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What is a Nexus Diamond™ Alternative?

Nexus Diamond Alternatives are patented diamond simulants that are grown in a lab. To the naked eye, they are identical to mined diamonds; but have a different chemical compound. They cut glass, and most jewelers, or even trained gemologists, cannot tell the difference between a Nexus Diamond and a perfect mined diamond, even with a loupe.

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Are they diamonds?

No. Nexus Diamonds are the best diamond alternative on the market. They simulate diamonds so perfectly, they are virtually indistinguishable visually from flawless, colorless mined diamonds. They are grown in a lab under perfect conditions, making them perfect in the criteria—cut, color, and clarity—by which mined diamonds are graded. They feel and wear as a mined diamond would (they will even cut glass) but are eco- and ethically-friendly—without guilt—and cost significantly less. They have a different elemental composition from diamonds and are not pure carbon diamonds. They look and wear as diamonds, but they are not diamonds chemically.

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Is it cubic zirconia (CZ) or moissanite?

No. Nexus Diamonds are a patented, proprietary product and are different from CZ or moissanite in chemical composition, physical properties, and visual characteristics. They are much closer to mined diamonds visually and in the manner in which they wear.

While a well-cut CZ may look similar to a diamond when it is new, it is a weak and porous stone that easily deteriorates, scratches and becomes cloudy.

Moissanite refracts light differently and is around 2.5 times as sparkly as a diamond. While moissanite is nearly as hard as a diamond, it looks different and is easily distinguished from a diamond by eye alone.

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How long does a Nexus Diamond last?

The Nexus Diamond is the world’s first heirloom-quality diamond simulant. This means that—just like a mined diamond—a Nexus Diamond will last a lifetime and beyond as long as they are cared for properly. This includes cleaning your ring regularly and—as you would with a mined diamond—protecting it from chemicals and lotions.

We guarantee our stones for a lifetime. If your Nexus Diamond does get damaged, we’ll replace it for free—period. Learn more about our Lifetime Stone Guarantee.

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Can Nexus Diamonds be graded according to the 4C's?

Yes, Nexus Diamond Alternatives are graded using the 4 C’s: cut, color, clarity and carat. Every Nexus Diamond is perfect. This means it is a D color (completely colorless), IF clarity (internally flawless with no inclusions), and Ideal Cut to be as brilliant as possible. Carats refer to the weight of the stone, which you can choose according to your personal style preferences.

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What does it mean to have a Certified Nexus Diamond?

Our certified Nexus Diamond Alternatives are graded by Forever Companies using a stringent code of ethics and certified exactly the same as mined diamonds. Certified Nexus Diamonds have a laser engraved certification number that is invisible to the naked eye but can be seen under magnification (and appears on your paperwork). You will also receive all the lab reports and certification documents in your package.

Classic Nexus Diamonds are the same stones as certified stones, however they do not go through the same level of quality inspection and they do not go through the certification process. For engagement rings and important jewelry, we recommend Certified Nexus Diamonds.

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Can a jeweler tell the difference between a Nexus Diamond and a mined stone?

Nexus Diamond Alternatives are visibly virtually indistinguishable from D color, flawless mined diamonds. An experienced jeweler may suspect the stone is lab grown, as few mined diamonds are so uniformly perfect. A jeweler may test to see if your stone is pure carbon and will find that it is not. For this reason, some jewelers may try to tell you that your stone is CZ—but it is not. Nexus Diamonds are made from a patented formula that makes them much harder and less porous than CZ, and much closer to mined diamond.

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What does it mean to have a “perfect” stone?

Over the last 50 years, the quality of the average diamond sold in America has been steadily diminishing. The most common diamond that mass market jewelers now sell in engagement rings is H-I color SI-2 quality with an average cut. Even 20 years ago, this quality of diamond would not be sold in engagement rings.

Nexus Diamonds are D color (completely colorless), IF (internally flawless) clarity and Ideal Cut. They will appear brighter and clearer then the poor quality average diamond. They will have much more of the look of a diamond from Tiffany or Cartier. When examining your Nexus Diamond or comparing it to other diamonds, keep this in mind and know that your jewelry will look completely at home among the finest in the world.

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Can I have another jeweler set a Nexus Diamond Alternative?

