Irene Princess Cut Engagement Ring

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Irene Princess Cut Engagement Ring

Sale $465.60

Was $582.00

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Sale $465.60

Was $582.00

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The Irene engagement ring is beautifully timeless with modern elements. The Nexus Diamond™ Alternative center stone is cradled by simple straight prongs and framed by the split shoulder design. The knife-edge band looks exceptionally slim and sleek, drawing the eye toward the center stone, with added shimmer from accent stones along each side. It's a light and graceful look for the ages.

  • Center stone is available in a variety of carat weights; choose yours from the menu above.
  • Complete the look with the matching Irene band.
  • Order additional services like a personal engraving or an appraisal for $25 each. Contact customer service for details at 1.800.509.4990.
  • Shown in 14k gold; call customer service for an upgrade to 18k, palladium, or platinum.
  • Product Model: LRENSA0047XPC
, 10/6/2018

My fiance loves the engagement ring!

Searching for an engagement ring takes time, and can be somewhat stressful. The Irene Princess Cut Diamond ring arrived and was securely packaged in a beautiful box ready for the presentation of a lifetime to my now fiance. The diamond is perfect and flawless and just shines brilliantly, and the white gold ring adds that clean minimalistic yet classy style. Bottom line, my fiance loves it! :) Thank you Diamond Nexus!
, 8/27/2018

Stayed stunning over the last 5 years...

This was not my first choice for my engagement/wedding ring. I wanted a halo style. However, this one was more in our price range. I must say, when the ring arrived, I fell in love with it! We had ordered it in the 2.01 carat and it was stunning! After the first few weeks, I lost a couple of the tiny diamonds on the side. However, DN was true to their word and fixed it at no charge to us. We sent it off while we went on our honeymoon (I was going to leave it behind anyway and wore a cheap CZ ring on our cruise because I didn't want to leave mine back in the room or wear it out in the ocean for obvious reasons) So, that worked out perfect because my ring arrived home just a couple days after we got back. Over the next 5 years, I never lost another stone and my ring pretty much stayed pristine. I did send it off again for a resizing and they cleaned it before sending it back. My ring continued to stay stunning, probably because I never washed my hands with it on, cleaned with it on, or even slept with it on. I LOVED MY RING! And now I MISS MY RING! Unfortunately, I lost it about a week ago as I was leaving the Doctor's office. Dealing with a fussy toddler, juggling bags, and fighting with a broken stroller, it slipped off my finger some time during all the chaos. :( I have cried and cried over it, but I'm still hoping I will be reunited with my beloved ring. Because right now, I am having to wear my pink Qalo athletic ring... and I don't get any compliments like I did with my Irene ring. Lucky for me, I have a very understanding and hard working husband who says one day, he will eventually save up the money to replace my lost ring (maybe even a halo style next time if I want). And of course, it will be another gorgeous DN ring!
, 8/20/2018


, 6/18/2018


I bought this in hopes it would look like the picture. That's a mistake. The picture illustrates the yellow gold as yellow, gold. What I received looked closer to white gold. The ring I purchased was a 1 carat middle stone, mistake. I feel it cannot look good unless you have a size bigger than that. But even then, my ring looked dull at first opening as if I bought someone else's return. I AM sad and disappointed, I expected more. Because of this I've had to postpone my plans.

***I'm sorry for the inconvenience you experienced. I do see that the new order is processing for you. If there is anything else we can do to assist you, please let us know. ***
, 6/11/2018

Quick delivery and I was even given the opportunity to change the delivery address last minute!

Beautiful ring!
, 5/8/2018

Recommend this ring

I love ❤️ my ring. I received it a year ago and it still looks brand new.
, 2/14/2018

Don't hesitate, you will be satisfied!

Very satisfied with this purchase! I bought the 2.19 ctw with the matching band and she loved it! All of her friends and co-workers comment about how nice it is. Some have asked if I won the lottery because even though it is essentially the same, you can't tell that it's an engineered diamond. I also bought her earrings and they are gorgeous as well! Great product, and the customer service is top notch! Thanks Diamond Nexus!
, 8/3/2017

Great value for price!

Abosolutely love it! My gave it to his girlfriend and it was perfect!
, 6/6/2017

Excellent Ring for the Price.

I recently proposed to my fiancee with this ring and she absolutely loved it. People keep complimenting us saying how much they love the ring. Some people even though I spend several thousand dollars on it. It is the perfect ring for the price. Only thing to watch is that the ring size runs a half size too large. Other than that, it's perfect.
, 3/26/2017

Very happy!!!

My fiancee was exceptionally happy with this choice.
, 2/22/2017

Amazing quality love the ring!!! And price :)

Beautiful shine and brilliance in the cut
, 3/28/2015

would not recommend

It looks pretty, I will give them that. However, after 3 months, I noticed that I had lost 2 small stones, another a short while after that. I always made sure to take it off if I were doing anything that might put stress on the ring. Also, 3 of the smaller stones started to turn brown, what is that about? Took it to be professionally cleaned and they still looked brown.
Best part, took it to a jewelry store to get the 3 missing stones replaced and they said the big stone broke. This ring has been way more hassle than its worth, clearly. Terrible quality product, I will in fact, warn people to stay away from this company.

**Diamond Nexus Response:

Hi there - Since you posted this as a guest we aren't able to verify your purchase or reach out to you to help. However, our rings are covered by a lifetime warranty so if we'd be happy to help you fix any issues that have come up with your ring. Our stones and settings are meant to last a lifetime but we have found that sometimes other jewelers do not know how to work with our stones. Generally we'd void our warranty after someone else worked on the ring but I want you to have a ring from us you love. If you reach out to me I'd be happy to help you.

