Midnight Train Round Cut Engagement Ring - 10k Value Collection

Midnight Train Round Cut Engagement Ring - 10k Value Collection

Price: $714.00
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Price: $714.00
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The Midnight Train engagement ring is simple, yet its beauty will endure through fads and trends. The Contemporary Nexus Diamond™ center stone is set in a romantic trellis setting, and accent stones trail down the slightly raised shoulders. It is a gorgeous accented solitaire look that you'll love until death do you part.

  • Center stone: 2.04 carat Round Brilliant cut Nexus Diamond
  • 2.34 total carat weight
  • Shown in 10k gold.
  • Additional services such as personal engraving and appraisals are available for just $25 each. Contact customer service for details at 1.800.509.4990.
  • To upgrade to 14k gold, 18k gold, palladium or platinum, contact customer service.
  • Product model: LRVLMS0019

Customer Reviews

KjoRichardson, 1/26/2018

Visually Stunning

This diamond ring is visually stunning and manages to catch any light that is in the room. The diamonds don’t stick out and the ring has never caught on clothing and I have been wearing this ring for a year. My only wish is that it had a matching band.
Kye, 7/14/2017

Love it

My original wedding ring broke after ten years. I'd been eyeing a Diamond Nexus ring and my husband got me this one. It is huge and beautiful! Perfect fit.
Mimi, 4/25/2017

Upgrade Your Metal

I really like the look of this ring. I wear a size 8 ring and this fits perfectly. The center stone is eye catching without being overpowering on my hand. I upgraded the metal from the 10k to 14k, but I might suggest upgrading to 18k if you are interested in this ring. I've only had it for a couple weeks and can see a few scuffs. I take it off when I am at home cooking or cleaning so I can only imagine how badly scuffed up it would be after two weeks if I had kept the 10k.

************** Diamond Nexus Response ******************

We're happy to hear that you like the Midnight Train Engagement ring. I'm sorry, however, to hear that you've experienced some scratching on the metal. Unfortunately, with all fine jewelery metals, scratching and scuffing can happen. It's great that you are removing it when working with your hands, cleaning, cooking, etc... but even just the regular things people do in a day can cause scuffing, usually on the bottom of the ring, which is normal.

I would like to share with you some information about gold types:

10k gold is 10 parts gold and 14 parts other metals. It's harder but also a little more brittle.
14k gold is 14 parts gold and 10 parts other metals. It's very durable and more resistant to scratches.
18k gold is 18 parts gold and 6 parts other metals. It's much softer and more prone to scratches.

Ultimately, the 14k gold that you purchased is the most resistant to scratches and so you made a good choice. However, we'd be more than happy to buff and polish the ring again to bring it back to it's smooth finish.
You may contact our customer service department, to get that process started, at 1-800-509-4990


Michelle Edwards
Customer Service Manager
Diamond Nexus
Pooh , 3/2/2017

Must have

Very nice ring. My wife to be loves it.
Krismas, 2/21/2017

Beautiful ring

My fiancé proposed to me this past Valentine's Day. I have to say that this ring turned out to be more beautiful than I ever imagined! There were a few tiny imperfections, but I was reassured by Diamond Nexus that they can be fixed. Ultimately, my fiancé and I are happy customers!
Happy broad, 12/8/2016

Great ring

I just got this ring and it's really nice. Very sparkly. It's def a eye catcher too. Fogs after being in really cold weather but warms up really quick. It's a big ring so if you have tiny fingers it might not be the ring for u bc it's really big!
CareBear, 12/2/2016

If your considering purchasing this ring, go for it!

I absolutely love this ring!!! It's so comfortable that you hardly even notice that your wearing it. It sparkles like crazy and I received so many compliments on it! I love the concept that Diamond Nexus creates these beautiful, lab created gems that are just as beautiful if not more than your typical mall jewelry store that mark their products up like crazy.
Amy, 8/22/2016

Great Ring

I received my midnight train on 08/15/2016. When I first opened the box I was stunned that it looked so good. The 2 carat center stone is just the right size for my finger. We left on vacation that same day and I received numerous comments about my ring. I love it. Thanks Diamond Nexus.
Sarah, 8/17/2016

