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    My husband purchased this ring for our 25th anniversary. My "real" 0.79 ct Marquis was not taken back for exchange as promised by our vendor when we attempted to do so and we were VERY disappointed. I was browsing the web when I discovered DNL and my first purchase was a 2 ct Quadrato ring in white gold which I gave to my husband. I did my homework and bought his ring on sale for $600 as a trial run. We followed the sizing directions DNL provided and his ring was 1 size too big which I discovered was due to the plastic tool inaccuracy. Maybe I did it incorrectly, however, when I checked the plastic tool vs. a jewelers ring the size was off, so be aware to double check size with a jeweler tool. I sent it back for sizing which was done for free and promptly returned to me. My phone experiences were great!

    After this my husband selected the Eternia band set, which we customized with a 2 ct. cushion cut center stone. We had the center stone laser engraved as well as having the bands engraved. It took a bit of time I'll admit, and was well worth the wait. Six days on my finger I heard a "boing" sound & the center stone was gone. I contacted DNL & got immediate & excellent customer service. Because of what happened we were offered the opportunity to upgrade the size of the stone & I selected a 4.12 Asscher cut center stone to replace the 2 ct. cushion cut. I had my ring quickly returned to me and all I can say is OMG!!! OMG!!! OMG!!!

    The Eternia wedding band has over 3 ct. of stones on its own & my engagement ring has over 4 ct. in the center & almost 3 ct. on the rest of the ring. I don't know that I could save money in a lifetime to be able to buy a ring which is 10 ct. in diamonds. I get compliments everywhere I wear my wedding ring now & my jeweler (selling "Hearts on Fire" diamonds) thinks it's real. They cleaned it for me, in my viewing on my request, & didn't bat an eye that I asked for it to be cleaned in my presence. IMHO if I were to do it over again, I would buy a DNL ring, invest the money & buy a house or travel for what I would have paid for this ring. I do NOT work for DNL. Let's get REAL here people!! Nobody & no company is perfect. When there was a problem with my purchase DNL jumped on making it right. I also have a mink coat & a nice Volvo C70 convertible & have traveled for what I would have spent on a "real" ring. It's insured & I enjoy it tremendously.

    If you are in doubt, take the ride to the one retail store that DNL has & check it out. My rings STILL shine beautifully after two years & I have made other purchases since then & am happy with my DNL experience. The presentation dark wood boxes, Godiva chocolates, black box wrapped with white ribbon is quite impressive and.....well....I could go on & on but you get the idea!!

    - Linda P. [January 15, 2014]

    Hi Chris,
    I just wanted to pass along how helpful Blake was to us in getting our order to us last week. The customer service was top notch...and we really appreciate it. He took the time several days in a row to keep me posted on where my ring was in the process as well as giving me a credit for waiting longer than I was expecting to wait, and arranging for Saturday delivery. That seems to me to be the definition of above and beyond, and we are thrilled with the ring! I hope recognition will be given to Blake for his efforts!

    - Ellie F. & Pat K. [January 30, 2014]
  • I'M IN LOVE!

    I LOVE my rings!!!!!!!! I have some photos that show them nicely if you want them for PR purposes.

    - Julia H. [February 10, 2014]

    Thank you, Kirsten....and to the folks at Diamond Nexus Labs!
    The Fifth Avenue ring and band are beautiful, and my wife adores them. I thought the 2 carat diamond would be too large for her hand, but I was mistaken. It looks wonderful! She has received many "oooohs" and "aaaahs" from our friends. At a recent get-together with our closest friends, one has asked me how much I paid for it, and that I should insure it before it was lost or stolen. My wife and I laughed about that remark. We kept that little secret to ourselves for a while, but have since told a few of them about Diamond Nexus Labs. Now the "cat's out of the bag", and my best friend's wife has already demanded that he by a Nexus Labs ring for her. I now owe him a couple of LSU Tiger football tickets!
    We are very happy with the craftsmanship, the quick delivery, and the excellent customer service.

    - Roger and Kathleen C., Jr. [February 10, 2014]

    I just wanted to tell you thank you again for all of your help earlier today. I have been shopping both in stores and online for a while now. I had decided to go with a man made diamond a while back but didn't know who to go with. I really liked the layout and user friendly features of your webpage. The chat is the best. Some of your competition has some skeptical looking stuff on their web pages. After chatting with you I have 100% made up my mind that Diamond Nexus Labs is the company to go with. I am so glad I can buy just the loose stone from you. I will be making my purchase on Thursday when I get paid. Some of the other company's cut it real short and I could tell they didn't want to talk to me when they found out I was not purchasing that day. You did not and I appreciate that very much. I used to work in retail and I can tell from my experience you are a top notch asset to your company. Very much informed of your products and patient with all my questions. I look forward to ordering from your company for many years to come and just remember you are the reason I chose Diamond Nexus Labs. I will be sure and tell all of my friends to shop here first. Please feel free to forward this to your supervisor.
    Thank you for all of your help today,

    - Jay S. [February 12, 2014]

    I just received the diamond earrings I ordered. WOW! The presentation is fabulous and the earrings even better. I will definitely be getting more jewellery soon. I'm speechless. Thanks again.

