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This ring is pure vintage elegance. An East-West set Radiant cut Contemporary Nexus Diamond™ is encircled by a halo of glittering accent stones and minute metalwork that continue along the top and sides of the band. The width of the rectangle looks beautiful on all fingers as it helps them look longer. It is a low-profile ring that makes a high-profile style impact.

  • Center stone: 1.14 carat Radiant cut Nexus Diamond
  • 26 Round Brilliant cut accent stones
  • Shown in Lorián Platinum. Click here to learn more.
  • Also available in 10k gold.
  • Additional services such as personal engraving and appraisals are available for just $25 each. Contact customer service for details at 1.800.509.4990.
  • To upgrade to 14k gold, 18k gold, palladium or platinum, contact customer service.
  • Product model: LRRHXX0023XRAWHXX0114CS0LPXX

Customer Reviews

Max, 3/13/2017

Amazing, quality ring

Beautifully crafted and amazing detail. My boyfriend bought me this ring as a 2 year anniversary gift and I fell in love with it.
Kelly, 1/26/2017

Love my Lyonette

Love my ring, I wear it everyday and get many compliments on it, love Diamond Nexus!
Zannyq, 2/10/2016

Its An Excellent Right Hand Ring.

I Am Elated With This Ring!! I Owe This Ring a review, as well as The Personal Customer Care!! When I was looking for a significant piece, I searched for mos, before I made my choice to go with DN..I wanted every thing they stand for an believe. I didn't want anything that cost another's life, just to wear for my own pleasure, and that is where All My Searches Came Back To Diamond Nexus. So I Made The Call W/Questions In Hand.....My Customer Care Server *is The Best* made me feel like we were friends for ever'. I Bought The Lyonette and now have owned This Ring at least 10yrs. Back then DN Had THE BEST CLOTH EVER MADE!!! (i still have it as well as its been used on the lyonette alot an has kept it from blacken although in the deepest design of this ring it did n does get black, you offer a GREAT FOAM CLEANER that will take it to the look the day I got it) I was looking for a right hand ring that wouldn't take away from My Significant Left Hand Ring... That Is Also DN, The Tradition Sparkle w/2 bands----My 1st Purchase---. So When I seen this ring, I knew it was 'the one' 10yrs That I've Owned and Warn It, Everyday too, I Have Taken The Best Personal Care possible. Even with those deepest designs that has darkened some, to me it added to The Rings Radiant Cut, East an West Center Stones Beauty With All Those Stones Surrounding as well As All Down The Sides, This Design Simply Has Its Own Character!! Also, by following the 3 simple rules/warranties Diamond Nexus Stands By Faithfully Every Thing The Have!!! Thank You Customer Care and following the 3 simple rules to keep My (all) rings/jewelry in the best condition You Stand By and Say You Will. ' What I was looking for was anything that wasn't square or North n South. The Lyonette Was The Exact Ring I wanted. With that Radiant Cut Center Stone Speaks For It's self. The surrounding stones are perfectly placed to Set That Radiant Beauty, down the sides only makes that awesome Lorián Platinum Look is Out Standing Perfect To Say The Least. The Center Stone Sits Flat making it wearable everyday as I have. endless comments etc. the best 1 I was told was a guy said "My Wife Wants a Ring just like The 1 your wearing..he pointed out that it was the east an west as well as the Surrounding Stones even down the sides,-he was really looking at this rings detailing closely---- when he asked to look at it closer, if I minded, I can not say but I told him all about Diamond Nexus (google it) but I was being honest with where an why I believe In DN. I Would Chose to believe he chose Diamond Nexus. Thanks To The Personal Customer Care Feeling That DN Has Gave To My Every Needs and Wants with all my DN pieces ---- Diamond Nexus Made My Impossible Possible!!! Thank You. Truly Thank You...Forever A Diamond Nexus Customer
Anne, 5/29/2015

Awesome ring.

A beautiful stunning ring. I wasn'the sure if I would like this style of ring however, it has fast become one of my favorite right hand rings.
bookend, 12/4/2014

Exquisite design of ring.

I love the design of the ring. I ordered one size too big. I am going to send it back after the holidays for the one time sizing. I love it.
Jillian, 11/15/2013

Beautiful ring

My husband got this ring for me as a Christmas present and I love it. I get compliments every time I wear it and people swear that the center stone is much larger than a carat. I wear it as a right hand ring and don't always wear it (I'm an RN and don't wear rings to work) so I haven't had problems with it scratching or becoming dull and I've had the ring for 3 years.
Anna, 7/19/2012

Sparkly Right Hand Ring

I bought the Lyonette as a gift to myself - right hand ring in Lorian Platinum. I love the way the center stone is set. It sparkles like crazy. I don't wear the ring every day, but at least 2 or 3 times a week. It has held up quite well and the Lorian Platinum has not scratched or dulled. I get so many compliments on both this ring and my gorgeous Valencia engagement ring. Love your products!
Anyalie, 2/4/2012

Love It

I have owned the Lyonette for almost a year now. I loved it when I got it and still love it. The stone still shines with brilliance. The only thing I would recommend is getting it in white gold. The Lorian Platinum is dull and does not even shine like sterling sliver. But now that I am searching for another piece (upgrade) I am looking for another ring in 10k white gold. Other than the dullness of the ring everything else is great!
Megan Harvey - Chicago, IL, 1/7/2012

Beautiful FASHION Ring

I had to write this review after reading some of the other reviews of this product. People, this is a "Lorian Platinum" ring, which is basically an upgraded sterling silver, not gold or platinum. It's a fashion ring and, I'm sure, not intended to be an engagement ring that you wear every day for years. That's why it's only 200 bucks!