Overall Beautiful

I've been wearing my ring every day for 3 years and it has mostly held up to my expectations. It's beautiful and I get compliments all the time. The only slight complaint I have is there has been a hairline crack or scratch on the top. It is not super noticeable so I haven't done anything about it, but I guess I should at some point. We went to a local jeweler to get my wedding band. We found one that fits to the curve so perfectly that it looks like a set. Overall I'm glad we went this route and my husband and I both agree it was a good purchase!
Stacy, 4/18/2016


My husband and I had been looking for an upgrade ring for me for a couple of years. We couldn't find what we wanted, at the price we wanted. Until I came across Diamond Nexus. Then I thought I wanted the Angelix, but after reading the reviews I saw that some people weren't very happy with how thin the band was. So then I found the Midnight Train. Well, I was originally drawn to it because my husband is a railroad engineer! Also, the middle stone doesnt stick too high up, I'm a nurse and need to wear gloves a lot. So we got it but upgraded a bit to the 14k white gold. I was a little nervous due to never having tried it on, but once I got it, I was ELATED!! It is SOO much prettier in person than in the pictures! It looks exactly like a "real" diamond and I have gotten SO many compliments in it! We also bought the "Blythe" band to pair with it and it matches it PERFECTLY! I am SO happy we went this route!!!
sarah, 12/11/2015

Amazing ring

It's so beautiful...
Don't feel guilty about conflict diamonds..
Diamond nexus is the place to buy a breathtaking ring... my fiancée asked me with this beautiful midnight train and I said yes..
DN Lover, 10/13/2015

Beautiful ring...but very big!

I LOVE this ring...I honestly just wish it came in a little smaller center stone as I have had people ask me if it was real and how we could afford a 2 carat ring which makes me a little self conscious...BUT...It's a beautiful ring. It also has to be cleaned often because of having that large of a service, so it does obviously hold dirt, etc. I think this ring would be PERFECT in a little smaller center stone.
You get what you pay for, 3/9/2014

You get what you pay for

My fiancé and I looked at all options for rings and Diamond Nexus seemed to be a fantastic way to have everything we were looking for in an engagement ring...affordable, beautiful and ethical. We purchased, this ring, the midnight train, and felt it looked great. Less than a year later, the ring began to scratch, discolor, and look cheap. The top of the "diamond" is a flat surface and it now looks like I took a piece of sandpaper across it. I hardly wore the ring while doing any type of work with my hands and never wore it when I felt it was in any danger of being destroyed. Yes, I knew purchasing a ring like this was a gamble and I am sure that some of the rings hold up better, however, I do think that the brand is somewhat of a false advertisement. There is no way I am the only one with this issue. I refuse to have to pay to send it back to be "reviewed", to get it back and it happen again. Ladies..you can get a better ring from somewhere else, I assure you. Avoid buying the midnight train. You will love it and then begin to hate it...

Diamond Nexus responds : We are sorry that you are experiencing issues with your engagement ring. We do guarantee our stones for life and the metal for the first 30 days against any defects. We are not sure if your issues are both in the metal and the stones, but if you have a white gold ring, we do recommend re-rhodium plating every so often to restore the luster and finish. This is normal for any jewelry company selling white gold items, as it is not mined from the earth. It is mined as yellow gold and then mixed with alloys and plated with rhodium to give it a lovely white finish. This is a very easy fix as we offer restoration packages here for a small fee. As for the stone, we are happy to take a look at it and replace it for you if need be. Often times stones do well with a thorough ultrasonic cleaning to remove debris and product buildup. Please contact us here at 1-800-509-4990 to speak to a representative about your options and getting the ring back to its original quality.
Mel, 12/26/2013

Beautiful ring!

My fiancé proposed to me on Christmas with this beautiful ring in front of my family and they were all blown away, I couldn't be happier. The diamond (simulant) is the perfect size and it sparkles all over the place. It is very comfortable to wear, I have not yet to take it off! We will be returning in the near future, hopefully for a matching band! Thank you Diamond nexus for making our dreams come true!!
Princess Tanya, 7/10/2013

Wonderful ring !!- and matching band!

I am so excited. I got in this ring last night. The two carot ring is so amazing and so bright. The sales associate on the phone suggested the Carlotta band, and it fits it great!! It's not snug to it, but it's soooo close its hard to tell its not made for it. I'll try to add a picture !! For the price, I would swear it was a $4000 ring. So happy!!
Happy Groom-To-Be, 6/17/2013

She totally loves it!