While you can have another jeweler set a Nexus Diamond or perform maintenance on your jewelry, your lifetime warranty will be voided. We highly recommend working with our skilled customer care team and master jewelers to set or maintain your Diamond Nexus jewelry.

If you do decide to have another jeweler set your Nexus Diamond, be sure to tell them that it should be treated as if it is a sapphire—a stone that is not quite as heat tolerant as a diamond. Since having another jeweler work on your stone voids its warranty, this will ensure that they treat your stone with the care it needs

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How do I know what size carat weight is right for me?

To see the size of our gemstones in millimeters (mm) for each carat weight, refer to our handy MM to Carat Weight Conversion Chart.

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How do I clean my Nexus Diamond jewelry?

Our Diamond Nexus jewelry cleansing solution works great for keeping your jewelry sparkling brightly. Presoak your jewelry in warm water first to remove loose dirt, then dip it in the jewelry cleaning solution. Gently scrub the Nexus Diamond with a soft bristle brush, (a toothbrush works well) then rinse it carefully. Blot it dry with a lint free cloth.

Cleaning silver and pearls may require extra care and gentler chemicals.

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What should I know about choosing a type of metal?

The way we craft our rings is different than other companies. We use more gold in our pieces so they are more durable and last longer. We never hollow out our rings to cut costs—a common practice that we refuse to accept. Comparatively speaking, our jewelry tends to be heavier. We stand by each piece of jewelry we create so that you can enjoy it for your whole life—and the generations that come after can, too.

The most popular metals for fine jewelry are 14 karat white or yellow gold, but almost all of our 14 karat gold jewelry is also available in 14 karat rose gold, 18 karat gold, palladium or platinum. To make one of these selections, simply contact Customer Care.

We also offer a select line of 10 karat gold engagement rings. This gold looks similar to 14 karat gold but costs less; it is also more brittle than 14 karat gold so it is not suitable for all rings. A 10-carat ring is not as durable as a 14 karat ring.

Just as our manmade Nexus Diamond Alternatives are more socially-conscious than using mined diamonds, the metals we use are environmentally-friendly as well. We strive to use recycled gold or certified green-mined metals from Canada or Australia.

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How can I find my ring size?

If you do not know your ring size, you can contact Customer Care for tips on determining the proper size for your ring. Don’t worry—if you receive your engagement ring and the fit isn’t quite right, we will resize it once for free within one year of purchase.

*Excludes clearance items, pieces made in silver or palladium, and eternity bands.

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What is the Nexus Rewards program?

Nexus Rewards is the loyalty program that helps revamp your wardrobe. It is free to sign up (and you’ll get 1,000 points for doing so). There are many ways to earn points, including making a purchase, writing a review, referring a friend and sharing on social media. Nexus Rewards points are redeemed as discounts on future purchases.

For more details about Nexus Rewards, click here.
Get started by signing up for an account.

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Where can I buy a Nexus Diamond?

You can only buy Nexus Diamonds from Diamond Nexus or our design studio, Forever Artisans. We do not distribute our stones through wholesalers or other jewelers. Certified Nexus Diamonds come with a Forever Companies certification.

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Do you have any retail locations?

No, we exist solely online. This allows us to have such a wide range of styles for every taste and budget. Our 30-Day Return Policy ensures you’ll love your piece or get your money back, and our Forever Guarantee covers your stone, well, forever. Our best-in-the-business Everything’s Covered Plan covers your entire piece for the duration of your coverage.

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Do you ship to Canada and other international locations?

Yes, we ship to Canada and international destinations. You will receive a tracking number via email when your order is shipped, and a signature is required for delivery. Shipping carrier does not deliver to PO boxes. Shipments to APO/FPO (military) addresses will be shipped via USPS. Diamond Nexus is not responsible for carrier delays.

Customers outside of the U.S. will pay for shipping, duties, taxes, customs fees and other charges or fees that are incurred by importing products into the country of destination. We recommend that you inquire in advance of ordering at your local customs office to determine if there will be any additional costs. If an international shipment is refused at any point during the customs process, once the parcel has been returned to Diamond Nexus, the customer will receive a credit for the amount of the item(s), less any and all duties and taxes imposed, and shipping costs paid to retrieve the item.

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Do you offer a military discount?

Yes! We offer a 25% discount to our members of the U.S. military. You'll simply be asked for a military ID when you make your purchase through our customer care team.

*Cannot be combined with other offers. Excludes loose stones.

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