Endless Days Princess Cut Engagement Ring

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Endless Days Princess Cut Engagement Ring

Price: $792.00
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Price: $792.00
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The clean lines and simple grace of this ring recall the sophisticated glamour of old Hollywood. The Nexus Diamond™ Alternative sparkles brilliantly between two baguette accent stones, while the unique profile brings to mind the gorgeous lines of Art Deco architecture and makes fingers look longer.

  • Center stone pictured: 1.24 carat Princess cut, 1.40tcw.
  • Center stone is available in a variety of carat weights; choose yours from the menu above.
  • Complete the look with the matching Endless Days band.
  • Order additional services like a personal engraving or an appraisal for $25 each. Contact customer service for details at 1.800.509.4990.
  • Shown in 14k gold; call customer service for an upgrade to 18k, palladium, or platinum.
  • Product Model: LRENSA0008XPC
, 8/6/2018

Beautiful Amazingly Beautiful!

I just want to thank Sheri for going above and beyond, you are a truly amazing person and I Thank You, along with your crew of course. I was in state of bridal panic and you pushed and made that extra effort that we will never forget. The ring was even more beautiful than the picture, when I opened the box I was so excited I have not stopped looking at it. This is the most important piece of jewelry a girl will ever wear and I am so impressed. Thank you so much, there are no words.
Jenni Benthall
, 4/11/2018

Beautiful ring, but...

I originally ordered this ring and when it arrived, I realized that it wasn't exactly what I wanted. Nothing wrong with the ring, it was absolutely beautiful, just wasn't for me. I ordered it with the .56 center stone, and it was just a little to small for my liking. Otherwise, it looked exactly as I expected. I contacted Diamond Nexus the day after I'd received it and let them know that I wanted to exchange it. Seriously, the easiest process ever! Before I'd even hung up with customer service, I already had the return shipping label and return authorization e-mailed to me. Once it was received they credited it to my exchange in less than 24-hours. So while I give the ring itself 5 stars because it really is a beautiful ring, a majority of my rating is solely based on the customer service provided.
, 3/21/2018

very happy

this is my second purchase I'm a very happy customer. cant wait to ask her to marry me.
, 1/11/2018

Love, love these rings.

I had very high expectations waiting for these rings...I was blown away when received today. In presentation and, of course, the gorgeous stones and their settings. Thank you DiamondNexus.
, 10/9/2016

Very satisfied

I've had this ring for four years and it has not failed me in anyway. The design is classic & feminine and also reasonable & proper. It matches all my outfits, and is befitting to various settings and occasions. I never feel out of place because of its look. The quality is exceptional: it has not aged in sparkle by even a day, and the white gold holds well still. I would recommend this ring design for any woman.
, 10/17/2014

Beautiful Man Made Diamond

This is one beautiful ring. It isn't the one I ordered but now that I have it I am glad for the mix up.
Disappointed with customer service.
, 4/4/2013

More than I expected

I just received my Endless Days Princess cut ring. It was more stunning than I had expected. The clarity, color, cut and sizing are perfect! I can't stop looking at it. Trust me you will not be disappointment with your purchase or the money you save. The only thing I have to add is that I wish the band were just a tad bit thicker; however if you get the set, it will not be a problem. Love this ring!
, 3/19/2013

Not bad

Maybe it's bc I know it's fake, but I was a little disappointed in the clarity. They act like it's flawless, but if it was a perfect diamond comparable then the clarity would be perfect. It seemed a little more cloudy than I expected. Maybe my expectations were too high. The ring is beautiful and everyone else seems to think it's real and not know the difference. I went with the princess cut on this 1.5 carat. The quality of the ring itself I'm pleased with it's just the center stone...I wish it was a little more clear, but overall I think I can live with it & be happy b/c I saved thousands of dollars. Like I said...if I didnt know it was fake...maybe I would feel differently.
, 3/8/2013

lackluster ring set

My fiance and I looked into different made made diamonds, and although Diamond Nexus has mixed reviews, we decided to give it a try. I like the idea of a man made diamond being more environmentally friendly since there is no mining, and one doesn't have to worry about "blood diamonds," or controlled diamond markets.