    - Dave S. [February 20, 2014]

    I wanted to say thank you for the custom order that I received about 6 weeks ago. It was the 3- stone pendant that was done with 3 heart shaped stones, for my wife, for our 27th anniversary. She ABSOLUTELY loved it! And I was actually able to keep it a surprise until the last minute! You did a nice job on the setting & the pendant along with the heart shaped earrings that I got from you for Valentine's day, look great on her. I planned these two purchases as a Valentine's day, & anniversary present, with the main focus for her to have something substantial, but yet elegant & understated to wear for our son's wedding, in early June. I think, I achieved what I was trying to do, thanks to you!

    - John P. [February 17, 2014]

    Hello Kay, Gee, where to start? When my boyfriend of 4 years took me engagement ring shopping the first thing I thought of was 'no way am I going to let you spend this outrageous sum of money for a diamond!' After being married more than once I could certainly think of many other things to do with $10,000. I immediately started to search the web and found your site finding the perfect ring (three-stone Timeless) and ordered it immediately. I was nervous as to how 'real' it would look but I was comforted by your Triple Guarantees. Needless to say, when the ring arrived it was even more beautiful than I imagined. I was a bit nervous at showing it off at first thinking people would somehow 'know' it was a simulant, but that was far from the case. Everybody was in awe of how beautiful it is and the boyfriend was getting complimented on his good taste and large wallet. I do think part of it all is to choose a realistic carat size--I chose a 1 carat center stone + 2 addl. stones for TCW of 1.91 which made folks say "WOW! that's one nice size diamond 'you better make sure that it.s insured!' vs. choosing an unrealistic carat size that would be totally unbelievable regardless of how authentic it looked. Thank you for saving us thousands of dollars and I look forward to ordering from your company again!

    - Nancy A. [January 29, 2014]

    I want to thank you for creating such beautiful earrings. What's also been very important to me is your personal approach to customer satisfaction. It is what sets you apart from other companies. I can buy earrings anywhere as I live in an area where jewelry companies are everywhere. The quality of yours is exceptional and the presentation is just beautiful. Plus, you responded to my inquiries promptly and my order came so fast I was amazed. I also did research into the quality of your product and did a price comparison. You came out on top for both. I will definitely be a repeat customer.

    - Nancy L. [January 24, 2014]

    I received my Sassy and Chic ring yesterday and it is the most beautiful ring I've ever seen. My friends are going to be green!!! My husband and I have been married for 15 years and have 4 children. He watched a program on PBS about the DeBeers scam and now we are believers! Your prices are terrific for the high quality of workmanship. We will be customers for life. I look forward to matching earrings, maybe for my birthday, June 14th. Thank you for your wonderful service.

    - Karin B. [January 14, 2014]

    Hi, I recently purchased a pair of Princess Royal Collection OVAL Cut (Stud Earrings, Tension Backs) , 1.5 total carat weight.I am VERY pleased with your service thus far and was very pleased with the quality of the earrings..Thanks for your help and excellent service!

    - Delores H. [January 12, 2014]

    THANK YOU - I AM DELIGHTED WITH YOUR PRODUCT!! I have a $30k+ Tiffany diamond engagement ring that is beautiful, but questionably worth the cost, given that when it gets dirty (which is every day) it doesn't matter what the cut/color/clarity is! When I started looking for diamond earrings I really wasn't sure about spending so much money, especially since it is so easy to lose earrings, AND since my time at Harvard Business School taught me that the price of diamonds is completely artificially inflated and subject to change eventually.I found your store via Google and ordered earrings and they are PERFECT. I NEVER write these emails-I am far to busy as an executive at a Fortune 500 company-so the fact that I am taking the time to write to you should hopefully tell you how delighted I am. Thank you! I will definitely be a return customer.

    - Kim J. [January 08, 2014]

    Hi Gary , Just a note to tell you Thank You. Your customer service was just awesome. The ring I ordered is beautiful. Thank you again."

    - Kelley K. [January 03, 2014]

    The earrings arrived today. To my eyes they are beautiful. Too bad my ears aren't pierced..Thanks so much for your help.

    - John T. [January 03, 2014]

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