Color My World Round Cut Engagement Ring

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Color My World Round Cut Engagement Ring

Price: $989.00
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Price: $989.00
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The Color My World engagement ring is modern and romantic, with six channel set Princess cut accents that fill the shoulders. The gorgeous Round Brilliant cut Nexus Diamond™ alternative is held within unique tulip prongs that add a subtle feminine touch.

  • Center stone pictured: 2.04 carat Round Brilliant cut, 2.64 tcw (1.03 Round Brilliant cut shown with band)
  • Center stone is available in a variety of carat weights; choose yours from the menu above.
  • Complete the look with the matching Color My World band.
  • Stones shown on the model’s hand are for reference only. Actual carat weight availability may vary.
  • Order additional services like a personal engraving or an appraisal for $25 each. Contact customer service for details at 1.800.509.4990.
  • Product Model: LRENSA0043
, 1/15/2019

Absolutely Perfect! Amazing Quality! Best decisions Ever!

I really wanted a beautiful diamond. What woman doesn’t? But now a days we all need to think about our environment and be smart with money, especially having children. Once I realized that I can actually own a perfect Calss 1 perfect ideal cut, excellent finish, internally flawless, D color, .76 carat diamond ring for under $1000 I committed to ownin g a Nexus ring. So I pointed this site out to my partner and he chose the Color My World ring for me. I am very picky and pay close attention to detail ....this ring is ABSOLUTELY PERFECT! This diamond exhibits excellent “Hearts & Arrows” light dispersion. I don’t like super huge tacky bling, this .76 carat is perfect in size, the sparkle and color is just amazing. I can’t say enough!
, 3/21/2018

Stunning engagement ring

This ring is absolutely stunning, simple classic design. I've gotten many compliments on this ring.
, 1/5/2018

Still stunning after 13 years

Still stunning after 13 years. We customized this set with platinum and a 2cts princess cut stone. The stones still look as bright as we first got it. Diamond Nexus even tightened up some of the stones on the wedding band after 10 years without any problem. Recently got another ring from DN for our 10th anniversary. Couldn’t be happier with their products.
, 4/8/2017


Excellent quality! Purchased 1.5 center stone to pop the big question and my fiancée loves it!! Sparkles inside and outside. Classic elegance that enhances her natural beauty. Thank you so much! Not my first or last purchase!
, 1/9/2017


My lady absolutely LOVES this ring. She loves the tulip setting and the diamond looks amazing! The quality of this ring is more than anyone could ask for. I would recommend Diamond Nexus to everyone. The shipping was fast and arrived when they said.
, 6/30/2016


I was hesitant to buy a lab created diamond only because I felt it was too good to be true. After looking at several different sites, I settled for Color My World from Diamond Nexus. I couldn't be HAPPIER!!! The ring with the band is AMAZING. I brought the ring with a 1.5ct center stone but even a 1ct stone would be beautiful. What I love about this ring is that is is sturdy. I am a nurse and am constantly working and washing my hands. This ring is not flimsy. The setting is beautiful and stable. I don't worry about it being loose. I also have to say that customer service at Diamond Nexus was superb. I sent the ring back to be resized and was satisfied with the work and timely fashion it was sent back to me. I am not paid to say these things. I am just simply a woman who needed a beautiful ring to marry her finance of 14 years. I definitely do not regret doing business with Diamond Nexus!!!
, 4/27/2016

I love this ring!!!

My husband proposed to me with this ring 9 years ago and I am always getting compliments on my ring. He bought me the set and it still looks great. I have needed the center diamond to be tightened, but that was not a big deal (they tightened it for me no problems). I still love it as much today as the day he pulled the ring out of his pocket and asked me to marry him. The only recommendation I have is this: my ring does have a tendency to catch on things such as pockets and gloves because the diamond sits up so high (he got me a large stone and the setting already sits up high). This is not a big deal for me but if this will bother you then this is not the right setting/ring for you.
, 2/7/2016

Get the band!!

