Gwyneth Round Engagement Ring

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Gwyneth Round Engagement Ring

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Sale $1,120.00

Was $1,400.00

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The Gwyneth engagement ring is simply gorgeous, featuring a Nexus Diamond™ Alternative center stone accented by 20 Round Brilliant cut accents. The high profile setting ensures the center stone catches the light for maximum brilliance and fire, while the slightly rounded band ensures that comfort and style do go hand-in-hand.

We are continually improving and updating our pieces to ensure our lifelong quality promise. As of early 2017, the Gwyneth ring design was changed to have a lower profile center stone and rounded prongs, a slightly thicker band, and four prongs per accent stone for sturdier settings. For more detailed information, please contact Customer Service.

  • Center stone pictured: 1.49 carat Round Brilliant cut, 2.29 tcw
  • Center stone is available in a variety of carat weights; choose yours from the menu above.
  • 20 Round Brilliant cut Nexus Diamond accents
  • Complete the look with the matching Gwyneth band.
  • Order additional services like a personal engraving or an appraisal for $25 each. Contact customer service for details at 1.800.509.4990.
  • Product Model: LRENSA0202XRB
, 7/17/2018

Very pretty but terrible setting! Buyer beware!

I gave this ring two stars instead of one because it is indeed lovely to look at. This was my first engagement ring which I just adored. Fast forward a couple of months and the first stone fell out of the band. I was miffed but simply sent it in for repairs. It was returned quickly and I started wearing it again immediately. Literally the NEXT DAY another stone fell out. Again, annoyed, I sent it in for repairs and it was returned. Fast forward a month a two and voila' a third stone fell out of the band. I gave up and upgraded to another ring. FYI - I am not hard on jewelry and work in administration in an art museum so daily abuse is not the reason for the ongoing loss of stones. Buyer beware on this beauty!
, 7/5/2018


This set is beautiful! My husband presented me with this set to Celebrate our 20th Wedding Anniversary! What a beautiful surprise! We are both so very pleased with the quality of the workmanship. I especially love how comfortable the band is.
, 7/4/2018

BUYER BEWARE these are NOT diamonds!

My husband bought me this ring with the old setting 1.5 years ago and the matching band. Yesterday, one of the smaller stones fell out, since its the 4th of July, Diamnd Nexus is closed so I brought it to a local jeweller. The tested the 'diamonds' and refused to even touch my ring because they are NOT diamonds. They are cubix zarconia - which is absolutley NOT what we thought we were buying. This site is SO misleading, making you think that you're buying manufactured diamonds when in fact, you're paying a lot of money for completely worthless stones. My centre stone is scratching and scuffing, my prongs are opening and I have now lost a stone after only a year and a half. Poor quality work and very decieving information.

***I'm sorry to hear you are having difficulty with your ring. Please reach out to our customer service department regarding repair work. We do not make any claims on our site of our stones being true diamonds. We take pride in offering the best alternative to true diamonds on the market. If true carbon diamonds is what you are looking for, I would suggest reaching out to our sister company 1215 Diamonds. They can further assist you with determining a cost of the set created with true carbon lab created diamonds.***
, 10/16/2017


Stunning. Incredible. Unbelievable value are just some of the things that come to mind with this ring. I got the 3 carrot and the comments my fiance gets are great! I know she feels like the luckiest girl in the world! Thank you Diamond Nexus. I never would have been able to get a mined diamond close to this size for 5 times the price!
, 9/29/2017

Vintage charm, modern style

I've had the older model of this ring since 2013, and have had many wealthy financial planning clients ogle it. It's my little secret that we didn't spend $20k on it at Tiffany! It's a beautiful ring, I love the channel set stones around the band, and the center stone is a show stopper.
, 7/13/2017

Second review

This is my second review of the Gwyneth. I have the original design, 2.04 ct set in palladium. My husband and I are going on 2 years of marriage so I've been wearing this ring for 3 years. It still looks just as gorgeous now as it did out of the box. I wear it everyday. I clean the ring with mild soap and water and it's perfect again. I have never had to have my ring or even the matching band serviced. I've never lost a stone. I can't say enough good things about my ring! If considering this ring upgrade your metal to palladium or platinum. The stronger metal will never need rhodium playing and will hold your stones solidly. After three years the sparkle in the ring is still distracting. I'm so thankful to Diamond Nexus for such a beautiful product.
, 6/29/2017


I have had this ring since 2013 and I am still in love. I have been very active with this ring and it still looks as if it just came out of the box. I highly recommend this ring, the WOW factor is there and no need to explain a thing. 1
, 3/30/2017

Stunning in person!

