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Independent Testing: Nexus Diamond™ Alternatives vs CZ

Nexus Diamond™ alternatives are far superior to Cubic Zirconia.

Nexus Diamond™ alternatives and Cubic Zirconia are both considered diamond simulants—that is, stones that are made to look like diamonds, but are chemically different. That is where their similarities end, because Nexus Diamond alternatives are proven to have qualities much more like a diamond than CZ.

Independent Tests

Nexus Diamond alternatives are heavier and less porous than CZ, making Nexus Diamond alternatives more durable, beautiful and lasting. This is proven by extensive tests in independent laboratories.

Specific Gravity Test


Result: The Nexus Diamond alternative has a specific gravity 33% greater than cubic zirconia. This means the Nexus Diamond alternative is both heavier and harder than a CZ stone.

Spectrographic Analysis


Result: The spectrographic analysis measured a significantly different light return “signature” from the Nexus Diamond alternative. This means the Nexus Diamond alternative sparkles more brilliantly than CZ.

EMI Electron Microscopy Imaging


Result: The Nexus Diamond alternative coating was measured and captured in an image, confirming its thickness and the reduction in surface porosity. This means the Nexus Diamond alternative is non porous like CZ is, so it will not absorb contaminants from its surroundings.

Chemical Component Test by Auburn


Result: Nexus Diamond alternatives contain several substances that are not found in CZ, such as hafnium, gadolinium and cobalt. These make it heavier than CZ.

SEM and EDX Testing of Nexus Diamond Alternatives


Result: This test of our proprietary chemical coating used scanning electron microscopy (SEM) and energy dispersive x-ray (EDX) to confirm that the Nexus Diamond alternative is completely sealed in the patented coating material. This means that the Nexus Diamond alternative is non-porous and will not become cloudy or dull over time like CZ does.

What it all means

That the Nexus Diamond alternative is heavier and less porous than CZ means it is a superior stone. It is closer to the weight of a diamond, and will not absorb contaminants like dirt and oils from its surroundings, which can make a CZ look dull and clouded.

A Nexus Diamond alternative will remain beautiful, forever. We are so confident of that, we guarantee our stones for life.

Learn more about the differences between Nexus Diamond alternatives and CZ.



Learn more about why Nexus Diamond alternatives are guaranteed for life.

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