Mina Round Cut Engagement Ring - 10K Value Collection

Mina Round Cut Engagement Ring - 10K Value Collection

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SALE $348.00

WAS $435.00

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The Mina engagement ring shimmers from every angle, from the glimmering Contemporary Nexus Diamond™ center stone to the slender band. Even the sides of the setting are set with accents, evoking the look of royalty in a low-profile design.

  • Center stone: 0.84 carat Round Brilliant cut, 1.15tcw
  • Complete the look with the matching Mina band.
  • Order additional services like a personal engraving or an appraisal for $25 each. Contact customer service for details.
  • Shown in 10k gold; call customer service for an upgrade to 14k, 18k, palladium, or platinum.
  • Product Model: LRVLSA0040X

Customer Reviews

Denise, 3/26/2018


I wanted something petite because i have very thin fingers. This rings is absolutely perfect in every way. The diamonds on the side and the underneath part of the diamond are very tiny by sparkle when any light hit it. Very comfortable to wear also. My man let me pick my ring out and this is the one i chose and i defiantly do not regret it.
Soklathhor , 10/26/2017

Happy woman!!!

This is the most beautiful ring I've own! I love it!
Amir, 3/25/2017

Great value!

Beautifully crafted and beautifully priced!
Ben, 1/31/2017

Amazing Ring with an unbelievable price!

Amazing Sparkling Ring. The side diamonds are a bit microscopic but, on a petite finger this ring is perfect. Can't quiet stop staring at the sparkle. Matching band i had to return though. It's fine if you plan on wearing both engagement and wedding band all the time but, as a stand alone wedding band, it looks a bit awkward.
Chris, 1/11/2017

Absolutely beautiful! Great size and sparkle for the price

This ring is absolutely gorgeous. I gave my boyfriend (now fiancé) five different rings to choose from and he chose the Mina and I couldn't be happier. I believe the .84 carat center stone size is perfect for a couple with a moderate budget. It's big enough to sparkle and wow people, but not so big that people begin to question how you were able to afford it. The sparkle and cut is so beautiful. My sister even compared it to her "real" 0.5 carat engagement ring and couldn't tell a difference. I will say that the band itself looks bigger in the pictures, but it's still beautiful with the center stone setting. It really looks like a little crown under the center stone. I've been wearing it every single day to work and around the house for a little over a month now and I haven't lost any stones or noticed any sort of wear. It's a truly fantastic ring.
Dobbie, 12/19/2016

Down Right Brilliant

The ring was fantastic! Even though it wasn't quite what I wanted, it was precisely what the photos portrayed, well crafted, and a great value. I was a little nervous about ordering online not having a chance to first see the product in person. However the Diamond Nexus staff have surpassed my expectations making this the easiest of purchases. They even extended me free return shipping on the ring and replaced it with another ring I opted for allowing me to pay the difference on a later date of my choosing. They even extended the holiday pricing to me for the new item. I am supremely satisfied with the entire process. This is not my first purchase from Diamond Nexus nor will it be my last. The only reason I did not give 5 stars is because I'm rating the ring and not the whole process. As the ring is 10k only and not available in 14k ultimately bringing me to choose another ring I felt 4 stars to be fair.
Missy, 9/28/2016


Stunning. My reviews are lengthy. Here it goes. At first when I got the ring, it was a tad disappointing because I thought the accent stones were gonna be bigger like in the picture. Brace yourself...they are tiny. But the ring is so shiny and stunning and glimmers. I LOVE this ring. It is everything I wanted in a ring. I wanted a cute, tiny, petite and classic ring. Nothing at the jewellery shop compared. I took it in to the jewellery shop to get it sized, and even the jewelers were impressed with the beauty of it, even though it's certified stone. Yes, I ordered a 7.25, and it came in a 7.5, so the sizing runs big. I'd rather get it altered in person rather than waiting.
I am also a nurse, so my hands are constantly being washed and bashed around. I never take off my ring. And the ring is perfectly beautiful, just shining away. I love it. I couldn't have asked for better.
Annie, 7/29/2016

HIGHLY recommended

I am coming up on my 3 year anniversary and I still absolutely love this ring. It has held up perfectly and after a good cleaning it sparkles and shines like its still brand new. I've gotten tons of compliments and no one would ever be able to tell it isn't a real diamond.
Onehappywoman, 1/23/2016

5 stars!!!

