Kit Round Cut Engagement Ring

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Kit Round Cut Engagement Ring

Sale $826.40

Was $1,033.00

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Sale $826.40

Was $1,033.00

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Contemporary yet romantic, the Kit engagement ring shines with clean lines and modern details. The radiance of the Nexus Diamond™ Alternative center stone is flanked by two Princess cut accents and 14 channel-set stones in the band that add a light, feminine touch.

We are continually improving and updating our pieces to ensure our lifelong quality promise. As of early 2017, the Kit ring design was changed to include larger accent stones and more metal to create sturdier channel settings.

  • Center stone pictured: 1.49 carat Round Brilliant cut, 2.11tcw
  • Center stone is available in a variety of carat weights; choose yours from the menu above.
  • 16 Princess cut Nexus Diamond accents
  • Complete the look with the matching Kit band.
  • Order additional services like a personal engraving or an appraisal for $25 each. Contact customer service for details at 1.800.509.4990.
  • Product Model: LRENSA0201XRB
, 6/19/2018

Excellent Ring!

My husband proposed with this ring 2 years ago, to the month. It's been everything I could ask for and more. I've had jewelers compliment the perfect cut of the diamond and plenty of compliments from others on my gorgeous set. It is durable and strong, but beautifully delicate on my hand. Couldn't recommend it enough! It's the perfect ring for me.
, 12/30/2017

I’ve had this ring for 5 years.

I’ve had this ring since September of 2012. I wish I could upload a picture of it now to show how beautiful it still is <3 Worth every penny. Never had the stone replaced. I’ve not had issues with the small stones in the band breaking or shifting. Quality, beautiful ring that will last like a diamond. Thank you for helping me get the ring of my dreams!
, 11/11/2016

I recommend 100%

I ordered his product & boy, did my fiancee loved it! It has the look, the price I wanted & needed & also got the matching band that goes perfect with it. I recommend it.
, 10/16/2016

Exceeds expectations.

I just got this ring and it's absolutely beautiful. It really excedes my expectations. It looks like the real thing. My now fiance loves it. I would definitely recommend nexus to anyone looking to get a ring without breaking the bank.
, 1/19/2016


Absolutely beautiful. I love my new ring! Thank you.
, 12/28/2015

Diamond Nexus put me on fleek!

I just want to say Diamond Nexus did the damn thing! I got this ring with a 1.49 center stone and it is absolutely beautiful! At first I was totally overwhelmed and thought it was too big but I soon got over it and I can't stop looking at it. It sparkles beautifully and looks just as good if not better than my real diamonds. The funny thing was that my husband was somewhat skeptical but the Miss Universe pageant actually came on 2 days after we made the purchase and he was really convinced after seeing the beautiful crown. I mean who can argue with such a prestigious pageant? If Nexus Diamonds are good enough for the authority on BEAUTY pageants then they are wonderful for me. Honestly I felt bad for Miss Columbia because she couldn't keep that beautiful crown of Nexus Diamonds. I have to say thank you Diamond Nexus because I love beautiful diamond jewelry but hate the evil story behind them. I am an African American woman and it's a big deal for me not to support the blood diamond cartel in the motherland. I don't have to worry about other African American woman checking me on my morals for wearing diamond jewelry because if they ask I'm not afraid to tell the truth and they will want to know how they too can buy Diamond Nexus. I'm so happy because you sold me a super expensive looking ring at a fraction of the cost without the horrible back story. The phrase should be Diamond Nexus is a girls best friend...not diamonds.
, 6/13/2015

A Beautifal Bargain

I just received this and it's gorgeous! I will say that the side square stones are a lot more subtle than the pictures, at least in the 1 carat version I got. One of my coworkers inspected it very closely and said it looked like a "high quality diamond," and I'd have to agree!
, 10/17/2014

Love love love it!

I got this 6 months ago as my engagement ring. I have larger long fingers so I was concerned it would look too small and delicate on me since the description says spritely, but it is exactly what I was looking for in a 3 stone ring so we went for it. I love the high profile center stone. It really stands out from the rest of the ring and is as sparkly as the day I got it! I do take it off applying lotion or when cleaning with chemicals as you would with any good jewelry and its normal for a band to get a little dinged up wearing it 24/7. It is a thinner band but the stone is as bright as day one and nobody can tell its not a mined diamond.This ring sparkles more than my bosses princess cut real wedding diamond...I recommend it for any couple on a budget. I got what I wanted without breaking the bank!
, 10/17/2014


The ring was so much more than I had anticipated! Absolutely gorgeous on my wife-to-be's finger!
, 10/17/2014

The stone a beauty, but the metal is a huge set back

My fiance and I have been shopping for good quality, affordable rings for a long time. Finally on Christmas Eve, he decided to pop the question and propose to me with the ring of my dreams, The Kit! It truly was a beauty, the stone he chose was a 1.45 round brilliant with an upgraded platinum setting. It shined like no other. But sadly it's been 6 months now and i've noticed that my stone gets cloudy easily when not cleaned weekly. I've also noticed my metal is tarnished and badly dented in the back. My fiance paid more for the platinum expecting it to wear and last longer than 18k gold. I could deal with the stone, but what i'm not satisfied with is the fact that i'm not getting the quality of the metal i've paid for.

