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Purchasing an engagement ring will be one of the biggest investments you make. Every engagement ring company wants you to purchase from them, but do you know who is the most trustworthy? Follow these tips and you will be in good hands!

Tips for shopping in Physical Stores

  • Always watch the lighting.
    Nearly ALL engagement ring stores use special bulbs that will make the stones appear brighter. When working with a sales consultant, ask if you can see the stone in natural light to ensure proper color and clarity.
  • Watch out for Pawn Shops and reseller stores; they set their own prices.
    This means you rarely get the best deal. In addition, ALWAYS obtain the ring's original documentation to ensure authenticity.
  • In general, any physical store will always be more expensive than an online purchase.
    Physical retail stores have much more overhead than the average ecommerce site, and they pass those extra costs onto you.


Tips for shopping with Online Stores

  • Number 1 rule: Authenticate.
    Always make sure you are working with an accredited, trusted store.
  • Overall, commercial retailers are safe,
    You get what you purchase with out any gimmicks; though you may not always be getting the best deal.
  • Be cautious with any site like Ebay, Etsy, or Amazon.
    Although these are trustworthy sites, many sellers are not! The majority of the time, what they are advertising is NOT what you are getting.
  • If you do purchase off of an auction site,
    ask for the order number of the original purchase and cross check it with the original store.
  • A certificate from an accredited institute
    like AIG, IGI or GIA is extremely important when shopping online. Be sure to confirm the certificate number is real.


Some actually want to sell you a beautiful ring at a
reasonable price. They are:

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