Thank you,

Kyle Blades
Director of Marketing
, 10/17/2014

beautiful but....

So my husband and I purchased this ring from DN after doing extensive research into conflict free diamonds. We felt DN was the best place to purchase from. I chose the Irene because I loved the simplicity of the band design; I want to purchase to matching thin bands to wear with the ring someday. I also liked that I could get a good sized stone for a pretty affordable price. Having said all that, I was very happy when I got my ring shortly after Xmas 2012. However, I was sorely disappointed a few months later when the stones started to fall out! I've lost 4 small stones in total. I hardly wear my ring any more because I AM SO EMBARRASSED at the poor quality of the ring. It looks cheap now. I would get it fixed, but I am not willing to pay for it to be fixed whatsoever. I feel this is something I should get fixed FOR FREE, however, it seems as though I need to pay for the metal work as well. B.S. I say. Shame on DN for creating a bad quality ring then expecting customers to pay for the repair. I am so disappointed.

Diamond Nexus Responds: Hello, my name is Cassie Weger, and I am the Public Relations Coordinator at Diamond Nexus. I am very sorry issues are occurring with your ring. While stones falling out is not a common occurrence with our rings, we do recommend that the ring is not worn during housework, exercise, or when working with any sort of chemical. We will still honor our lifetime guarantee. Most other jewelry companies require you to take your ring in every three months or so to ensure a valid warranty, and they rarely replace stones for free, if ever. We will continue to repair your ring at any time at the lowest cost possible, and replace your stones for free. I encourage you to reach out to Michelle Edwards, our Customer Experience Manager with your order number. You can contact her at She will be able to look into your specific order and help create a solution.
, 10/17/2014

had such high hopes sent my finacee here

So after years of telling my finacee to get my ring here and not to spend a ton on something else.. I was excited when he proposed with this beautiful sparkling ring! and to know he didnt spend a forturne.. he got me the 1ct princess cut it was beautifl for about a couple months then i notcied it was bending out of shape next thing i know the side dimonds are falling out.. then i notice the center stone is dull and cloudy looking i cleaned it plent of times and that yellow cloudyness went away.. before i was not ashamed to show off my ring everyone called it beautiful but now i am embarassed it looks like something i bought from walmart for 20 bucks.. I hope when i send it back to be repaired that it will fix the problem and i can buy the matching band and expect no issues

Diamond Nexus responds: Thank you for your purchase from Diamond Nexus.We are not sure what has happened with your ring but mentioning that the ring has bent tells us that something must have happened to it with wear. We recommend always removing rings before housecleaning, laborous work and handwashing, to prevent damage to the ring's stones and metal. The cloudiness is most likely due to a build up of soap or lotions on the surface of the ring that can easily be removed with a good cleaning. But the metal bending will cause stones to come out of the ring. We would need to inspect the ring here to see what we can do to repair it for you, but outside of the first 30 days of owning the ring, you are responsible for the repairs that would be involved. Gold is a soft metal and needs to be worn with care, to make sure your ring looks beautiful for life. You can check out information on sending in items for repairs at this link: Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns at
, 2/26/2013


I love this ring so much! The picture doesn't do it justice. I got the .99 carat which is perfect for my hand. I have long skinny fingers and this stone looks huge. The website still shows that it is in production even though I am already wearing it. We are now looking at getting 2 of the matching bands to go with it. Great Job Diamond Nexus. They also sent a $50 wine card from, this is a scam. I thought I could get a bottle of wine to try but you have to purchase atleast 6 bottles before you can check out and each bottle is atleast $20.

Diamond Nexus responds: We are so happy that you are satisfied with your new ring from Diamond Nexus! As for the giftcard, they set their guidelines up and there are wines on their website at all different pricepoints. We are sorry for that misunderstanding. We only wanted to offer customers an extra perk with their purchases and many people have had great experiences purchasing from Please feel free to contact us with further questions or concerns.
, 12/28/2012

Dad thought it was a cz

My now fiancé proposed to me with this ring on Christmas. I actually chose to ask for a Diamond Nexus ring because we're on a budget. I expected it to look like a diamond somewhat, but when my dad saw it, he instantly asked if it was a cz. We returned the ring.
, 11/12/2012

SO IN LOVE with this ring!

My fiance and I looked into diamond nexus rings when we talked about marriage. he picked this ring out by himself, and I couldn't love it more! It came in a beautiful box also. the ring has not clouded,fallen apart or lost its sparkle in the months since my engagement, and the matching wedding band has been.ordered! I strongly recommend this product. the only downside was having to wait so long for it to arrive, so plan accordingly!
, 6/11/2012


I recieved this ring from g/f. It is beautiful. Im so happy with way this ring shines. I get complements all the time on this ring. I bought her a ring from Kay Jewlery for 1500.00. This ring looks just as beautiful as the ring I bought her, plus my setting is bigger than her's
, 3/12/2012


My (now fiance) boyfriend ordered this ring for me as an engagement ring.

It is absolutely stunning! I've received a plethora of comments about it. The accent stones really bring out that extra sparkle that drops jaws. I have the .56 ct center stone and it's the perfect size for me. This ring is for people who want a little extra twist on the classic solitaire ring and is what I call a 'medium' ring. Not TOO simple and not TOO gaudy. Right in the middle (: Thanks DNL for the dazzling ring!
, 12/30/2011


My husband and I have been thinking of purchasing a ring from DNL after a year going back and forth we finally gave it a try.. and when that little package arrived we were in awed.. this ring looks way better than the picture and it looks bigger too! we got the 1ct and in my hand it looks humongous! its a great buy and I get so many compliments because people dont know where it comes from and all they see its the huge and shiny rock!
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