My fiancé and I had decided after being together and living together a couple years we decided we wanted to get married. But we knew with all of our bills we have we would not be able to afford a ring that was $2,000. My friend had recommended us to check out diamondnexus because this is where her husband had bought her rings. I had checked out the rings and had fallen in love with the Mina ring. It was everything that I had wanted in a ring. We had done our research and read all sorts of reviews and at first was very skeptic on going through with our purchase. My fiancé had bought the ring without me knowing and proposed to me this Christmas. I was in complete awe with the whole thing. First obviously because I was getting married and second because of the ring. The amazing lighted box it had came with had lit the entire room up sparkling. It had literally taken my breath away. This ring is absolutely beautiful and the pictures presents don't even do it justice. The elegance and the daintiness of this ring is everything I had hoped for!!! I get compliments on it every single day and everyone just wants to stare at my ring. I find myself dazing off staring at my ring as well. As for the durability of it, I had read comments of people saying they had stones falling out. I am a nurse. My hands are in and out of gloves and being washed numerous times a day. I do absolutely everything with my ring on so I'm sure as long as you are not punching walls this ring will hold up. I just felt I needed to post this review to help people not worry like I did before getting my ring. We got the certified stone and absolutely nobody can tell it is not real. My doctors who wear nothing but real diamonds have examined my ring and have no idea!!! The sparkle and shine of this ring with its accent little diamonds are beautiful!!! The diamond is just the perfect size and the accents are also the perfect size for the diamond. Best purchase my fiancé could have ever made for me!!!
EDDIE G, 9/23/2015


Jenny, 7/23/2015


After going to get my ring altered I was stunned to know that NONE of my stones were real!! I didn't know what to say when I was informed.
Cassandra, 7/2/2014


This ring is stunning, bottom line. The center stone is clear, and sparkly. It is the definition of simple and classic. I am giving this only four stars however because, even though the accent stones are still beautiful, they are smaller than pictured. In the first sample pictures, they look much bigger than they are in real life. The picture of the model holding her hand beside her face provides a more accurate picture of what the ring looks like in real life. I received this ring with no damages or missing stones and it is still picture perfect. I work with my hands A LOT and every time I accidentally hit my ring with something, it holds strong. Even though this is listed in the petite hands section, I wear a size 8 and it is the perfect size. I love my ring and get so many compliments on it everyday.
Emma, 1/31/2014

Love this ring. Sooo gorgeous

I purchased my ring back in October when my fiance proposed and then let me pick out my ring. I thought it was pretty in pictures and then when I got it on my finger! WOW just WOW!
I had to return it once because it was a little big but that was my fault.
Everyone compliments me on it and my future mother in law claims it was blinding her from across the rooM! hahah! Could not be more happy with it! Love it so much!!
ENGAGED, 1/9/2014

Ring can't even make it until the wedding.

I received my ring (the Mina) after some repairs were made to it. The ring had bent for no apparent reason and two stones were missing. When I went to pick up the ring, they tried to give it back to me with a new stone missing. I gave it back and had to wait for MORE repairs. After getting the ring back, all of the stones were there but one side seemed thinner to me. A couple of weeks later, two more stones fell out!! I am really disappointed in the quality of the ring. I have an office job and am extremely diligent about taking care of my ring. I love the ring, but I am concerned that the ring we purchased was defective. I'm nervous that even if I get it repaired again, it won't last until our August wedding. I'm so embarrassed when my coworkers ask about my ring or notice the stone missing. Beyond disappointed.