My husband got this ring for my engagement ring in the 3ct round, set in platinum and it is so beautiful!!! I have had it for about a year and a half now and I wear it almost everyday and it still sparkles and shines and I get So many compliments on it! I am going to order the matching wedding band :) Highly recommend !!
, 10/21/2016

Beautiful Ring!!!

I purchased the ring in Platinum and both she and I have been extremely pleased. The ring makes a BEAUTIFUL statement ... it really jumps off of the finger and the sparkle is so amazing. I purchased the ring in Platinum and haven't experienced any of the problems mentioned in other parts of this stream. Maybe it's due to the harder metal, I don't know, but I have been more than pleased.
, 9/8/2016

Gorgeous but DIAMONDS FALL OUT!!

I purchased this ring for my fiancée and it is gorgeous! I decided not to listen to the other reviews that said they lost diamonds, and didn't think it would happen to mine. Sure enough, after less than 2 months, a jeweler informed us there was a loose stone when we had it cleaned. Then about 2 weeks later, a completely different stone fell out. Although it is gorgeous, this ring is not well made. Beware that you will have to pay Diamond Nexus to fix their mistake. It really sucks looking at a ring with fallen diamonds. My fiancée won't even wear her ring now for fear of losing another diamond.
, 7/20/2016

I love Him and the Ring !

Love it ! Looks beautiful on my hand and I'm so happy right now !
, 4/16/2016

A stunning ring!!!

I was no where near prepared for the beauty that was placed perfectly in the immaculately lit box! The ring shines so beautifully in any lighting. My fiancé got the 2 ctw diamond and it was a great choice, I get tons of complements on the ring. The ring does have some weight to it which really comforts me that I have a very reliable piece of jewelry. We plan on purchasing the matching wedding band for our summer ceremony, I'm definitely in love with my ring!!! The pictures truly do not give the ring any justice, it is truly stunning!!
, 2/15/2016

Couldn't be happier!

My fiancé proposed to me with the 2ct palladium Gwenyth in December. This ring is beautiful and sparkles constantly. I love it!
, 1/11/2016

So beautiful I may just buy another!

First let me say that the pictures and the short video definitely do not do this beautiful ring justice.
I was blown away by the sheer beauty, clarity, and brilliance of the ring the moment I opened the box.

I had been shopping for several months both in brick and mortars and online for engagement rings.. I never knew about Diamond Nexus rings until my (now) fiancée told me about them. She is actually the one who encouraged me to buy from Diamond Nexus, as she had already fallen in love with the Gwenyth design. I opted for the 2.04 carat center stone version, and needless to say she is giddy with excitement about the ring. After I presented it to her it was almost impossible not to keep looking at it as it caught every glimpse of light with a dazzling radiance like it was on fire!

I'm not quite sure about the negative reviews that I read online saying that the workmanship was shoddy and that the stones were cloudy... I believe that it may have been someone trying to sabotage sales from Diamond Nexus because my ring came out better than I could have even dreamed.