Unfortunately, the ring doesn't live up to my expectations. It really doesn't seem to shine and sparkle like the real thing. Also, I have always worn a size 7 to 7.5, and after my fiance gave me a size 7, I had to send it back to be sized down. After having it size at a 6.75, it's still too big! I have to pay another resizing fee for a size that I have never worn in my life.

Now I'm sending my set in a second time, but this time for incursions that seemed to have been created by the complimenting band. I think the "hook" has worn spots into my supposedly hard-as-the-real thing diamond.

I am very disappointed, and at this point, would not want another diamond simulant from Diamond Nexus.

Diamond Nexus Response: Kate, we are very sorry that the rings did not meet your expectations. The look of our stones doesn't always please everyone's taste and that's why we do have our 30 day return/exchange guarantee. As far as the size of the ring, different styles are all going to fit differently. The Endless Days does have a thinner band and is mainly top heavy, so this may account for the smaller size being needed. We truly do hope that you will reconsider and give our product another chance in the future.
, 2/5/2013


When me and my husband first got together we didnt have so much money, so when he asked me to be his wife he couldnt even afford a ring!
A couple of months later we bought a cheap weddingband, and decided that we should buy the ring I really wanted when we could afford it.
Now when I was able to choose the one I wanted I just considered it extremly stupid to buy a nature made diamond (I study advanced chemistry and I'm gonna work in that field), just for the sake of the chemistry of the stone! Not to mention blood diamonds..
So when someone told me about diamondnexus I was soooo thrilled!
I picked "Endless days" with a 3ct princess cut, and its amazing! I cant stop look at my hand - soooo pretty and fits my long fingers perfectly :)
If you cant decided whether to buy one or not - DO IT! Best choice ever!!!
, 1/24/2013

Stunning Ring

This ring is more than I could have ever imagined. The quality of the stones are amazing, and the way it looks on my finger is so elegant. I was hesitant at first knowing that this was not a mined diamond, but now that I have this ring, I don't think I will ever go back to an mined diamond again. People EVERYwhere should know about this company. It's rediculous what other companies charge for the EXACT same ring, and NOONE can tell the difference. And I know that as time goes on, the quality of this diamond simulant product will only improve so much that they will really be giving mined diamond companies something to sweat about...and it is already happening! The popularity of this company is only going to grow the more people know about how amazing their product is. I was in SHOCK at the quality, and the beauty of this ring when I saw it finally for the first time. This ring is STUNNING, and the packaging was fun and classy. Absolutely beautiful, and it sparkles so much I can't stop looking at it. Diamond Nexus, thank you!!
, 1/4/2013


I just received this ring for Christmas and I can't say enough! It is STUNNING! It is everything I hoped it would be but even better. I will tell everyone to shop at Diamond Nexus!
, 12/31/2012


I have natural diamonds and wanted a simulated set for travel. All of my best jewelry is yellow gold. The Nexxus set seem too flashy and I finally realized it is brassy look of the setting that I didn't like. Even in yellow gold, my "real" diamonds have white gold prongs; I now understand why my jeweler always makes that suggestion. Sadly, that option is not available here. Otherwise, I think it would have been a great set. I might order in white gold.

Diamond Nexus responds: Thank you for taking the time to post a review for the Endless Days. We want to let you know that many rings can be semi-customized to have white gold prongs. The best thing to do is contact our customer service department by email at customerservice@diamondnexus.com or by phone at 1-800-509-4990 to speak with a representative about the option and what rings can be altered. We have many customers request this and though it isn't shown on the website as an option when purchasing, semi-customizing can be done over the phone with our representatives.
, 12/2/2012

Perfect and looks amazngly real

I was so worried everyone would know it was fake, but after I got and saw how perfect it was, everyone else would be fooled. There is such a stigma with not having a real diamond and I honestly don't like how diamonds are mined and all the politics behind it, but that is just meant to be my personal feelings. This ring is amazing. The setting is top notch. I've showed it to jewelers who admire the setting and when they look close enough at the stone, are only able to tell it is not real because it is too perfect and has no flaws. One even told me becasue of the imperfections, this would cost people upwards of $30k. I love it so much, it is bigger than I thought it would be, but if that is the only complaint I have, all is right in the world. I would recommend Nexxus Diamonds to anyone, except I havent told anyone! ;)
, 9/29/2012

love this!

my husband did such a great job when he picked out this ring!! it is gorgeous!! when we got married we got the wedding band that hooks into it, it is stunning
, 9/24/2012

endless days

I just got my wedding set and all I can say is thank you it's the most beautiful ring I've ever seen.
, 7/5/2012

More beautiful than the pictures!