I want this ring so badly with a 2 carat princess cut!! Next year is the 20th anniversary so I am hoping!! I have the band and I absolutely love it. I wear just the band to work because of washing hands in health care. My hands are cold so I wear gloves and like a flat ring. I bought a diamond nexus ring at the same time. Everyone at work knew it was a stimulant, but EVERYONE had trouble believing the band wasn't "real" Don't hesitate to get the band, you will not regret it.
, 8/28/2015

Color My World - Spectacular Brillance

I first ordered True Love, beautiful ring; however, I wanted a wider band, so I returned it and ordered TRUE LOVE 3 ct with wedding band. The ring is spectacular! Wish I had ordered the 'bishop bumps' so it wouldn't slip around my finger. I like the fewer but bigger side diamonds. For my 3 ct setting, I changed the tulip prongs to a regular 6 prong setting, the diamond sets up tall and shows so well. This is a great choice of ring.
, 10/19/2013


I love the look of this ring. We bought a trio of rings, the engagement ring and 2matching bands. The center stone has come loose after 2 weeks, and I am concerned my ring was used, as it really appears as though it was already resized before I got it, the bottom of the circle on the engagement ring is very thin compared to the matching band. I emailed asking about the band thickness 4 days ago and haven't heard anything back, I am wondering if they are waiting to respond after my return period is over, I really I hope am wrong. Beautiful ring, just worry about a few things.

Diamond Nexus responds: We appreciate you taking the time to post a review on your Diamond Nexus purchase. We are sorry that you experienced issues with your purchase and we want to emphasize that we stand behind our jewelry with top of the line guarantees so that if there is an issue with them, we will happily repair or exchange for you within the first 30 days of receiving an item.

We would never purposefully ignore any of our customers and we assure you that we are taking your concerns very seriously.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our Customer Experience Coordinator at and she can further assist you.
, 6/8/2013


The Color My World engagement ring arrived on the specified date and the ring is astonishingly beautiful.

I plan to propose to my lady next month, but after looking at the ring, I almost popped the question early. I know she will be ecstatic once she sees this beauty.

I have to be honest that I was skeptical about ordering the ring from the site, especially after visiting so many stores, in so many shopping malls. I studied the site and read almost every customer review. I even pulled up every Better Business Bureau complaint, end the end, I hope that this was the best move for me and my sweetheart. The Diamond Nexus guarantee finally sold me on the deal.

The final test will be my Baby Love's reaction once she receives it. As for right now, I am confident that I made the right decision to purchase this wonderful piece in my steps toward a beautiful future.

, 3/9/2013

After the newness wears off...

I would just like to say that after the newness wears off, this ring is still stunning. I have the matching set, and months after recieving them, I could not be happier with our purchase. I feel that this ring with a 1.49 carat center stone is the absolute perfect ring, mainly because it's BELIEVABLE--meaning it is made with fine craftsmanship, 14k gold, and with beautiful stones (2.04tcw)that are securely set (wont fall out) and are not over the top. This is the set that makes people say/think "WOW! He must really be crazy about her to spend so much money on a ring like THAT!" Rather than "Psh, look at that cz, do they really expect us to think that's real? c'mon now." I thought about upgrading this to the Escada set ..but then it would lose that "realistic" quality. We are not rich. We are middle class, sensable people who would never spend $75,000+ on a 6 tcw set. Our friends/fam know this about us. By choosing this set, he looks like Mr. Fiance of the year, rather than Mr. Cheapskate buying cz's, and I get to wear the ring that people go crazy over! Win-Win! Thanks DNL!!!
, 2/9/2013

Changing my previous review!

So-- I sent back my previous Color my World ring because of all the reasons mentioned in my previous review. I ended up ordering the matching band to go with my real diamond engagement ring as it is the same design as this ring and thought it would be a nice match. The matching band was beautiful and matched my ring so nicely that I couldn't help but wonder how it would look next to it's matching DN engagement ring. Long story short, I put aside my worries and re-ordered the color my world on clearance hoping that it would be just as beautiful as the band. To my delight, IT WAS!! This ring is 100% better than the first ring I sent back. This ring is perfect, sparkly, and breath-taking!! Diamond Nexus--you have redeemed yourself!!
, 2/6/2013

Love it

I picked out the "Color My World" after going back and forth about what the best ring would be. Of course I had the normal worries; what would it really look like, would it come off as "real" and would I be satisfied. We ordered the ring and it arrived in less than 10 days as promised. We got engaged last September and already I can't tell you how many people compliment me and the ring. We had the 1.49 marquee put in it and I love it!! I want the matching band but the price is making me look other places. Overall, I'm happy and still love my ring!
, 1/20/2013


My boyfriend just proposed with this ring last tonight - and while I was the one who selected this from the DNL website - I wasn't prepared for what it looked like when he opened the box! Let me just say that the site picture does NOT do it justice - it is BEAUTIFUL. I am very well pleased indeed. =)
, 1/12/2013

Regular customer..not impressed

I ordered this ring because it is a very close match in design to my REAL diamond engagement ring. I figured I would wear this ring when I didnt want to chance losing or damaging my real diamonds. I ordered this with a 1.49 center stone even though my real ring only has a .5 ct center. Sadly, I was not impressed with the Color my World.