Diamond Nexus responds: We are very sorry to hear about your frustrations with your engagement ring but we are happy to speak with you about possible solutions that you will be happy with. Please email our customer experience coordinator at Michelle.Edwards@diamondnexus.com and she will be more than happy to assist you. Please include your order number and the name on the account.
Katherine, 11/18/2013

Matching bands do not match

I originally wrote a review last year when I received my engagement ring. I do love the ring. I love the dainty quality of it and how the stones sparkle. But I wanted to warn people against the matching band. They don't match! The band should be the exact same setting as on the engagement ring but they are not. They are much smaller and look silly next to the beautiful stones on the engagement ring. I wish I had decided earlier on to return them but I didn't and now of course can't return them because I'm out of the 30 day policy. But if you're expecting the band to look like the engagement ring - beware. Also, a side note, I've now lost two stones in my engagement ring. I'll have to pay to have them replaced, including shipping. Overall...not that impressed anymore...

Diamond Nexus responds: We are very sorry for the frustrations that you are having with your ring and band. We would like you to contact our customer experience coordinator at Michelle.Edwards@diamondnexus.com and she would be more than happy to look into this and assist you.
Jessica, 11/6/2013


I bought this ring after seeing it on a friend. I first purchased it in yellow gold and it was stunning. However, I decided I wanted it instead in white gold. So I exchanged it. The ring came back again flawed. The setting was not the same as the first one I received. So I asked for another exchange detailing the problem. This time the ring I received had no sparkle at all. The diamonds were cloudy. I could not believe that they would send a ring like this. I returned it for a refund. Very disappointed as my friends ring is simply beautiful.

Diamond Nexus responds: We appreciate you taking the time to post a review on your Diamond Nexus purchase. We are sorry that you experienced issues with your purchase and we want to emphasize that we stand behind our jewelry with top of the line guarantees so that if there is an issue with them, we will happily repair or exchange for you within the first 30 days of receiving an item. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our Customer Experience Coordinator at Michelle.Edwards@diamondnexus.com and she can further assist you.
Jessica, 11/3/2013


Received my exchange (from yellow gold to white gold) with cloudy stones. Every stone was cloudy. Unfortunately though I loved the Mina had to be sent back for a refund. Now I am having trouble receiving my full refund. Hopefully I will get this all sorted. Very frustrating way to start off my engagement.

Diamond Nexus responds: We appreciate you taking the time to post a review on your Diamond Nexus purchase. We are sorry that you experienced issues with your purchase and refund. Refunds, once processed do usually take about 3-5 business days to be credited back to an account. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our Customer Experience Coordinator at Michelle.Edwards@diamondnexus.com and she can further assist you.
Emily, 10/29/2013

Amazing!!!! Above and Beyond!!!

I love love love my ring!!! Its hard to even put into words how beautiful this ring is. I can't stop looking at it. In the reviews before mine people said that the picture doesn't do this ring justice and now that I have mine I know what they mean! Seriously, these pictures don't show how B.E.A utiful this ring is! Everyone and i mean everyone that has seen it has been blown away!! My fiancee is getting major major points from everyone! :) Thank you so much!
Also, I had to resize my ring because their sizes ran a little big for me and the customer service ladies that I spoke to were amazing!! Wish I remembered their names so I can praise them by name but they were great and they worked with me and helped me soo much, I wanted to come through the phone and hug them!!! haha! This ring is by no means small - "Wow and what a rock!!!" is all i hear from people. Its also soo unique, lots of people have said they have never seen a ring like that before. :)
Johan, 10/19/2013

Very disappointed

I bought this ring for my fiancee in yellow gold after her sister had bought it and my fiancee fell in love with it. She actually preferred it in white gold so we sent it back for white gold. Well when we received the ring in white gold the setting was much lower than the original and her sisters making it look really off so we sent it back again and asked them for the ring in the same setting as the first one we received. Well we received the ring with the higher setting but with absolutely no sparkle to the diamonds. I mean none. I do not even understand how it could have possibly passed quality control. My fiancee was so disappointed that we just sent it back for a refund. I cannot believe that they would send the ring to us in that poor quality. We have purchased a lot from diamond nexus in the past years but after this they have lost a family of customers. We will no longer be recommending Diamond Nexus to anyone.

Diamond Nexus responds: We appreciate you taking the time to post a review on your Diamond Nexus purchase. We are sorry that you experienced issues with your ring purchase and we want to emphasize that we stand behind our jewelry with top of the line guarantees so that if there is an issue with them, we will happily repair or exchange within the first 30 days of receiving an item. Outside of that timeframe, we also offer an excellent trade up program.