I definitely would recommend this product to others and I am definitely going to be a continuing customer of Diamond Nexus from now on.
, 9/16/2015


I've owned the Gwyneth 3ct set for one year now and I couldn't be happier w/it. It looks gorgeous, esp. after cleaning. Have never had a single problem w/it. The stones have never fallen out. I will say that I clean my rings on a regular basis and remove them when doing dishes/housework/heavy work. They are gorgeous.
, 11/24/2014


We should've known better!! Do not purchase this ring unless you want to wear it for a few days and then return it for falling out stones! I got engaged on October 11th and my ring had a stone missing by the 15th of October. We sent back the ring(s) to Diamond Nexus to have repaired thinking "Ok, it happens perhaps poor quality control." Diamond Nexus went above and beyond with their customer service to make things right. Ultimately, they decided to make us a whole new set. I received my ring 2 1/2 weeks later happy as a clam!
Yeah, that lasted about a day before ANOTHER stone fell off of the BRAND spanking new ring! Are you kidding me right now????? The holidays are here with our extended family and now I have to show off my ring with a missing stone!!??? WTF!!! Oh and don't forget my engagement portraits are scheduled in 2 weeks, needless to say the missing stone will be an eyesore and how do I explain a cheaply looking ring and why it was returned TWICE!!!
What is supposed to be one of the best moments of my life have been the worst!! Although the ring is beautiful, it is poorly made!! STAY AWAY! Caution!!

Diamond Nexus Replies: Hello, I want to personally apologize that your experience with Diamond Nexus has not been positive. We truly want each and every customer to be completely satisfied. We understand both the financial and sentimental value of an engagement ring. I encourage you to contact Michelle Edwards, our Customer Experience Manager, at She can help find a solution to fix this issue. In the meantime, we suggest the you do not wear your ring while doing any housework, yard work, any sort of heavy lifting, or when using any chemicals (including hand lotion). We are so sorry for the inconvenience this may have caused, and I hope this can get resolved soon!
, 11/22/2014

So happy!

I've had my eye on this ring for a year at least. I then met my now fiancé in a whirlwind, once in a lifetime way that only meeting your soulmate can do. To say I was the opposite of subtle in letting him know what I wanted in a ring is an understatement. So when he proposed 2 weeks ago on my birthday I was so excited! The website and video really don't do this ring justice at all! This ring is amazing!! I can't stop staring at it! I literally have to turn the ring around while driving so I'm not distracted. It's truly gorgeous! I have the 2 ct palladium size 7. I gotta say I'm happy with my metal choice. Palladium does have weight to it, just not as heavy as platinum. To me it feels stronger than gold and no rhodium plating ever! It's absolutely perfect and looks like everyone else's diamond ring in all forms of lighting. The ring is well made and the stones are set quite solidly. I don't know how others had stones fall out. I dropped the ring on the floor and it pinged quite loudly and stones are nice and tight. We plan on getting the matching band too. The best part is I was able to get what I wanted and the environment wasn't hurt and no one was killed for my jewelry pleasure. Diamond Nexus you totally rock!! Shoutout to Sarah Chambers in customer service. Thank you for answering my questions!
, 8/17/2014

Love Everything About this Ring!

I had an unusual engagement experience. My fiancee purchased a traditional mined diamond set from Zales. The engagement ring had a HUGE black inclusion in it! We went back and forth with Zales and the only options they could give us included spending $2,000-$4,000 additional on top of the initial $4,000 he spent on the set! Needless to say, we were beyond frustrated and began looking for other rings. We ended up buying a pre-owned Gwyneth set online for a great price and only needed to get it sized! When the new ring arrived, I called Diamond Nexus right away to set up sizing only to find out that, contrary to what the online seller had told us, this model is not sizable! I was BEYOND frustrated, but the customer service reps worked with us to find a solution. They were extremely patient as I called them 2 times a day for about a week, and were always able to answer my questions and go over my options. We ended up doing a "trade up" option, where I was able to get the exact same ring in 18K gold (rather than 14K) and the correct size. At the end of the day, I have a beautiful, 2 carat ring (with matching 18K gold wedding band) that cost us the same price we paid for the original, mined diamond set (which was less than .5 carat center stone!). I was a little concerned initially about clouding, scratches, knicks, etc. as I had read a few reviews that said the diamond simulants "dirtied" easier and looked cloudy; however, I've been wearing my ring everyday for 3 months and looks exactly how it did out of the box when it arrived! Everyone gives me compliments (I even had a client, in the middle of a business meeting, stop and say, "I'm so sorry, I know this is inappropriate, but your ring is GORGEOUS!"). I couldn't be happier with the customer service at Diamond Nexus, or my ring! I would recommend this to anyone looking to save $$$ over mined diamonds - you really can't tell that the diamond simulants aren't "real." Thank you, for solving my engagement ring drama and giving me the ring of my dreams!
, 5/30/2014


I was proposed to with the 2 carat center stone and since I have gotten the ring I have gotten numerous compliments. I love this ring and will be purchasing the matching band as well. No one has ever guessed that the ring is not real and personally I feel more confident wearing it knowing it didn't cost 20,000!! :)
, 1/27/2014

love this ring!

