Champagne Nights

Champagne Nights

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SALE $207.20

WAS $259.00

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There's a reason this ring is one of our most popular favorites!  Its band and crown-like center setting shimmer with 0.46 carats of white round accents while a 3.67 carat canary colored Asscher cut diamond simulant steals centerstage!


  • Center Stone: 3.67 carats
  • 40 Round Brilliant cut accents
  • What is Lorián Platinum?  Click here to learn more.
  • Product Model: LRRHXX0049XASNCXX0367CS0LPXX

Customer Reviews

Mrs. Miller, 12/27/2017

Love at First Sight

I have been wanting this ring for years! I tried it on in Mayfair Mall when they had an in store location. I fell in love instantly. I absolutely hate the color yellow, but something about this Canary shade and the sparkle was just right. My husband just purchased this ring for me for Christmas and I could NOT be happier! The size is perfect, it is super light weight, and just gorgeous. I hope that it withstands the elements and stays on my finger forever!!!
Preciuous, 3/21/2017


This ring is beautiful it sparkle and the center stone is big.
Charipop, 12/24/2016

Oh how I love it!

I bought in 2010. Oh, how I loved it so, along with everyone else who saw it. It was loved so much that the person or persons who broke into my home stole it, along with jewelry I have had since I was 15. And others items in my home. I'm hoping to save up and buy another one. I miss it terribly.
JB, 11/29/2016

Champagne Nights

I've had this ring for a few years. It was a difficult choice between the canary center stone or clear. In the end I chose a clear stone when I sent in back to get it resized. I absolutely love this ring! It's gorgeous.
I had a very positive shopping experience and customer service was superlative.

Cecilia, 11/25/2016

Perfect ring!

Surprised me when I got it. Everyone really should have it! I will buy one more for my grandma as gift
stace, 9/26/2016

in love with diamond nexus jewlery.

absolutely beautiful. light weight, its a incandescent look on your finger
AD, 9/23/2016

Gorgeous Ring

This ring is Gorgeous! I replaced the center stone to the Glacial Ice Diamond and it looks magnificent. Definitely worth the money.
donna, 4/25/2016


I bought this ring at least 4 years ago (as a gift to myself for no particular reason) and it's on my finger right now. None of the side stones have fallen out, and I think I'm pretty rough on my jewelry. When this ring starts to look a little tired (mostly from handsoap/lotion build-up), I gently scrub it with a toothbrush and it shines like new again! The 3.67 carat stone is roughly 8mm x 8mm - much smaller than a 3.67 carat natural diamond, which would honestly be kind of huge. This stone is really an ideal size - large enough to catch the eye, but not so large that it looks gaudy or snags on all your clothes. If you're on the fence about this ring, just go for it. Treat yo'self...
JT, 2/2/2016

Canary Love

I just received my ring today and it is just lovely! I was concerned that the center stone might be to large foe me but it's just perfect, fits well, and is very flattering. Good job Diamond Nexus!
groinster, 12/23/2015

Definitely worth the purchase!

My wife loves her ring! It's a very light yellow-colored diamond. It's a beautiful ring. We'll upgrade to the better band later.
OliviaP, 11/20/2015

Love the ring but i wish the center stone wasnt so yellow.

The ring is beautiful! However the center stone is not champagne its yellow. Very yellow. Since yellow is my least favor color in the world i dont love the ring as much as i would if the color was more on the champagne side. But its a beautiful ring. The cut is perfect and all the accsent diamonds make it special. I get tons of complements every day.
Happy Housewife, 6/12/2015

A VERY Satified returning Customer!!

My friends are truly JEALOUS about this ring!! They all think my husband must be a VERY generous BETTER HALF!! (Little do they know that the price was so affordable, I bought this ring on my own dime...) Excellent Quality, Clarity, Cut and Carat!!!! I wish that all my jewelry could be this beautiful!!! I will NEVER purchase from another retailer, again!!! Knowing that these stones are completely conflict free-brings me such peace of mind. Thank you, Diamond Nexus!!!!!
Evelyn, 11/12/2014

Happy Birthday to ME!

