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A Better Engagement Ring For Less Money.

Our rings are made, one at a time, by hand, to your specific order in our Milwaukee, Wisconsin factory. We make them to the highest possible level of quality. Our rings contain 10 to 20% more gold than mass-market jewelers rings do. There is a quality difference you can see and feel. They are made with pride, by hand, in the heartland of America.

Where Smart Meets Beautiful, Understand Our Diamond Simulants.


Learn more about our revolutionary Diamond Simulants:

90% the cost of lesser mined diamonds. Get better quality for less money!

Looks like a diamond, wears like a diamond, no one, not even a jeweler or your mother-in-law can visually tell it's not a natural diamond, but it is chemically different than a diamond. (Not pure carbon)

Our Diamond Simulants cut glass, will last forever and are guaranteed for life, even if you lose the stone.

Our Diamond Simulants are Graded and Certified by AIG the same as mined diamonds. The report is included with your ring.

30-day "No Questions Asked" Returns. See it on your finger with no risk.

Environmentally friendly and conflict-free.

We Only Sell Created Stones Because They Are Better.

Earth mined diamonds are actually pretty bad for everybody (except the diamond cartels). The way they are mined and sold is harmful to the earth, harmful to it's people and, as they are artificially overpriced and often sold with scammy practices, they don't give you a good value for your money. We are proud to be leading the Created Diamond Revolution. This is a disruptive technology that is “Changing the World One Ring at a Time®”. It's part of our mission; The Dream of Diamond Nexus.


Diamond Nexus Conflict-Free Diamond Engagement Rings


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We’ll give you 20% off the regular price of any handcrafted engagement ring in our collection*. Why do we do this? Because we make every ring, by hand, to your individual order right in our Wisconsin factory, so it’s important for us to know how to schedule our production. We’re not making mass-produced rings that pop out of a machine by the thousand. Offering a nice discount helps us know when a sale is likely to be made and what our production needs will be. 20% is the best discount we ever offer.


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We’ll Give You A Great Experience, But Don’t Just Take Our Word for It:

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"There's no way to tell that it's Lab-Created."
New York Times, April 19, 2014

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Over 250,000 Couples have chosen Diamond Nexus & saved over 1.5 Billion Dollars on their engagement rings!


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