My fiance proposed to me about 6 weeks ago and I absolutely love this ring! I actually found it online and showed it to him (along with a couple other options I liked) and I'm so impressed by how beautiful it is in person. It's gorgeous in pictures, but they really don't do even do it justice! I get compliments all the time on it, and find myself gazing at it all day!

I've read in some reviews that the diamonds along the band have fallen off, which really surprises me because they're set in the band pretty deep and securely. I've only had mine for 6 weeks but I wear it when I'm washing dishes, cleaning the house, at the gym, etc. and feel pretty confident that they won't fall out.

We will definitely be buying the matching wedding band and I know it'll be even more gorgeous and sparkly with the two of them together.
, 8/25/2013

The most beautiful ring

This is the most beautiful engagement ring! When my fiance gave it to me, jaws hit the floor. I got the 3.05 C and it is so breathtaking! The prongs are set very high so the diamond itself is even more prominent. The diamonds around the band are the perfect size and not too understated. I have gotten SO many compliments and people are taken aback by the ring itself. I would absolutely recommend this to anyone!! I have not had any issues with the diamonds falling out.
, 7/4/2013

Love my ring!

love my ring!! I have the 2 ct. center which is perfect! big enough so it's BIG but not too big so that it looks costume like and too protruding. I have lost two small stones in the eternity band since having the ring for 5 months. I have yet to send my ring back because I don't want to part with it just yet! I was told this happens depending on how hard you are on your ring. The metal is expandable so if you bump it, the stones can pop out.
I get complimented all the time, and catch people staring- I still stare at it myself. ! I am so proud that it is not a conflict diamond.
, 2/22/2013

believable stunning ring

just received the 2ct ring today and also the wedding band. am pleased with purchase. the rings are very nice and believable . they have a lot of sparkle. love the rings . have many compliments. the 2ct center stone fits my lifestyle and also the matching band. would not recommend the set for women of modest means. just my personel view.
, 1/3/2013

Stunning and very well made

My husband purchased the gwynyth and matching wedding band about four years ago, I wear it daily, and have never lost a stone..It is heavy but yet dainty on my small hands..I got the 2 carat center stone and I am thrilled with it..It looks better than the real thing and I get so many compliments on it..People are always commenting on it..Very happy and thinking of getting it in white gold also!
, 1/3/2013

Stunning and very well made

My husband purchased the gwynyth and matching wedding band about four years ago, I wear it daily, and have never lost a stone..It is heavy but yet dainty on my small hands..I got the 2 carat center stone and I am thrilled with it..It looks better than the real thing and I get so many compliments on it..People are always commenting on it..Very happy and thinking of getting it in white gold also!
, 12/26/2012


My fiancé picked this ring out last year all by himself. He couldn't have done a better job! I absolutely LOVE it! It's a beautiful ring!
, 9/3/2012

My ring is fab

I love this ring. It is the best purchase we have made. 3 years in and I still get lots of compliments.
, 4/11/2012

Stunning but Disappointing!

I L O V E this ring!!! It a dream to wear and look at!!
However it is so disappointing as once again I've lost stones off the band. If you are planing to wear this as a daily wedding ring you may want to choose a more solid style.
My husband chose this for me for our 25th wedding anniversary and I don't want to replace it with another style but I may have to. Im hoping Nexus can redesign the setting to be able to withstand more wear.
They will replace the stones kindly so once again I'll be sending it of- I've waited a long time and it's now 6 stones.
Im not hard on it- (I even have a cleaning lady)
, 3/7/2012

overall it is a beautiful ring

I loved the3 C Gwynth ring when I recieved it but shortly afterwards I noticed a small stone had fallen out of the band. Needless to say, I was very disappointed for the amount of money I had spent for the ring and the band.