Even though I ordered it in 14k white gold, I'd swear it was lorian platinum (which I would never recommend to anyone!). The diamond simulants were even less impressive as this ring couldn't even compare in sparkle and fire to my real diamonds.

Of course, my fiance spent a pretty penny on high quality diamonds but you get what you pay for, and in this case, the beauty of my smaller, real diamond ring far surpassed what Diamond Nexus could create. However, they were great about processing my refund!
, 9/3/2012

Absolutely thrilled!

I read some reviews that worried me, but when I got my package and opened the boxes I was over the moon! I got the 1.49 center stone and it's is just perfect for me!!! Every part of this transaction went smoothly! I had a ring very similar to this from a previous engagement and my DNL ring shines and look just as good as the other one! They've got a loyal shopper in me!!!
, 11/7/2011


I bought this for my now beautiful wife. This ring looks amazing. She gets all kinds of compliments all the time. This ring is just amazing quality. I will definitely buy from you nexus again! !
, 10/26/2011

Wonderful Rings!

My husband purchased this ring and the matching band for me three years ago to replace my original wedding set. I am very please with this wonderful set! The setting it's self is beautiful and made with a good amount of gold. The stones are flawless, clear and all still sparkle perfectly. I have since purchased other Diamond Nexus pieces and they are all great!
, 10/20/2011

Love this ring!

My fiance proposed with this ring and I absolutely love it! It is so beautiful and modern. I have the .76 ct. center which is a perfect size! I can't wait to wear the matching band when we get married! :)
, 10/20/2011

Love this ring!

My fiance proposed with this ring and I absolutely love it! It is so beautiful and modern. I have the .76 ct. center which is a perfect size! I can't wait to wear the matching band when we get married! :)
, 11/8/2010

I just got engaged with ...

I just got engaged with this ring ... it is beautiful and I have never been happier! Thank you DNL for making a perfect ring!!!
, 9/15/2009

We just purchased the ...

We just purchased the "Color My world" Diamond in the 2.04 carat size brilliant round cut. I have never been more happy with a diamond in my life!!! It is absolutely beautiful. The book or even online does not do it justice.


, 7/22/2009

I have had my ring for 8 ...

I have had my ring for 8 months and I love it! I have had too many compliments to count. I had a princess cut center stone put in instead of the round and it is stunning. I hope to get the matching band in the future. I had a prong bend and it was repaired promptly. They even cleaned and polished it.
, 7/20/2009

Gorgeous Ring...I have ...

Gorgeous Ring...I have had mine for 2 years and I receive compliments daily on it!!!
, 9/29/2008

To celebrate 10 years ...

To celebrate 10 years together, we decided to purchase matching rings. We went with Color My World for me and Equinox for him. A great match and absolutely beautiful. Customer service was great, too. I look forward to purchasing more products in the future.

, 9/25/2008

I am the type of person ...

I am the type of person that does the research and when I came upon Diamond Nexus I scrutinized. Everything about my experience was very professional. The web lay out, people and not to mention the great selection. My purchase went flawlessly. Very happy and will certainly be back.
, 9/24/2008

We ordered a pair of ...

We ordered a pair of wedding bands and a custom engagement ring from Diamond Nexus. We had a very inexpensive prototype of the engagement ring we wanted to get - a setting with 3 stones in it, approximately 1.5 carats in the center, and two 0.6 carat stones on the sides. Kristan Johnson was our customer care consultant and she was so much help to us! I send Kristan a list of the wedding bands we were considering and she was able to look at them with our prototype ring and make suggestions about what might look best with it. As it turned out, we went with the "Color My World" bands, which (as Kristan had said) looked absolutely fantastic with the engagement ring! Between your outstanding customer service and your incredibly affordable prices, it is a pleasure to deal with Diamond Nexus knowing that we will always get a perfect - and ethical - diamond simulant!
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