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Engagement ring buying can be confusing so how do you make sure you get an outstanding ring? Here are the best options when picking out your ring:

1. Selecting a Precious Metal

The Best for Everyday Wear

Palladium has many of the high quality characteristics of Platinum without the high price tag. Costing about the same as 14k gold it won't require rhodium plating and is more dent resistant.

The Best Metal for a Budget

10k Gold is actually stronger than 14k Gold so it's likely to last longer. Even if you're trying to save money avoid sterling silver; it looks good at first but quickly tarnishes over time.

Metals You Want to Avoid

Besides silver, we also don't recommend 18k gold for rings. Although some people do prefer it for it's extreme shine, it's a pliable metal that we often see come back with issues.

2. Choosing the Right Stone: the 4c's Broken Down


Most of the diamonds in a mall jeweler are SI1 or SI2, which means they have visible inclusions. However, all of our simulants are internally flawless or IF clarity. That means there are none of the inclusions that are normally seen in mined diamonds.


The average diamond sold in the US comes in J color, meaning there is a noticeable yellow hue to it. All of our simulants are perfect D color though so there is no yellow tint. Also, due to our proprietary coating, it will stay that color for the rest of your life and never yellow.


Because most diamond cutters have to work around inclusions and cracks, it is hard to find an ideal cut mined diamond. Luckily our simulants are perfect so our cutters can make them ideal cut every single time.


The average diamond in the US is between one and two carats, depending on the quality. Although you may be able to afford a much larger stone with Diamond Nexus, we don’t always think bigger is better. Get a stone that is realistic for your budget.

Diamond Clarity Diamond Color Diamond Cut Diamond Carat

3. Choosing the Right Setting

Matching Her Style

This is probably the toughest part and we cover it in a lot more detail here. The main key is to look at cues in her personal style and try to match them.

Avoid Eternity Bands

Eternity bands look great when you see them but they can't be sized so they're not feasible if your hand size changes. Besides not being good for resizing, eternity bands are fragile and not for everyday wear.

Consider a Halo

Halo rings are popular because they make the center stone look much larger without adding a ton of cost. If your special someone likes bling, they'll love halos!

Watch Out for Cluster Sets

A lot of jewelers have moved to setting small stones in place for a single center stone in an attempt to save money. Unfortunately these rings are prone to a lot of issues.

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