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Loose Canary Gemstones

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Loose Canary Gemstones

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  • Loose Canary Gemstones

  • Add a pop of color to a traditional stone with a canary yellow diamond, the captivating November birthstone color.

    Uniquely beautiful, the canary diamond gives a resplendent yellow hue to the classic stone. The golden aura adds a luxurious quality that’s perfect for any occasion, whether as a yellow birthstone gift, engagement ring, or act of self-indulgence. 

    And even though you’ll be indulging in luxury, you won’t pay the price for it—neither monetarily nor ethically. At Diamond Nexus, we design patented lab-created stone simulants that maintain all the quality of natural gems without any of the harsh environmental or moral impacts. These stunning alternatives are designed to be indistinguishable from natural stones, with the same lustrous shine, quality cut, and internally flawless composition. A canary diamond simulant is an eco-friendly, responsible way to invest in a high-quality gemstone in your birthstone color. 

    Like all of our stones, the precious canary gemstone comes with a lifetime guarantee. If your stone chips, cracks or discolors, we’ll replace it for free—we’re that confident in the durability and longevity of our high-quality canary diamond simulants.

    With a canary yellow diamond as the statement piece, you can create a unique ring to round out your jewelry collection or gift a thoughtfully personalized piece. Choose from a range of bands, carat weights and cuts, such as oval, pear, marquise, or princess. Canary gemstones are also featured in a variety of our stunning earrings or necklace, with options to suit anyone’s style. 

    One of the more uniquely colored diamonds, a canary gemstone is the perfect way to show your love—whether to yourself or another. Treat yourself with an ethical November birthday gift, design a ring for a special occasion, or pick out a piece of birthstone jewelry to give thanks to someone special in your life. 

    When it’s this elegant, yellow never goes out of style. Shop our selection of lab-created canary gemstones and November birthstone jewelry today. 

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