I'm just glad I picked this engagement ring. I bought it at the beginning of the year but I proposed to my now fiance just last month because I decided to wait for the right moment, and it came last month when we went to Cancun, Mexico.

I got her a 5.5 ring size, and I have to say it just looks beautiful on her hand, not too big, not too small, just perfect. She's completely happy with it and says she always gets compliments from everyone.

I asked her (a long time ago) if she preferred rings with small center stones or big center stones and she said small, but when she saw that 2.04 center stone, her jaw just dropped; she just totally fell in love with it. So if you're a guy like me who is not sure whether your girlfriend will like it, all I have to say is: She will!

To Diamond Nexus: Is the Midnight Train Wedding Band coming out anytime soon? I will surely buy it!!
Kaylee, 4/12/2013

I want this one!!!!!

I love this ring and the story behind it, I can't wait to order it!!!!!
precious , 4/6/2013

Just Fabulous

My fiance gave me the ring about three weeks ago. I received so many compliments on my ring. No one can tell that it's not a mined diamond. My ring size is 5 and the ring looks great on my finger. The ring is not to big or to small. It's absolutely prefect! Me and my fiance are a customer for life.
Kristina from California, 1/10/2013

Everyone loves it!!!

My fiancé proposed to me this past weekend in Vegas and it was really romantic! With a ring so big like this, of course I'll be with him forever! Jk it's him who I want to be with, not just because of the ring.. But let me say that this ring looks like some major bling-bling on my finger!! In a great way!! In Vegas my fiancé and I would compare my ring to others in the jewelry store and it looked even better than Tiffany's!! It sparkled just as much!! The ladies working in the jewelry shops would always stare at it. Boy it sparkles and my fiancé can't stop staring at it either! My dad said, "That's a big rock you have on your finger!!" I haven't even worn this for a week and everyone in my classes are oogling over it and are taking photos to show their men what they want!! Two carats! I've gotten countless, "Wow, it's so big and sparkly," comments. I'm 110% happy and satisfied with my ring!!! You'll absolutely love it. My fiancé and I chose it together and it makes it that much more special. Get it, you won't be disappointed!!!
Leesa, 12/29/2012

Love it!

Pictures do not do this ring justice! My fiance proposed on christmas and I absolutely LOVE it!
very pleased!, 11/7/2012

i LOVE this ring!

my now fiance just proposed tonight after dinner, and i was absolutely shocked at just how gorgeous this ring is! the stone doesn't look too gaudy because of the setting, but boy, it sparkles!! :D

the fit is great, and its very comfortable to wear.

if you are thinking about this ring, get it. you will not be disappointed!

JJ, 10/12/2012

Awesome ring/comfortable to wear all day

I was so skeptical to buy this ring.
I wasnt sure how i was going to tell my friends and family " i got a 2 carats ring "
Customer service was great, guide me. And told me to simple say my fiancee got a great deal on it!!
So i did i purchased it...
The ring arrived in a beautiful wood box, it was stunning, at first it took me some time to get used to it.
Now i dont take it out for nothing.
I couldnt be any happier with my choice.And we could never afford a real one.
I am very happy with this ring.
Thom, 9/7/2012

Everything and then More

Thank you for coming through with this beautiful ring. I had originally purchased a different ring & then found out it would not be ready for me to take overseas to propose to my Fiance. So at the last minute I had to make another choice. I made the right choice,she was so excited about it & so was her family. I proposed right in front of her family the very first night I met them. Everything went very well & more. Thank you Diamond Nexus
Krystal Lynn, 7/6/2012

My love story

This ring means more to my fiancé and me than words can describe.
Above is the blog I wrote to share our story. We have been greatly blessed to have come so far and be able to extend our love to others is far beyond comparable.

This ring is so easy to wear everyday. The ring has never snagged on anything, it doesn't feel too bulky nor too dainty, and is pretty easy to clean. I get complements on it all the time. All around a great piece and not just because I named it :)
Crista, 6/23/2012

Awesome Ring

I really love this ring. I hope one day I can own one. I can't tell you the countless dates I've been on in my life counting train boxes. Awesome name for an awesome ring.
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