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Never bought an engagement ring before? No worries, we'll give you insider tips to make sure you walk away with the perfect ring.

1. Set your budget
Before you dive into this process, make sure you set the amount that you are willing to spend. Just about everyone will have some sort of budget in mind and it helps to have your upper limit before you start looking. If you don't do this you may pay more than you can afford because you like a ring and end up regretting it later.

2. Don't get sticker shock
Many times the price you see in a store or online is just for the setting and you'll have to shell out a few thousand more for a diamond. Don't get sucked in by a low setting price only to be shocked when you still have to buy a diamond.

3. The internet is your friend
Purchasing a ring online will save you so much more than buying in-store! Stores are great for getting an idea of what style you like and how it fits but you should avoid pulling out your credit card. Buying online will save you from paying the overhead cost of those traditional retailers and allow you to customize the setting to get exactly what you want.

4. Get her ring size
You don't want to guess her ring size because if you are far off, that could cost you more. Snag one of her rings from her jewelry box that she would wear on her ring finger, then, have a jeweler size it. If she doesn't have any rings that fit her finger you can order a free ring sizer here.

5. Figure out her ring style.
You know this woman pretty well (or at least we hope so), but picking out her ring style might take some investigation. Start by looking at what kind of jewelry she already wears. Whether she keeps it simple or piles on the bling will be a good indicator of what she wants in a ring. When looking at her jewelry, note the metal color. If she wears more yellow gold, then you should probably stick to a yellow gold. If she wears more white metals, then white gold is an option, as well as platinum and palladium. Need more help figuring out her style? Click here.

6. Get to know the 4cs.
Ok, we know this area might be a little confusing and you kind of feel like you are cramming for a chemistry final, but it's really not that tough. You don't have to know everything, but you will want you to get to know the basics before you buy. Familiarize yourself with the lowest and highest in each category, that way when it comes time to talk diamonds, you won't feel like you just had a pop quiz sprung on you. Learn more about the 4Cs here.

7. Get it in writing!
All diamond center stones should come with an independent certificate that identifies the stone's characteristics. Gemological associations such as AIG, GIA or IGI issue certificates. Some stores will certify their own stones and charge you more than they should. Getting a third-party certification will ensure the quality and value of your purchase.

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