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WINNER: Jane B. from Sarasota, FL

PRIZE: Diamond Diva Round Cut Engagement Ring in 14K white gold with Matching Band

$2,330.00 value

PRIZE: Diamond Diva Round Cut Engagement Ring and Matching Band


"I love Diamond Nexus because I am an older bride and I like the price of your jewelry, along with the sparkle."

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Infinite love cushion cut engagement ring

Paula C. from Ocean Springs, MS

WON: Valencia Princess Cut Engagement Ring and Valencia Matching Band
WINNING WORDS: "I love Diamond Nexus because of the price and quality!"

$2,330 value

Infinite love cushion cut engagement ring

Tom C. from Channahon, IL

WON: Bristol Necklace, Valencia Matching Band, Gibeon Ring
WINNING WORDS: "Thank you!"

$2,420 value

Infinite love cushion cut engagement ring

Lynn T. from Knoxville, TN

WON: Tuscany Cushion Cut Engagement Ring, Secret Meetings Pendant,
Round Cut Stud Earrings
WINNING WORDS: "My fiance and I love Diamond Nexus because it is an ethical and eco-friendly way to still get a gorgeous and perfect ring! There are also so many styles to chose from and it makes finding the ideal setting so easy! I love that you can put in exactly what you want and get results!"

$2,500 value

Infinite love cushion cut engagement ring

Lyndon B. from Milwaukee, WI

WON: Round Cut Martini Set Studs, Princess Cut Martini Set Studs, Leto Pear Cut Drop Earrings, Pear Cut Basket Set Studs, Valencia Princess Cut Engagement Ring
WINNING WORDS: "Thank you so much for the amazing pieces of jewelry. This is why I choose Diamond Nexus! Thank you Diamond Nexus."

$2,493 value

Earl S. from Milwaukee, WI

WON: Valencia Emerald Cut Engagement Ring, Gypsy Round Cut Ring in Silver, Princess Cut Martini Set Stud Earrings.
WINNING WORDS: "I love the look of Diamond Nexus. They are all beautiful and have many choices to choose from."

$2,493 value

Tammy F. from Helena, AL

WON: Infinite Love Cushion Cut Engagement Ring, Infinite Love Matching Wedding Band, Martini Set Cushion Cut Stud Earrings.
WINNING WORDS: "When my daughter left me a message that I had won some “sweet steaks” I was a bit perplexed. But when I returned the call and found out I'd won the shopping sweepstakes at Diamond Nexus I was excited and overjoyed! I’ve been admiring their beautiful jewelry for quite some time and was planning to replace my wedding ring after the stone was damaged so this was perfect timing and absolutely perfect jewelry!"

$2,455 value

Katie and John G. from Vallejo, CA

WON: Princess Stud Earrings Tension Back Martini Set, Princess-Cut Single Bail Pendant, Rendezvous Men's Band, and Cable Chain.
WINNING WORDS: "OMG! I had no idea my husband had entered me! Thank you, thank you!"

$2,486 value

Lorie P. from Washington, D.C.

WON: Round Cut Basket Set Pendant, Infinitely Bound Round Cut Bracelet, Asscher Cut Stud Earrings, Snake Chain and In the Mood Earrings.
WINNING WORDS: "I was so ecstatic and thrilled to get the call that I won the Diamond Nexus $2,500 Shopping Spree! I love the quality and beauty of Diamond Nexus jewelry. I highly recommend Diamond Nexus to those shopping for beautiful, reasonably price jewelry that gets lots of notice and compliments. The Diamond Nexus staff is so friendly and helpful and try their best to work with you so that you are satisfied with the items that you purchased. Shopping with Diamond Nexus is so easy with their Help Center, 30-day return policy, financing options, free shipping and lifetime guarantee. Thank you Diamond Nexus for helping me replace some of my lost jewelry. Now, I have some nice heirloom jewelry to pass onto to my daughter who will cherish the pieces. You've made me so happy I can't thank you enough!"

$2,454 value

Amy T. from Santa Margarita, CA

WON: Infinite Love Heart Cut Ruby Engagement Ring and a Simply Bound Round Cut Silver Bracelet.
WINNING WORDS: "Happy Customer since 2007! Even Happier Today!"

$2,371 value

Bailie T. from Pottsville, AR

WON: Manhattan Petite Wedding Band, Miami Wedding Band, Infinite Love Wedding Band, Tiffany-Style Solitaire Round Cut Engagement Ring.
WINNING WORDS: "I have been married for over 10 years and have loved my wedding set from Nexus so dearly. The clarity of the diamond alternative is just exquisite, and breathtaking. I have received countless compliments on it. My heart is warmed when I wear it. The ring has been a stunning reminder of my husbands's love for me. With it being so large I found myself only wearing it for special occasions and wearing a simple silver band in its place. I am a stay at home mom and find myself doing dishes, changing diapers or something along those lines, I did not want to get it nasty with all the life events. My heart's desire for years has been to have a simple, and elegant wedding band with diamonds that I could wear on a day-to-day basis. I never wanted to spend the money on myself to have another ring, so I never got one.

