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Loose White Gemstones

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Loose White Gemstones

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  • Loose White Gemstones

  • Give the gift of timeless beauty with a white gemstone, perfect for that special someone with an April birthday. 

    While diamonds are a classic choice any time of year, they also hold particular significance as the April birthstone. Said to emanate clarity, balance and abundance, diamonds encourage your inner strength. Radiate beauty inside and out with a white colored diamond gemstone that represents not only the month you were born but the power you carry with you all year round.  April birthstone jewelry is the perfect way to commemorate that special someone on their special day. 

    The affordable Nexus Diamond™ is an environmentally friendly April birthstone alternative that offers all the radiance of a traditional diamond stone with none of the unethical practices. Diamond mining has historically been fraught with ecological and moral dilemmas, but today, we’re lucky to have the option to ethically source our jewelry, without outrageous prices or sacrifices in quality. Our lab-created diamond simulants are indistinguishable from natural diamonds, from their bright sparkle to their long-lasting durability.  

    Better yet, the beauty and brilliance of our lab-grown diamonds stand the test of time. We’re so sure that our diamonds won’t chip, crack or discolor over the years that we offer a lifetime guarantee on all stones. 

    Express Your Style With a Set of Your Dreams

    After selecting the perfect loose white diamond gemstone, browse our collection of bands to create a unique  ring, whether you’re looking for an engagement ring, a wedding ring, or a birthstone ring. Express your own singular style, or show you’ve been paying attention to your partner’s favorite designs. Whether you’re treating yourself, a family member with an April birthday, or your partner for a special occasion in the relationship, there is a perfect white gemstone and band for everyone. This enduring stone never goes out of style, even after the birthday festivities are over.

    Shop our collection of birthstone alternatives today to celebrate yourself or someone you love with a stunning white gemstone.

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