When I called customer service they told me to send it back and they would take care of it. I haven't returned it yet I'm not sure if I really want to replace it or trade it for a different ring.I'm kinda on the fence about whether it will happen again.
, 2/10/2012

Love this ring!

My long time boyfriend purchased this thing in December to propose for Christmas! I was absolutely floored! I showed him the ring and told him this was the one I wanted. And at first he wasn't too sure of the quality. I am a preschool teacher and let me tell you my hands get into everything. And it has survived!!

The quality is amazing! It's a heavy ring. The only draw back is we purchased the 1ct which suited our lifestyle better then the larger stones. But the center stone "floats" in the setting. It is too small of stone for such large prongs. I wish they had been shorter.

I have lost 1 stone around the band but diamond nexus replaced it quickly but charged a small fee.

We couldn't be more happy with this ring! I am constantly getting compliments! I talk with my hands and it always sparkles and catches their eye! I reccomend DNL to anyone! They have fantastic customer service!!
, 11/30/2011

Sparkly ring

I love this ring (cs 2 carats)! I get many compliments and tell everyone about dnl.
, 11/15/2011


My fiance bought this engagement ring for me with a sapphire as the center stone and it is amazing. I have had so many compliments on it and I know that people are jealous of the size and sparkle of the diamonds... this ring looks beautiful next to non-lab diamonds and the sapphire is the most beautiful blue... Worth every penny and then some...
, 11/9/2011

Couldn't be More Pleased!!!

My fiance gave me this gorgeous ring 4 months ago and I couldn't be more pleased. The ring is beautiful and I get SO many compliments on it. Ladies and gentlemen, this is a quality product! I am so happy with my ring!
, 9/22/2011

Stunning Ring Works Well on Petite Hands

My Partner bought me the Gwyneth over five years ago and it continues to attracts the attention of those who see it. I have very small hands and because of the band's elegant width, I am able to wear a 2 carat center stone, which looks fabulous.

I did lose one stone, on the back of the band, but Diamond Nexus Labs replaced and returned it to me in less than 7 days.
, 2/14/2011

This wedding band is ...

This wedding band is stunning and matches very well with a solitaire ring. I really like that there is a solid feel to it and weight. The diamonds are very secure and almost meet in the back with a slight shank. Very sparkly and looks very expensive!
, 7/21/2009

First, this ring is ...

First, this ring is drop-dead-gorgeous. If you talk with your hands, as I do, you will find your friends eyes following the ring as it flourishes through the air. These diamonds are more perfect and beautiful than the ones they dig out of a caves. Second, the customer support staff at Diamond Nexus Labs are gems themselves... delightful, helpful, and supportive in helping you make those tough decisions. Third, I am pleased that I am not supporting the diamond cartel that manipulates prices and supports regimes that enslave miners. High marks all around!!
, 12/29/2008

My husband purchased the ...

My husband purchased the Gwyneth ring and matching band in May 2007 for our five year anniversary. I fell in love with the rings but my husband was not so sure. He wanted to see how the ring would hold up in the sunlight and see if the ring would shine or see if he could see any flaws. I read so much on the company I had to prove him wrong, so in the middle of the day we tested his theory to see if the ring would shine in the sunlight. Let’s just say he is now a believer. In fact, he is now looking at the Churchill male wedding band.

The ring is a conversation piece and I am constantly getting compliments from both the males and females. The male’s states don’t let my wife see this or I will be in debt. The wives are stating your husband really loves you. I have had this ring for over a year and it still shine as if I just purchased the ring. I will not purchase jewelry from anywhere else.

In 2008 we purchased the Fabrique Geneve Roadmaster Sable watch for my husband and the Fabrique Geneve Divinity for me. When I wear the watch and my rings it is definitely a show stopper. I have people asking were does you husband work again. We are undeniably a Diamond Nexus customer and will not buy any place else.

Thank you.
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