We truly want to thank you for your business and though there were issues, we hope that you will be able to set things right with you and give us a chance to restore your faith in Diamond Nexus.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our Customer Experience Coordinator at Michelle.Edwards@diamondnexus.com and she can further assist you.
KT, 9/7/2013

Exactly what I wanted

I instantly fell in love with both the Mina and the Angelix. After contacting your Facebook page and receiving pictures of both rings on someones hand, side-by-side i was convinced that the Mina was the one for me. The pictures here don't do it justice. Its the ring i always wanted. we also ordered the matching band. I am incredibly happy with my ring and no one can tell its not a diamond. If you are in doubt I would suggest contacting them on Facebook. the young lady that runs their page is soooo helpful. she is the main reason i ordered.
Jeff, 8/29/2013

Absolutely amazing....

All I have to say is that the website doesn't do the ring justice! I was sitting at a picnic table in my yard where the sun was shining when I opened the box with the ring in it....I almost needed welders goggles it was so bright and shiny!!!! WAY better than any thing I saw at a regular jewlers shop!!! She almost fell out of her seat when I proposed. Thanks Diamond Nexus, you made a great day even better!!!!
Disappointed, 8/7/2013

Not happy

This ring is very beautiful, but after wearing it for about one month, a stone fell out. This ring was a replacement for another ring I ordered from Diamond Nexus which lost two stones. Both rings were beautiful, but I will never order from them again, as I do not trust the workmanship of the rings.

Diamond Nexus responds: We are very sorry that you had issues with your Mina engagement ring. We do have a very strict quality assurance program in place but there is always room for us to grow.With a delicate ring setting such as this,however, We do want to stress that care should be used when wearing it. We always recommend removing jewelry before handwashing and cleaning or any laborous work. If these were not things that you had experienced with your ring and it simply was a case of the ring being defective, we would happy make a new ring within the first 30 days of purchase. If you have questions or concerns, please contact us here at customerservice@diamondnexus.com . Again, we truly value your business and would like the chance to restore your faith in Diamond Nexus.
Farrah, 7/29/2013

Beautiful and Dainty!

Just got my ring today and it is stunning. Unfortunately the ring appeared to to sent with a small flaw. There is a noticible nick in the gold. I went through quite a headache exchanging a different ring for this one and am just disappointed that quality control did not catch the nick in the gold. Customer Service is excellent but am fearful if I exchange this ring once again...it will be another headache. I just wish the ring had come in Perfect condtion. I think I will just consider keeping my flawed ring for my sake so I dont have to wait for another one. I am perfectly happy with how stunning and sparkly this ring is. It is truely unique. Especially with the extra cuff of diamond nexus stones and its the perfect size for my slim fingers. I dont like anythi. Too flashy. Its very classic and timeless. Thank you Diamond Nexus for making me Mostly happy with your product. Almost perfect. :)

Diamond Nexus responds: We are so happy that everything has been nearly perfect in your experiences with your order and we are so sorry to hear that a small nick was left unpolished on the gold band. It is a quick and easy repair that we are happy to do for you, if you would like to contact us here for a free shipping label to return it to us. Just email us at customerservice@diamondnexus.com and we will be happy to assist you.
Vanessa, 7/27/2013

In Love with the Guy and the Ring!!

Thank you DNL for giving me the ring of my dreams!!
We didn't think we would be able to afford the kind of ring I wanted but through you we were able to get a BEAUTIFUL ring and still afford our big day!!
The Mina is more stunning in person than I can say!
I can't wait to marry the man of my dreams and now I can have the ring of my dreams too!!
Thank you again!
Favorite Son-In-Law, 7/24/2013

Beautiful ring and matching band!

This bridal set was beautiful and a great value. Looks like it would be worth $3,000 or more if purchased from a retailer jeweler. Very high end box accompanied the ring, not to mention a nice gift presentation.
Future son-in-law, 7/6/2013


What a beautiful ring and matching band. One would never guess this is not a $4,000 diamond ring!
Ericka, 6/29/2013

I love it!