Diamond Nexus Responds: Crystal-we are very sorry to hear that you've been unhappy with your platinum setting. Without having the ring to see, we aren't sure what you mean by tarnishing but platinum is known for taking on an "antique" look over time. Also, for as hard as platinum is, it can be prone to scratching and this is something that most people find they will need to get buffed and polished about once a year. Weekly cleaning for the center stone is somewhat typical, and mainly is going to depend on what lotions, perfumes, or soaps it may get exposed to. Our Customer Service Coordinator Michelle has been made aware of your order and you can reach her at She looks forward to hearing from you and working with you to find a resolution that you'll be happy with.
, 11/5/2013

If I had to do over, I would not get this ring

My now husband proposed to me last November with the Kit ring in white gold. First off, the ring is way to thin, which I don't like at all...but kept it since it was the one he picked out for me. I upgraded to palladium after seeing the negative reviews of people who have ordered the white gold, which turns yellow. After wearing my ring for a few months the color of the palladium changed to an ugly grey color...not at all attractive. We got married last month and had to buy the matching band because the ring was so thin, nothing I found looked good with my rind, so he bought the matching band, also in palladium. That's when you could really see the difference in color, my engagement ring was grey and the new one was about three shades lighter...looked so bad I had them both rhodium at my local jeweler to make the color match. It cost $85. and will need to be redone every 6 to 9 months. The only reason I went with the palladium, was to avoid having to do exactly that. As for the center stone, it was so very pretty when it first arrive, but became cloudy within a couple months. Its sad, this is supposed to be the prettiest piece of jewelry a girl owns, but in this case it is far from it.

Diamond Nexus responds: We appreciate you taking the time to post a review on your Diamond Nexus purchase. We are sorry that you experienced issues with your purchase and we want to emphasize that we stand behind our jewelry with top of the line guarantees so that if there is an issue with them, we will happily repair or exchange for you within the first 30 days of receiving an item.

Our White Gold, as any that is sold by jewelers from all over, does actually lose its luster and require re-rhodium plating over time. That is because White Gold is not mined from the earth. It comes as Yellow Gold and then is dipped in other metals to give it the white metal look. What you are experiencing with the Palladium is unusual as it is a solid metal. If a jeweler is trying to rhodium plate over pure Palladium it may not be bonding.

Please contact our Customer Experience Coordinator at and she can further assist you.
, 6/28/2013

A beautiful purchase!

My fiancé gave me this ring a month ago, and I love it!. I have a .99 brilliant round center stone that sparkles just beautifully. The stone is set VERY high, so if you're not okay with that, you might want to look at a different ring or see if you can get this setting lowered. I'm a music teacher and I do a lot with my hands, and it doesn't bother me.
I just spent a week in an African drumming class, and I wore this ring the whole time. No stones are loose, and it didn't get a single scratch. If that's not a testimony about the durability of Diamond Nexus rings, I don't know what is!
One word of caution; I needed a size smaller, but this ring could not be sized down from a 6 to a 5.5. Because it was still within 30 days of him picking up the ring, they exchanged it for a smaller one. If you wait past 30 days, you can't get it resized or exchange it, and you'll just be out of luck. So guys, give her that ring right after you get it!

This ring is petite and beautiful; perfect for a small, dainty hand! If you can handle a high setting, I would highly recommend it!
, 3/5/2013


The ring looked pretty when I fist got it and as I looked at it more I sent it back I am now on my third ring and there is still so many things wrong I just got tired of sending it in now it is loosing its color and turning a grayish green/yellow....took it to a jewelers to get it cleaned and its still missed colored this would be a good temporary ring

Diamond Nexus responds: We are sorry that you have experienced issues with your Kit ring and we are more than happy to repair it in any way that we can, but we are not sure what the issues are since it could be the stone having buildup on it or the gold simply needing re-rhodium plating. Stones benefit from regular cleanings to remove soaps, lotions etc. that can build up on rings. Depending on how you wear the ring and what it is exposed to, some chemicals will wear down the white gold faster, causing the ring to look more yellow, as white gold is not solid nor is it mined from the earth. Only yellow gold is, so white gold is a combination of alloys mixed with yellow gold and then rhodium plated for a lustrous white finish. We hope that you can contact our Social Media Coordinator here at with your order information and we can look into this for you and offer assistance. We do look forward to helping you and making sure your ring looks great and can be worn happily every day!
, 1/14/2013