Since I love my husband and KNEW he would never think to get me a ring as beautiful as this Champagne, Asscher Cut ring, I bought it for myself & let him wrap it up to give to me on my birthday. I Love the style and the cut of the center stone! I have had soooo many compliments and questions about where I got it. Sparkly things make me happy and since the Champagne color matches my birthstone, why not? I wear this ring in place of my engagement ring and it matches my wedding band nicely.
I have recommended this ring and Diamond Nexus to several of my friends :)
Diamond Girl, 7/23/2014

Beyond Stunning!!!

I received my Champagne Nights ring today and was blown away when I opened the box. The ring is simply exquisite! It is the most beautiful piece of jewelry I own. The canary stone sparkles in the light and the band is delicate and intricately crafted with all the tiny accent stones. I purchased this ring on a sale but I would definitely pay full price for this quality. I hope the Lorian platinum holds up as I plan to wear this ring quite a bit, but with the Diamond Nexus guarantee I just plan to mail it in for refinishing if need be in the future, versus trading up to get this in the 10K gold. If you are considering this ring I would definitely recommend it! You won't be disappointed!
Seiger, 3/14/2014

Not thrilled

Purchased before Christmas. Ring has never peaked my interest after purchasing. Wish I had not bought it.
Anonymous, 2/3/2014


My boyfriend purchased this ring for me as a birthday present. The ring does not look like it does in the video. It certainly does not sparkle like the one in the video. It only sparkled under direct sunlight. In a normal room, the large center stone looked dull and fake. I wore this ring for 2 days. During that time, the band became scratched and the plating seemed to be wearing off. We returned the ring. We were refunded the money minus shipping. But we had to pay to ship it back, so we don't understand why they didn't refund the shipping cost as well. Not worth the money!

Also- it appears that if you give a negative review- they refuse to post negative reviews online.... hence the high star rating and "Love!"

Diamond Nexus responds: We do apologize for your dissatisfaction with your purchase. Our rings all come with a full 30 day money back guarantee, so if they are not to a customer's liking, they can be returned or exchanged. With the ring you had purchased, it comes with an Asscher cut center stone, which is step cut and faceted to draw the eye into the stone, not putting out as much sparkle outwardly. As for the stone and finish becoming scratched and dull within two days wear, we have never seen that type of issue. It could potentially have been either a defect in the metal or a reaction to a chemical exposure. Either way, we would happily create a new ring in this situation and ship it back to you as well. If this ring had been a defect and not just a return for change of mind, we would have refunded your money and not charged for shipping. So, if you feel you had been charged in error, please contact our customer experience coordinator at with your order number.

We do however publish all reviews, regardless of rating unless there are profanities or they are spam.
Anonymous, 2/3/2014

Not worth the money

My boyfriend ordered this Champagne Nights ring as a birthday gift for me. It is beautiful in the video shown above. It does not sparkle the same in person. It only sparkled under specific lighting- such as being in direct sunlight. In a normal room, it looked dull- kind of like plastic. The center stone is very large and not realistic looking at all. I wore it for 2 days and noticed the band seemed to be getting scratches on it already and appeared that the metal plating was coming off. I returned it. My boyfriend received his money back minus shipping. I don't understand why they did not refund shipping as I had to pay to ship it back. This ring is not worth the money.

Diamond Nexus responds: We do apologize for your dissatisfaction with your purchase. Our rings all come with a full 30 day money back guarantee, so if they are not to a customer's liking, they can be returned or exchanged. With the ring you had purchased, it comes with an Asscher cut center stone, which is step cut and faceted to draw the eye into the stone, not putting out as much sparkle outwardly. As for the stone and finish becoming scratched and dull within two days wear, we have never seen that type of issue. It could potentially have been either a defect in the metal or a reaction to a chemical exposure. Either way, we would happily create a new ring in this situation and ship it back to you as well. If this ring had been a defect and not just a return for change of mind, we would have refunded your money and not charged for shipping. So, if you feel you had been charged in error, please contact our customer experience coordinator at with your order number.

We do however publish all reviews, regardless of rating unless there are profanities or they are spam. We do have a representative confirm this before publishing reviews, which can cause a slight delay in them being posted, but both of your reviews of the product are being published as a sign of good faith that we do not edit or remove posts due to negative feedback. We would like to hear from you and value all opinions. We always want to strive to make the best jewelry and offer the most satisfactory experience for all customers.
Stunning , 12/27/2013

Talk of the party

My husband bought me this ring for our anniversary and all I can say is that people stopped me in the restaurant to ask about my ring. So much prettier in person and is absolutely stunning
DiamondGirl, 12/26/2013

Unbeatable Ring for Price!