My fiance originally bought me a real diamond ring, but due to budget restraints, it was tiny. We both decided we wanted something a bit more, so after a lot of discussion and review we ordered this ring. I was really sketchy about it since it wasn't real... I was worried it would look fake and be too big for my hand. As soon as I opened the box, we both instantly fell in love with the ring. It's sparkly and didn't have any immediate signs of being "fake". This ring definitely looks even better in person, and I get compliments almost every day!
Colleen, 5/28/2013


My fiance and I looked at many rings at Diamond Nexus and he chose this one. It surpasses my expectations. It's incredibly sparkly, dainty, yet simple and feminine. I am very satisfied! Beautiful ring, awesome price. (And better in person than in the pictures!)
Mindy, 5/14/2013

Love this ring

This ring and it's matching band are beyond beautiful. I'm so happy I bought it. The first time I received my rings, they were too big, so I returned them for a smaller size. That is the only down side is having to ship it back (costs) and wait time for any repairs or exchanges. But the rings themselves are amazing, dainty and sparkle!
Brittney, 4/25/2013

Beyond frustrated

Mine arrived with a missing stone. I waited almost 3 weeks to have to return it. I'm not going to request them to repair it. I'm getting a refund.

Diamond Nexus Response: Brittney-we sincerely apologize that you had this issue with your Diamond Nexus piece. We do hope that you will reconsider and give our company another chance to rectify this. Our customer service manager has been made aware of your order and looks forward to speaking with you, if you'd like to reach out to her. She can be reached at michelle.edwards@diamondnexus.com.
Joel and Jessica, 4/9/2013

breath taking!

This is the ring of my dreams! Thank you diamond nexus for allowing us to afford such a beautiful ring. I could not be happier with our purchase!
LALA, 3/5/2013


I absolutely love my ring! It's so dainty and beautiful! The stone is the perfect size..not too big and not too small either, just enough to catch everyone's eye! It is certainly an eye catcher! I can't wait to pair it with a band. The only things I dislike was waiting for it to arrive. It seemed like it took FOREVER to come but, it was well worth the wait. It sparkles beautifully! It is a must especially if your on a budget, but it does not look like it!
Kaitlyn, 11/16/2012

Loveeeee it!

I can't believe how beautiful this ring truly is! I had read a lot of negative comments about diamond nexus after my boyfriend purchased me the ring. How wrong all those nay Sayers were! I was shopping in Costco two days ago and couldn't help but compare my ring to some that they had on display. It was identical to the $16,000 one in the case. My manager at work was so jealous she even made a snide remark to her husband that she's "never even had a full carat" oops... Haha. My only problem is that it is a little too big as we made a mistake in the sizing process. I will wait til after the new year to get it fixed as I am going home and want to show off to all my girlfriends! I will definately also be getting the matching band. Thank you so much diamond nexus for making my dreams come true!
anonymous, 10/5/2012

Simply Gorgeous!

Pictures simply cannot do justice to this ring. The setting is the perfect height, the accent diamonds add just enough bling without distracting from the magnificent solitaire. And I cannot believe how much this thing sparkles!! Now I can't wait to get the matching band and complete the perfect set. Absolutely Stunning!!! Totally satisfied with Diamond Nexus and am so glad it's what we chose. None of the rings I looked at in the chain jewelry stores could even compare to the uniqueness of the Diamond Nexus settings. They are simply spectacular. Highly recommend!
Kackmo, 8/6/2012

Such a beautiful ring!

My fiance just proposed to me last night with this ring. I absolutely love it. I had decided early on that I didn't want a natural diamond because of all the bad things associated with them. Also, I'm having a baby in a few months and I didn't want to my boyfriend to be spending thousands of dollars on a ring when Diamond Nexus rings were so beautiful at a fraction of the cost. I chose the Mina because of it's simple design and delicate features. It's just gorgeous. The band of small stones on the side are very delicate and pretty for my slender fingers. The stone is brilliant and is really a show stopper. I would highly recommend to Diamond Nexus to include this design in their 14K collection however. I am fine with the 10K but it would have been nice to have this in 14K. I really think it would be very popular. Love the ring. Great quality. Great company. Thanks!
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