I used Diamond Nexus' amazing "Trade-Up" policy to get this beautiful ring set. I ordered the 2 carat princess center stone with matching band. I received these extraordinary rings last week - they are more beautiful than the website shows. Even though I've only had it a week I've already received several compliments on it. Many thanks to DN for making such amazing jewelry!
, 6/11/2012


I heard about Diamond Nexus through a friend at work, and once I had done my research, my fiancee and I were sold. We loved the fact that the diamonds are conflict-free and eco-friendly. We loved the price! I didn't want my fiancee to break the bank buying me a ring because I want a nice honeymoon and a house!

Anyway, long story short, we went to look at rings at the Diamond Nexus location in Schaumburg, IL. I tried on several that just weren't my style, and then at the very end of our visit I tried on the princess cut Endless Days (which used to be called Pomp & Circumstance on its own) and both my fiancee and I knew that was the ring.

We got the ring with the 0.71 carat center stone because I have long, thin fingers, and it looks FANTASTIC. I have gotten many compliments on how perfectly it fits my fingers/hands. I didn't want some huge rock weighing down my hand, but believe me, this baby has enough sparkle and presence for its size.

I've looked it over thoroughly, and everything looks good - the gold is smooth and very shiny (white gold of course!), prongs look sturdy, baguettes are perfect.

Still debating whether I want to get the matching wedding band or whether I want to find something a little simpler.

This is a gorgeous ring, very classy, very elegant; Diamond Nexus definitely delivered on the quality!
, 3/29/2012

Great deal!

Here is the same ring from Tiffany & Co. ( http://www.tiffany.com/Engagement/Item.aspx?GroupSKU=GRP10034#f+7/0/0/0/0/0 ) for upwards of $5,000!
Just goes to show that DN is the smartest choice when selecting your jewelry! It's so great to get a bargain without sacrificing quality.
, 2/17/2012

I love it!

I bought this ring for myself 2 years ago, as an "I love Me" gift after the end a pretty stressful relationship. It's beautiful, the pictures really don't capture just how stunning it is. I was a little freaked out when, the day after it arrived, one of the side stones went missing. I sent the ring back, they replaced the stone and repaired the ring for free, then returned it in another lovely wooden box. This the initial issue, it has last through fairly rough daily wear, and still looks fantastic. Even with the smallest stone size, it's still pretty breath-taking, while still being delicate enough to look like it belongs on my small fingers. The setting did kind of hurt me for a while, but after digging in to my knuckles for a few months, it gave me a little callus at the base of my finger, so it doesn't bother me anymore. I paid a little over $400 for it, and it was definitely worth it...I'm not sure about close to $700, but I guess it beats $4,000!
, 2/15/2012

Simple and beautiful

I love my Endless Days engagement and wedding ring set with the Princess cut center stone. The design is simple and graphic, almost architectural. I had a bit of a problem with the baguettes - apparently I'm a little to rough on my jewelry, and I broke one baguette and lost another. DNL processed the repairs immediately with no problems whatsoever. DNL has been a joy to work with!
, 10/22/2011

Amazingly beautiful!

Have bought several times from diamond nexis and the items are always beautiful, and flawless! This set is absolutely beautiful and what I'm buying next!
, 10/19/2011


My husband and I purchased all of our wedding rings back in May 2010, didn't know of Diamond Nexus at the time. (My engagement ring and wedding band looks just like Endless Days with the princess cut.)

Finally hearing about Diamond Nexus in May 2011 I started researching them and their products. My husband and I decided that we were so impressed we would order DN rings to replace my mined diamond rings for our 1 year anniversary. WOW!!! All I can say is the quality, craftsman ship and the diamond simulants themselves exceed the beauty of ANY mined diamond I have ever seen!!! I am truly blown away that I find myself looking at my new rings a lot!

Thanks DN for ... well ... everything that a woman could ask for (and more) in her wedding rings!
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