Just wanted to let you know, I've been wearing my Champagne Nights for roughly TWO YEARS, many of those months EVERY DAY-dishes, showers, food, and horseback riding/working in the barn - I have STILL not sent it back to DNL for an annual cleanup/polish and it still looksVERY GOOD. In other words, I bang the C$%p out of my jewelry and get all kinds of stuff on it, and I am SURPRISED but thrilled the metal still looks "white" like platinum/white gold - even very good compared to my REAL PLATINUM engagement/wedding rings. Cleaned it with regular commercial jewelry cleaner and a toothbrush and got LOTS of looks and compliments on it at Christmas. Will send it in soon for a refresh per the warranty, but I've been incredibly surprised its held up this well after 2+ years of heavy wear! Don't wait for a gift, treat yourself and get this ring!
shendz, 7/30/2013

stunning ring

For me, diamond should be clear and colorless but I fell in love with the center stone of this ring... it deserves its name because the color is really 'champagne' and it makes me lightheaded just gazing at its sheer beauty..
Tgirl, 7/10/2013


DIAMOND NEXUS!!!!!! What can I say. In May of last year I received my ring. This is my second marriage and I had a 7K ring with my first that I did love but I knew when I later went to sale it that all the talk about it being an "investment" was all hype. I was able to sale it for 1700.00 after trying for months. This time around I wanted the ring of MY DREAMS and Champagne nights is what I chose after much research. I went with the Lorian because it was cheap(on sale at the time for 159.00) and with the buy up I knew that I had a chance to technically "try it out". However the last few months I noticed some of the things I have read here. Scratches. Lots of them on the band and even on the large stone and I had actually lost one of the small stones. I was disappointed. I will be honest and tell you I was second guessing my choice. I was afraid to invest anymore money by buying up and possibly having the same results so I decided to send it in and see what you could do. OH MY!!!! MY RING LOOKS BRAND NEW! It's fabulous and I fell in love with it all over just like the day I received it. I will have no problem buying up when the time comes or purchasing anything else from DN. If you take the time to make this 159 dollar ring look brand new I know that I can trust you with anything I purchase!!!!!! Thank you!!!
Jules, 7/4/2013


The picture really does not do this ring any justice. I just received it yesterday & the entire experience of opening the box was amazing too! Diamond Nexus packaged the ring in a box-inside a box-inside a box. The most outer box was beautifully tied with a bow & the ring itself came in a gorgeous wooden box. When I finally got to that wooden box & opened it & I physically saw this ring for the first time, I was just like "WOW!" This is my first ever piece of jewelry that is a diamond stimulant. I only like to wear "real" diamonds, I don't wear cubic zirconia's or anything like that, especially when it comes to a stone of this size because I feel I'll be embarrassed if anyone notices I am not wearing a "real" diamond, but this is a REAL diamond. I am not embarrassed at all to wear this ring. To the contrary, I am so, very excited & proud to wear this ring! Diamond Nexus has become my new favorite jeweler & I am going to buy a lot of jewelry from Diamond Nexus.
Jacqueline, 5/23/2013

Stunning ring

I've had this ring for 4 or 5 years now, and it's still one of my favourites. I have had so many comments on the yellow diamond, and many requests from friends to try it on! When I eventually get engaged I'll probably give this ring to my fiance and ask him to get DNL to make it for me in white gold and a white diamond simulant - the design is that stunning.

Only downside is that the Lorian Platinum does wear more than white gold - I don't wear this daily, but the metal has started to lose its sheen a bit. But for the price, I'm not too fussed about it. If you want this as an engagement ring (which I'd highly recommend) I'd pay for an upgrade to a more durable metal.

If I was in a fire and had to grab my favourite jewellery, this is one I'd take with me!
VetteGyrl, 4/11/2013

Beautiful color

This ring is gorgeous, like so many others from Diamond Nexus! The stone is very sizable and the color is simply amazing! The width of the band is perfect to balance the stone and the small ones down the shank really reflect light up into the stone. The smaller stones on the accents around the stone are simply fantastic. Anyone would be happy with this ring! As a right hand or a daring engagement ring, it is a total stunner!! PKB
Kris, 3/22/2013

Gorgeous and breathtaking!!!

