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Loose Emerald Gemstones

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Loose Emerald Gemstones

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  • Loose Emerald Gemstones

  • The grass may not be greener on the other side, but our richly vibrant emerald gemstones are, no matter which angle you’re admiring them from.

    The shimmering emerald—May birthstone—has long been regarded as a symbol of rebirth, good fortune and youth. Not only does it hold special significance for those born in May, but due to its green gemstone hue, it can evoke notes of springtime and growth for anyone who dons it. Breathe new life into your May birthstone jewelry collection or treat someone special with one of our emerald alternatives. 

    Our lab grown colored gemstones are high-quality and good for the planet—as well as your wallet. Our reasonable prices help you save money for experiences that matter most, all with the reassurance that creating a precious gemstone in a lab doesn’t have the same destructive environmental impact as mining them. And at the end of the day, a lab-created emerald stone is just as bright and internally flawless as a natural stone. It also happens to be ethically, responsibly, and affordably made.

    There’s more to lab-created emerald stones, too. Whereas a naturally mined emerald has a lower toughness rating and is, therefore, more prone to scratching, a lab-created emerald gemstone is designed with durability and longevity in mind. As proof of our promise, all our stones come with a lifetime guarantee: if your stone chips, cracks or discolors, we’ll replace it for free.

    Start your lifelong commitment to a lab-created emerald gemstone by selecting from a range of carat weights and cuts, including marquise, radiant, pear, cushion, and naturally, emerald. Complete your unique emerald ring by choosing from our wide selection of bands to create a stunningly special ring. 

    Whether you’re looking for a May birthstone jewelry gift or a personal present, our dazzling loose emeralds create unique pieces for any occasion. Shop our selection of emerald jewelry today. 

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