Swept Away

We love each other and we love this ring!!! We ordered it with the 1.03 heart cut center and it's a dream. I feel like I've been carried off in a fairy tale every time I look at it. I have many pieces from DNL but none as cherished as this. The one carat center is perfect for this gentle band. I wear a 7-7.25 and have short and stubby fingers :-) It;s fits just right. I hope everyone feels as happy about their purchase as we do.Thanks DNL!!!
, 11/16/2012


This ring with the wedding band is absolutely stunning! I just received it yesterday and the sparkle is incredible and its so petite and beautiful on my tiny hand. Thank you Diamond Nexus for creating such a gorgeous and perfect ring for me and conflict free is the way I wanted to go. The look on my fiances face when he saw it made his jaw drop in awe at how stunning it is and mine dropped to so HAPPY WITH MY RING :) ty again
, 10/17/2012

love it

I just got engaged 4 days ago! I picked this ring out on the website about 6 months ago! I was stunned by the beauty of this ring. I have the 1.03 brilliant round. People say they have never seen a diamond sparkle so much!!! It sparkles so much I find it hard to get anything done because I will stop to stare at my ring. I love the way it stands up on the finger. It is slender and beautiful but VERY noticeable! It has a true WOW factor. I will have to send mine back for a band size change and to fix a minor defect. the mount is slightly tilted to one side. but nobody can notice but me!! However, this ring is truly a beauty and I can' wait to get the matching wedding band!
, 9/27/2012

Beautiful Ring!

We have been looking at Diamond Nexus for probably close to 2 years, and not long ago they came out with a ring I absolutely fell in love with; the Kit! Just received my rings (engagement and wedding band) 2 days ago and am FLOORED with the sparkle! It catches the light all the time and just shines. I've been stopped a couple times and complimented on my ring. My original engagement ring I wore for 8 months, and the diamond was already cloudy and they store we bought it from said they "couldn't" do anything about it! Another reason we went with Diamond Nexus, their amazing triple guarantee! Love my ring and am so happy with it. Now I'm ready to get married next weekend! I have the perfect guy, and the perfect ring!
, 8/4/2012

Love it

I've been admiring Diamond Nexus rings for over a year and decided that I wanted a particular one an started saving for it (I'm retired and on fixed income). For my birthday this year my kids each contributed a little to my savings an when I went to order it I found my favorite on sale. I was delighted. Just today it arrived and I can't take my eyes off of it. It will be a source of pride for me now, and an heirloom for my kids in the future. Thank you for making beautiful affordable, too.
, 8/2/2012

Stunning, practical, and convincing!

I'm a size 5 and got the 1.03ct brilliant cut. This ring is comfortable in size, but the whole thing just glitters. It's probably the most petite, lightweight ring you'll find that is loaded with this much sparkle. Perfect for the girl who is looking for something practical without being plain, and expressive without being gaudy.
, 6/26/2012


What can I say... I just love my ringgggggggg ^_^
, 4/21/2012

Most Beautiful Ring

This is such a beautiful ring. Looks very elegant on, the stones sparkles. The accent stones show case the main stone. It is a WOW stopper! One of the first things people notice is my ring. I love it! I feel like I have a $3000 ring on my hand! I chose the 1ct round stone and it really stands out.
, 4/21/2012


I absolutely love this ring. It sparkles like no other. I have petite hands & it looks perfect on me. My only regret is I wish I would have gotten a bigger center stone. I also got the 3 stone matching wedding band too, together they are fantastic. Trust me, if you get this ring, you will not be disappointed!!
, 4/20/2012


We originally purchased this ring in the white gold. My fiance wanted to see it in yellow gold. When it arrived, I was blown away with its beauty. Eventhough the white gold looks great, the yellow gold just took it up to its own level of beauty. I wanted a thin band that would not be too bulky and I got it. I am soooooo happy with my ring!
, 2/25/2012

Gorgeous ring

Perfect for small hands because the band is so slender. However, mine only came with 14 stones on the band vs 16 in the description. It is really sparkly though!
, 1/24/2012

As promised

This ring is just what the video about it promised. Very petite, very sparkley, not to over-the top, perfect for small hands. I LOVE it!

Also came is less time then the website said. I ordered on Monday, and it was delivered on Friday. Very happy.
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