My fiance bought me this ring as an engagement ring. And I couldn't be happier with the ring. It is absolutely gorgeous, I can't stop looking at it! There is nothing I would change about my ring and I have gotten so many compliments. If you are looking for a ring that is really beautiful and show stopping all at the same time, this is definitely the ring for you. The craftmanship on the ring is also top notch. The ring looks like it costs quite a few thousand dollars. I will definitely in the future purchase from Diamond Nexus again.
SK, 3/20/2013


I have had this ring for several years (since first available), and I LOVE LOVE LOVE it! Compliments everywhere I go, sparkles beautifully.
Love it!, 1/24/2013

Great ring

My fiancée purchased this ring for me on Black Friday. I have worn it everyday at work in health care and gets pretty beat up since I have a toddler as well. It still looks as wonderful as the day we bought it and We have no complaints about the metal or stones . Just wish there was a matching band
Mrs Jones, 1/1/2013


This is a truly beautiful ring. I've had it for more than a year, and have had so many compliments on it! I am wearing it in place of my original engagement ring. My husband gave it to me for our 17th wedding anniversary and I rarely take it off. Excellent craftsmanship, stone is perfect and setting is feminine and graceful without being ostentatious. Highly recommend - and you can't beat the amazing price!
matt, 11/16/2012

Beautiful design but not wearable

This was a great ring when I got it as my engagement ring for my fiancé. The only thing I don't like about it is that it doesn't wear well. The Loriàn platinum doesn't seem to stand up to everyday wear like they said it would. It has a lot of nicks in it and it's only 6 months old..I see me buying a new one in the future as a replacement

Diamond Nexus responds: Thank you for choosing Diamond Nexus and taking the time to post a review about the ring. We are sorry that you have experienced some issues with the Lorian Platinum metal. It is guaranteed for life and can be sent back for refinishing but we also recommend that for engagement rings that will be worn daily that you chose a ring in 10K Gold or 14K Gold for a more durable and long lasting wear. The Champagne Nights is available in 10K Gold so you can contact us at if you would be interested in trading the ring from Lorian Platinum to a Gold ring instead.
Seacoast, 8/13/2012

It's beautiful, but...

The center canary stone is absolutely gorgeous. And it really shines. My problem is also with the setting. I've worn it for a short time (less then a month) and the Lorian Platinum just doesn't shine much anymore. Scratches show, and the metal is dull. Also, the side stones are so small they don't really shine, either, or reflect off the metal. I think if they were a bit bigger, say 3-4 larger stones instead of the six small ones that it would be shinier and even more impressive. I will send it back for the 14 Kt one and see if that is better. No matter what, I will wear that one forever!!.
CATHERINE, 7/2/2012


nuts4carats, 4/2/2012

Can't Stop staring at it

So as a new owner ( a week now) of Champagne Nights, I'm Very please with the stones. The center stone is very pretty. It changes color in different light. Darker when it is cloudy out an lighter in the sun and in flourescent lights. I have 3 large mined diamond rings. I wear this next to a 5 stone band and they look nice together.

My disapointment comes in with the metal. I have 4 children 5, 4, 2 and 5 months. I change diapers and wash my hands a lot. I don't want to not be able to wear my ring on a daily basis but after a week I already have encountered lots of deep dings and dents just from daily use. After rereading about the Lorian Platinum it says not to wear it daily for years. So my choice is to trade up to another metal because my husband gave me this as a gift for having all our children. Like a Canary Bird with her baby birds so I don't want to not be able to wear it daily. I will be trading up the metal eventually because this doesn't hold up to daily wear for me and I don't want to wear this only on special occasions or date nights which is VERY RARE with 4 kids... so I would recommend this as more a costume jewelry piece when set in this metal for me anyway....Still a fan and my 10th Anniversary is in May and I'm stoked to find out what ring my hubs is getting me:) Thank you DNL for making affordable stones....
MICHELLE, 3/22/2012


P Rabie, 2/27/2012


One excellent purchase. The ring arrived by UPS impecably wrapped and in a marvelous box set. As soon as received it, my wife started visiting all her friends to show the new ring. I'll buy again.

