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Beyond just finding the right ring size (which is still important) here's how to select a ring that fits comfortably on your finger.

Find Your Ring Size

Getting just the right size is a huge step to a comfortable fit. If there is a ring that already fits great, take it to a jeweler to be sized. If not, you can order a free ring sizer here.

How to Avoid Spinning

If the person's knuckles are bigger than their finger than this can lead to an ill-fitting ring that spins. If you fall into this camp you can try ring spacers, Bishop Bumps or a Euro shank band. Contact an engagement ring specialist to see what's right for you.

Don't Let It Weight You Down!

Petite style rings are great for women with smaller hands because they don't weight too much and become annoying. If you really notice when you wear a ring, try to keep the weight down as much as possible.

Determine Your Finger Type

Long, short, skinny or wide, there are a lot of different finger types out there! The longer the finger, the wider of a band (or bands!) you can buy. For skinny fingers you'll want a smaller center stone while wide ones can bring on the bling!

What Is The Best Width For You?

Although wide bands don't fit every finger type, generally the wider the band is, the more comfortable it will be. However, if you have dainty hands then a wide band may be too heavy.

Figuring Out The Best Height

The profile is how high the ring sits on the finger. Women generally prefer the look of a high profile ring but if they work with their hands a lot, it can get snagged or broken easily. Consider their lifestyle before going with what looks the best.

Ring Box

Take Your Time To Get The Perfect Fit

You're going to be wearing this ring for the rest of your life so make sure you take as much time as needed to get the right fit. Luckily we offer 30 day returns so if you ever get a ring that doesn't fit just-right, send it on back! Read about our return policy here.

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