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Loose Ruby Gemstones

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Loose Ruby Gemstones

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  • Loose Ruby Gemstones

  • Red is a signifier of the bold, the passionate, and the fiery. It is the color of love and romance as well as the July birthstone color. 

    The ruby gemstone exudes a rich red color that makes a perfect gift for someone special. 

    Ruby serves as the July birthstone, a gem that inspires emotion and enchantment. Associated with love, nurturing, compassion and energy, the ruby is a beautifully bold stone. A ruby birthstone ring makes a thoughtful gift for loved ones born in July or a romantic symbol of your love at any time of year. Better yet, embrace your own self-love and inner fire by adding a ruby ring to your personal birthstone jewelry collection. 

    At Diamond Nexus, we proudly design patented lab-created stone simulants as an eco-friendly alternative to naturally mined gems. The environmental impact of mining is undeniable, and our gemstone alternatives achieve the same brilliance and internally flawless quality without any of the ethical or ecological concerns. Virtually indistinguishable from a naturally mined one, our ruby stimulants possess a radiant color and lasting durability. They’re also a more affordable option, making it easy to ethically shop for fine jewelry.

    We’re so confident that our ruby gemstones will retain their pristine quality for years to come that all our lab-grown stones come with a lifetime guarantee. If they chip, crack or discolor from normal wear, we’ll replace them for free—for life.

    Design the Jewelry Piece of Your Dreams

    So create a unique engagement ring or fine jewelry piece you’ll cherish for years to come with a ruby gemstone as the centerpiece. Choose between a variety of carat weights, cuts and band designs to put a personal twist on the perfect ruby gemstone ring. Give your custom piece as the romantic gift they’ll remember forever or something you’ll cherish yourself, every time you look in the mirror.

    Show your love in style and style loose ruby stones in a way you love. Browse our selection of ruby red gemstones today. 

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