En Espanol

Una excelente compra, la verdad es que anillo llegó a Chile por UPS, en un embalaje soberbio y en una caja maravillosa. Mi esposa salió a mostrarselo a todo el mundo. Voy a comprar otro más.
Ciragh, 2/20/2012


Received my Champagne Nights ring the other day and I am very pleased. The ring is for my 25th Wedding Anniversary in September. (I'm early I know, but the price was very good.) The Asscher stone is amazing with so much fire and brilliance and although it's a good sized stone I don't think it's over the top at all. The ring is very comfortable to wear it doesn't seem to catch on clothing and fits fine with a pair of gloves on. This is my second purchase from Diamond Nexus and I have been pleased with both. Diamond Nexus make an excellent product and has a wonderful guarantee.
diamondgirl, 2/19/2012

Beautiful Ring

I received the ring a few days ago, it is a stunning piece of jewelry.
I had the canary stone replaced with the diamond and it looks beautiful! The only disappointment is that one of the side stone has fallen out already and I haven't even worn it. Now I have to wait to wear my jewelry after I already had to wait for it the first time.

FutureMrsCorbit, 2/15/2012

Beautiful Ring

Just got engaged today and this is what my fiancee picked out. It is so much more beautiful in person than in the pictures. I am honored to wear this ring with pride. I couldn't have found a nicer ring at a jewelry store much less the quality for the price!

Love it!
Mady, 2/15/2012

Started off Really Well

My husband bought me this ring last July when we got engaged. It was gorgeous and i received tons of compliments on it. Around October I went to a jewelry shop to get it cleaned and a stone fell out. Its now February, and I just noticed another stone is missing. The middle stone itself is always loose and we have to tighten it ourselves. Its a beautiful ring, but I wish it was better made.
Red Onyx, 2/10/2012

Just Spectacular!

This ring puts real diamond jewelry to shame! The quality of the piece is amazing!
Truly a masterpiece....I will wear it with pride....
To add to it the packaging is as beatiful as the ring, thank you!
Mrs. R, 1/26/2012

Beautiful ring

I got this ring about 1 1/2 years ago and it replaced my wedding ring. It's so beautiful and at the price a real find. The only thing I could find wrong is the metal doesn't stand up like real platinum. It scratches easier then my 14k white gold ring and needs to be polished more often. Other than that, and the scratches are on the bottom of the ring, it's perfect
SunnyGal, 1/20/2012

Stunning-Get Yours Now!

champagne nights is gorgeous! like the other reviews say- the pics do not do it justice. Received mine today-it is beautiful, and the canary asscher is NOT overly large-which I'd been concerned about at that carat weight- it is just perfectly sized and I'm wearing a 7 and my hands are small. The canary asscher is truly unique, a light/bright yellow and not set too high-I'm Goldilocks and it's just right! It is comfortable-not heavy so mine does not spin, nor too light to feel un-authentic. As long as the workmanship holds up I'm certain I will wear this ring for years, and w the guarantee, you can't go wrong. Treat yourself at this price and enjoy! Thx (again) DNL!!
Annie, 1/10/2012


Just opened the ring box! It is ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS. The color and clarityare perfect. The picture on the web site just does not capture the beauty of this ring. This is my third purchase from DNL. I am never disappointed!
ringgirl, 12/28/2011

pretty but irritaiting

This ring is sooooo pretty! I has scratched p my skin and and made it raw from the 2 tiny diamonds on the bottom part of the top. Both sides catch ever so much and has caused the top of my finger to become irritated.
riecher, 12/25/2011

Blazing brilliance!

This ring is much nicer than any of these reviews say. You can't go wrong. I think it out-sparkles the white stones. WOW!!
jessie, 12/15/2011


i got this ring years ago when DL was first testing it out. the yellow stone is simply gorgeous. and it stays that way!

the light catches the right in an extraordinary and brilliant way. if you're looking to get engaged but don't have a ton af cash, i would HIGHLY recommend this ring. it's a great quality, and it's beautiful, without the giant price tag.
Kathy, 11/22/2011

Love it!!

I am so happy with this ring. It is just beautiful! The stone is the perfect size and it is so bright! I just really love this ring and so will you!
Sasha, 11/4/2011

A complete Beauty!

Fell in love with this ring the moment I saw it. The way the light catches this stone is blinding to say the least. It speaks volumes and cries out when the sun touches it just right.

You will not be disappointed with this amazing piece of art.

Purely fantastic!
poni, 10/21/2011


my sister bought this ring and she LOVES it!!!
poni, 10/21/2011


my sister bought this ring and she LOVES it!!!
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