When I received the email stating I won the shopping spree I was shocked and completely dumbfounded. I truly could not even believe the email. I called to confirm and Diamond Nexus told me I could get whatever I wanted within the sweepstakes prize. I felt like royalty, like a true queen. I was able to get my heart's desire and then some. I would have never chosen to get a new ring for myself without winning this opportunity.

The amount of gratitude I have for Diamond Nexus is truly extensive. I will forever be thankful for Diamond Nexus and their fantastic customer service for allowing me to pick out such an astonishing gift. This has truly been a beautiful dream come true."

$2,668 value

Matthew M. from Atwood, CA

WON: Solitaire Round Cut Engagement Ring, San Francisco Wedding Band & Churchill Wedding Band.
WINNING WORDS: "I had been working with Hannah, one of their Customer Care Advisors, and since the beginning have been given exceptional customer service. It was a nice change as it seems to be a rare commodity these days to get. When you decide to go with a Diamond Nexus piece, you are becoming part of a family. When I found out, we were chosen as winners for August, I couldn't believe it. I sat back in my chair at work and took in the news that I just heard. Completely shocked was the look on my face. I truly consider this a blessing, and my heart is beyond bursting with joy. Thank you so very much for this gift; it will forever be cherished."

$3,586 value

Kourtney B. from Massillon, OH

WON: Iris Emerald Cut Drop Earrings, Manhattan Petite Wedding Band, & Men's Blackbird Wedding Band.
WINNING WORDS: "Thank you so much Diamond Nexus! My fiancé just bought me the Palm Springs Pear Cut Engagement Ring and it is beautiful. This will help us out a lot. Thank you."

$2,476 value

Angela B. from Dobson, NC

WON: Bristol Emerald Cut Engagement Ring & Manhattan Petite Wedding Band.
WINNING WORDS: "Thank you so much I’m very blessed to be chosen the winner for June. I am beyond excited and can’t wait to receive my beautiful ring. Thank you again Diamond Nexus for picking me and making me a very happy woman."

$2,493 value

Jeannette H. from Bethel Park, WA

WON: Tiffany Style 6-prong Engagement Ring & San Francisco Wedding Band.
WINNING WORDS: "Beyond excited. When my husband proposed I got the ring of my dreams thanks to Diamond Nexus. Now I am getting a second dream ring. I truly am a lucky girl!! Thank you Diamond Nexus!!!!"

$2,348 value

Michael D. from Shrewsbury, NJ

WON: Round Basket Set Engagement Ring, Downtown Wedding Band, Round Cut Stud Earrings.
WINNING WORDS: "My wife and I secretly eloped this past February. Our parents and siblings know about it but were waiting to announce it to the rest of our family and friends. We found Diamond Nexus and ordered my wife the Eternal Love Petite wedding band because we currently couldn't afford an engagement ring. After purchasing it I signed up for the contest and was shocked to have actually won! I casually asked my wife which engagement ring she liked on the website, she picked out the Round Basket Set Engagement Ring, and I just ordered it to surprise her once it comes in! Thank you Diamond Nexus for making our secret elopement even more special! Forever grateful!"

$2,487 value

Charlene C. from Waianae, HI

WON: Cacharel Round Cut Engagement Ring, Cacharel Matching Band and Bonds of Love Right Hand Ring.
WINNING WORDS: "When my husband I first found Diamond Nexus and did the research, we were instantly SOLD! The long lasting qualities and beauty with such generous pricing made us lifetime customers! This is truly a dream come true! I never thought this could happen to a mom of five children, let alone me! Thank you Diamond Nexus from the bottom of my heart!"

$2,599 value

Tracey K. from Brown Deer, WI

WON: Abigail Princess Cut Engagement Ring, Cushion Cut Basket Set Pendant and aCable Chain in Lorián Platinum.
WINNING WORDS: "We are super excited to be chosen as this month's winner! We are global citizens. Every day we practice ways to leave as small of a footprint as possible. Whenever we learn of a new way to preserve this precious earth and its natural resources we feel like we're making a difference. We believe Diamond Nexus provides us a way to have beautiful jewelry for ourselves, our families and friends!"

$1,672 value

Nikki V. from Boerne, TX

WON: Eternal Love Bold Eternity Band.
WINNING WORDS: "You made my DAY! This is my 3rd piece from you guys. I will be a repeat customer for life! Diamond Nexus is amazing!"

