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Halo Necklaces

From chain-attached solitaires to statement pieces, adorn yourself daily in the sparkle of Nexus Diamond™ alternatives.

Halo Necklaces

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  • Halo Diamond Alternative Necklaces

  • Necklaces are a perfect way to complete any outfit, and wearing the right piece can even take your ensemble to the next level. Looking for that halo diamond necklace look? Get ready to take the center stage and stand out from the crowd when you wear our halo necklace with Nexus Diamond™ alternatives.

    Halo diamond alternative necklaces use smaller stones to frame and emphasize the pendant’s center stone. These gorgeous pendant necklaces will definitely add a royal air to any of your daily looks. What’s more, these shimmering diamond alternatives are all flawless and completely colorless. They are also ethically pure (conflict-free) and environmentally friendly because they’re not mined.

    You can choose from a contrasting halo pendant necklace like the dainty and delicate Naples Sapphire Necklace to the opulent Copenhagen Necklace. Whether you prefer a statement piece or more of a solid white gold chain, we offer a variety of jewelry options to fit your unique style.

    Do you like something more personalized? Other than setting the carat weight of the center stone, you can also choose to create a custom halo pendant jewelry. Our team of expert jewelers at Diamond Nexus will work with you to make your halo necklace come to life. From choosing the design, metal, and diamond simulant shape, our artisans will be guiding you all throughout the process.

    So, experience the true meaning of elegance and class by wearing one of our quality halo pendant necklaces and diamond alternative jewelry today.

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