I have several pieces of DNL jewelry, both 14k fine jewelry and fashion jewelry, including this Lyonette ring. My engagement ring, which is the Valencia in 14k white gold looks as good as the day I bought it. From my experience DNL jewelry is very high quality, very heavy and much better than most chain jewelers.

It's important to understand the difference between Diamond Nexus fine jewelry and their fashion jewelry. Fine jewelry is 14k or 18k gold or platinum and is designed and made to last for years, but, it's more expensive. Fashion jewelry is usually sterling silver or an enhanced silver and is meant to be worn occasionally as a fashion piece.

Jim, 1/6/2012

Pretty at First, But then...

When I first bought this ring for my (then) fiance, I was impressed. The ring was beautiful. Now, almost 2 years later, she won't be seen wearing the ring, and hasn't put it on her finger in over a year. After the first 5-6 months of wear, the ring began to dull. After a year, it looked like a gumball machine ring. No sparkle, no shine. Just dullness, almost black looking in places (and yes, we polished it regularly), and very scratchy. Sorry to say this, because we loved the ring at first sight. Just went downhill from that point on. I'm looking for another ring to replace this one, so don't waste your money.
thrilled, 12/14/2011

heavy duty ring

i love this ring. my husband bought it for me two years ago, to replace my first wedding set. i work in the service industry, and am constantly scrubbing tables, handling food, dishes, etc. this ring has held up to the harsh environment, and if it gets tarnished, i just pop it into jewelry cleaner, and it looks amazing again. please make a matching band for this.
MrsH, 12/4/2011

Love it!

My husband proposed to me in April with this ring and we were married in June! We are very happy with our choice in buy from DNL! I love my ring and it sparkles and shines everybit as much as a more expensive one. I get compliments on my ring almost everyday. The only thing that would make this ring better is if DNL made a matching wedding band for it. I want one so bad but nothing fits the curves of this ring. Other than that it's perfect!!
Mommy of #3, 11/25/2011

Loved at first then faded

I first saw my ring. Loved it!!!!! Then it got scrached and faded also. If I would have known that would happen would have spent more on real gold. I thought it was just me and my husband also noticed. One day I was washing dishes and got it caught on my dishwasher and got all bent. So wasnt at all happy with lorian platinum. But in,there defense stones still very beautiful!!!!!!!
AS, 11/15/2011

This ring is worth every penny!!

This ring's look far exceeds it's price. My fiance loved the way that it sparkles and just can't stop looking at this ring.
Tom Cranston, 11/6/2011

Great present

This ring had a wow factor way beyond the purchase price. My wife has had it for a year and it's held up pretty well considering it's an inexpensive silver ring. Nexus's Lorian Platinum does seem to wear better then regular sterling. Anyway, high marks and a great value.
Mimmy , 11/3/2011

Not living up to the ring I first got!!

My fiance and I decided to go with this ring! We were sold on great things we read before they re-did their site! So far I have had this ring for less than a year and it has dulled so bad I don't wear it all the time. The Lorian Platinum is all scratched and looking dull! The center stone some how has worn as well! In fact I avoid showing people when I do have it on because it looks horribly fake. It looked great when I first got it and couldn't have been happier. But the fact that it won't last a year was a waste. I'll have to buy something new for our wedding this summer! I have emailed Nexus Lab a few times in the past 7 months and have not got any real response back! I see they have re-done their site so maybe it'll change their response time. I'm hoping this review will prompt someone to fix this ring or explain why it's getting bad so fast! Honestly do not buy this unless they have fixed the problems with this ring!!!!!!

FROM DIAMOND NEXUS: Hi Mimmy. You posted this review as a "guest" and weren't signed into your account so we can't tell who you are. We'd love to help you and don't want you to be dissapointed in your ring. Please call or email Customer Service and ask for Chris Jacobs, our Customer Service Manager. We'll do what we can to make it right for you.
Quincy, 10/24/2011

I love this ring!!

I received this ring about a month ago. I have not taken it off since it arrived. I have had so many compliments about the ring. I just smile and say "thank you". I will definitely buy from this company again. Thanks for a wonderful product!!!!
Mark, 10/24/2011


This is my engagement ring and it's PERFECT! I LOVE how the stone sits east/west versus the typical north/south! It is very timeless looking. And amazing sparkle and shine! It sits low and doesn't catch on everything. It was absolutely the perfect ring for me.
dnllvr, 10/24/2011


I wish I could give this ring like 10 stars!!! I immediately loved this ring when I first saw it and the price was perfect for what my fiance could afford right now. We discussed it and decided that the ring was a symbol...the cost shouldn't matter. The ring is more than what I expected! It is absolutely beautiful! My fiance and I talked about upgrading my ring a little later on, but I honestly don't want another ring! I love my Lyonette and so does everyone else!!!! My ring out sparkles all of my friends...and no one would ever guess how affordable it was! I HIGHLY recommend this ring!
Carol T., 10/23/2011

I LOVE this ring!

I ordered this ring because I wanted to "test drive" a DNL diamond ring but didn't want to spend a lot upfront (the ring I really have my eye on is about $1,800!). I was assured by a friendly DNL rep that the diamond simulants used in the Lorian collection are exactly the same as the ones used in the more expensive 14kt rings, so I ordered this one. Even the packaging that this ring arrived in blew my mind - it was boxed as though it was worth thousands of dollars, not just $215! Very impressive, as is the ring itself. I have worn it on many social occasions in the past year and love the way my friends eyes follow my beautiful ring every time I move my hand, LOL. And because I'm known as someone who has "good" jewellery, everyone assumes it's the real deal, and I'll never tell!!!
Ron Hackbarth, 10/10/2011

Great value

For the money this ring is amazing! this is a "Lorian Platinum" ring and is less costly than gold. It exceeded my expectations. My wife will scarcly take it off. Good service from this company also, I would definitively buy again.
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