$2,197 value

Kristina M. from Tucson, AZ

WON: 1.75ct Tiffany-Style Solitaire Engagement Ring, Manhattan Matching Band, and Carmona Stud Earrings.
WINNING WORDS: "We're truly amazed by how beautiful it is, and she is beyond excited to show it off to everyone she can! Thank you Diamond Nexus!"

$2,286 value

Holly Y. from Gloucester, NC

WON: 2.30 total carat weight Three Stone Accented Round Cut Engagement Ring and Manhattan Band, and Grant Men's Band.
WINNING WORDS: "This is just unbelievable!"

$2,272 value

Katrina D. From Milwaukee, WI

WON: 2.40 carat Diamond Diva Princess Cut Engagement Ring with Matching Band and Princess Cut Basket Set Pendant with Wheat Chain.
WINNING WORDS: "This engagement ring is affordable, but you can’t put a price on love. With this ring, it represents someone irreplaceable to me: my husband, Dennis. This ring surely represents us as “one” very well."

$2,200 value


Joanne H. from Amarilla, TX

WON: 1.96 carat Venice Asscher Cut in 14k white gold.
WINNING WORDS: "Unbelievable! I was chosen to win my first Diamond Nexus piece. Can't wait to see my ring! So exciting, and the service has been fabulous."

$2,462 value

Infinite love cushion cut engagement ring

Anna G. from New Orleans, LA

WON: 2.04 carat Infinite Love Cushion Cut Engagement Ring in 14k yellow gold, 1.25 carat East-West Marquise necklace in 14k white gold and Leto II earrings in 14k white gold.
WINNING WORDS: "We were never keen on the idea of a mined diamond - so when the time came, we started looking around for some alternative options and we found Diamond Nexus. Needless to say, we couldn’t be happier!"

$2,477 value

Diamond Nexus 1.86 carat Angelix Oval Cut Engagement Ring

Kenzie T. from Dallas, TX

WON: 1.86 Carat Angelix Oval Cut Engagement Ring, 1.28 Carat Round Cut Basket Set pendant and chain and the Tammy Pendant (discontinued).
WINNING WORDS: "It has always been important to me that my ring would not break the bank and it was an added bonus that I'm able to be ethical with my selection. The most difficult part of this whole process was making a choice."

$2,331 value

Diamond Nexus East-West Accented Trillion Engagement Ring

Brett B. from Lamar, CO

WON: East-West Accented Trillion Engagement Ring and San Francisco Band.
WINNING WORDS: "I had no idea what I was looking for when I came across Diamond Nexus. I called and they answered all my questions and sent me photos of rings. All my questions were answered! I recommend Diamond Nexus to anyone looking for an engagement ring!"

$2,458 value

Diamond Nexus Elise Band

Teri M. from Howard Beach, NY

WON: Royal Street Pendant, Bourbon Street Earrings, Elise Band, and Pandora Earrings.
WINNING WORDS: "I went to fix my hair, started to, and the light caught my new ring - I started posing and walked away smiling without realizing I didn't fix my hair! I love my new Diamond Nexus ring.”

$2,500 value

Diamond Nexus 2.04 Carat Pamplona Engagement Ring

Steven R. from Starkville, MS

WON: 2.04 carat Pamplona engagement ring in 14k rose gold.
WINNING WORDS: “Diamond Nexus is a fantastic company that offers affordable and amazing rings!”

$2,599 value

Diamond Nexus Madrid Accented Engagement Ring

Stephanie M. from Carrollton, TX

WON: 1.59 carat Madrid Accented Princess Cut engagement ring, with matching band.
WINNING WORDS: “My ring is beautiful—the Madrid ring and matching band are perfect! I couldn’t be happier with the rings we picked out. If you buy from Diamond Nexus, you won’t be disappointed!”

$2,558 value

Diamond Nexus Asscher Cut Studs

Jennifer S. from Magnolia, TX

WON: 1.24 carat Asscher Cut Studs, Infinite Grace Petite, 1.03 carat Round Cut Studs, 1.67 carat Round Cut Basket Set Pendant and a Cable Chain.
WINNING WORDS: “The jewelry is gorgeous! I just love it so much!”

$2,081 value

Diamond Nexus Leto II Earrings

Marc T. from Gilbert, AZ

WON: Leto II Earrings in 14k white gold and 4.51 tcw Simply Bound Bracelet in silver.
WINNING WORDS: “My fiancé and I have loved the experience with Diamond Nexus so far. Over the top customer experience ensuring that you are pleased with your purchase and helping select just the right items for your loved ones. Thank you for making the buying of my engagement rings and other special gifts such a pleasing experience.”

$726 value

*Prize value is $2,500 based on full retail prices. If winners choose items that exceed $2,500 total, the winner is responsible for paying the difference.

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