Diamond Nexus Alternatives
vs Cubic Zirconia

Nexus Stones

Harder. Heavier. Less Porous.

Coated Gemstone Cross Section


Cubic Zirconia





Nexus Diamond



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Clarity of the stone

Cubic Zirconia is much more porous than diamonds. This means that CZ will absorb dirt and oils that will cause it to turn cloudy and dull. It will not remain sparkly for more than a few months.

Nexus Diamond alternatives are created with a substrate material coated in a proprietary sapphire coating that eliminates porosity. Like diamonds, Nexus Diamond alternatives will sparkle forever.


Hardness of the stone

The Mohs scale is the scientific way to measure hardness of materials. A diamond, whether mined or lab grown, is a 10 on the Mohs scale. A CZ is an 8 and Nexus Diamonds are a 9.2 on the hardness scale. This means the Nexus Diamond alternative is a much harder stone than CZ, making it look and act more like a diamond than cubic zirconia.


Chemical composition of the stone

A diamond is made of pure carbon. Cubic Zirconia is made of zirconium oxide, which is just zirconium and oxygen—it contains no carbon. Nexus Diamond alternatives contain carbon, along with nine other elements, making them chemically much closer to a diamond than a CZ.

Quality of the craftmanship

At Diamond Nexus, we set all of our stones by hand in jewelry-quality gold, platinum and palladium. Our world-class jewelers create each piece in our Milwaukee, Wisconsin, workshop. Compare that to most CZ jewelry, which is usually made on an assembly line using cheap, low-quality materials.

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