they were real. My daughter borrowed them constantly so I gave them away as her birthday gift. I bought my second pair in 2007 but this time I had to have the one carat stones with the screw backs. I wear them almost daily and they shine just as brilliant today as the day I bought them. The best part is that I save thousands of dollars without compromising quality. Thank You for making these amazing pieces!!!
, 10/21/2011

Very nice earrings

These earrings are great. I recieved them as a gift. I have the .56 carrat ones. I get compliments on them often. My only regret is not going up a size bigger!
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