Briar Rose Round Cut Engagement Ring

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Briar Rose Round Cut Engagement Ring

Price: $1,956.00
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Price: $1,956.00
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A fairytale romance deserves a fairytale ring, and the Briar Rose engagement ring is a romantic choice for your happily ever after. The centerpiece of this ring is the Nexus Diamond™ alternative, which gleams within the halo of accent stones. The split and twisted band is set with more accents on all sides, drawing the eye back to the brilliant center stone.

We are continually improving and updating our pieces to ensure our lifelong quality promise. As of early 2017, the Briar Rose design was changed to ensure maximum durability and lasting beauty. The stones sit more deeply and the settings are thicker to resist wear and tear. The ring now features more milgraine detailing, and more metal was added to the base of the band. For more detailed information, please contact Customer Service.

  • Center stone pictured: 1.49 carat Round cut, 2.67 tcw
  • Center stone is available in a variety of carat weights; choose yours from the menu above.
  • Complete the look with the Briar Rose band.
  • Stones shown on the model’s hand are for reference only. Actual carat weight availability may vary.
  • Order additional services like a personal engraving or an appraisal for $25 each. Contact customer service for details at 1.800.509.4990.
  • Shown in 14k gold; call customer service for an upgrade to 18k, palladium, or platinum.
  • Product Model: LRENOR0104X
, 10/12/2018

5 Years Old & Still Gorgeous

Have had my ring for over 5 years now and I still love it! Being I am a healthcare professional, I am constantly washing my hands, putting on and taking off gloves, and my ring has sustained it all. Perfect stone/ring as it doesn't get caught on my gloves. I rarely ever take off my ring except for when I'm in the pool, shower, or cooking with meat. This ring is DEFINITELY an eye catcher as I have received many many compliments. Due to the white gold wearing off I will be sending it in for re-plating but considering how much time has gone by since my purchase in 2013 I'm not complaining. I also would like to mention their customer service is outstanding! I remember having so many questions before purchasing my ring online and they were very helpful with making suggestions based on my preferences. Ultimately my husband chose this as an upgrade and he did good! I also wanted to mention I just recently emailed DM to inquire about getting my ring replated, and was contacted within a couple hours. Great value for such beauty and NO ONE can tell it isn't the real thing. Good for the pocket book and no one had to die for it!
, 8/14/2017

Still amazing after 3 yrs.

This is avsolutely gorgeous! My husband proposed with this ring 3 years ago and I was blown away when I saw how beautiful this ring was! I wanted to wait a couple of years before I wrote a review because I wanted to see how it held up to everyday wear! I am very rough with my hands with cooking, cleaning, and everything else. I have even accidentally slammed my finger (and ring) in my car door, and it still is perfect. I cannot tell you how many compliments I have received on this ring! The stones have not chipped or scratched even after some banging, scraping, and bumps! You won't regret purchasing this ring. I have small fingers and it is a large ring, so it may take some time for your body to "ignore" that it is there. Also, I clean mine with a soft toothbrush and dish soap once a month and it looks amazing (be sure to clean the underside well)
, 7/11/2017

Stunning Anniversary Gift

Stunning! Received this as a gift for my 25th wedding anniversary and I love it! It has so much sparkle and depth to it. Proud to wear it knowing that it was not created by harming the environment or any lives!
, 6/18/2017

Lovely ring

Lovely ring. I had looked at this ring for months before ordering. After trying on a diamond in a jewelry store I decided that I would get more bang for my bucks at diamond nexus and I did. Bigger diamond and nicer setting. I have large hands and this setting is perfect.
, 3/15/2016

Don't know what this means!

First of all, the ring shipped AND arrived on the dates promised! And I'm only giving 4 stars because we've only had the ring for several weeks. However, it's absolutely beautiful and even more importantly - she LOVES it! The presentation (when you first open the box)
is wonderful. I have never ordered something like this via the internet and I was extremely hesitant. Now I can say that it was a great decision (hindsight is 20/20). She
deserves to have something to wear on her finger that she touches and looks at every day with happiness.
Thank you Nexus Diamond...
, 12/30/2015

Better in person

My gf was absolutely stunned when I proposed with this ring. The pictures DO NOT do it justice! What a fabulous ring....and so glad no one was harmed in getting this stone.
, 12/25/2015

Better in person

Purchased this ring for my girlfriend & proposed & she was blown away! When I saw it in the box I thought it was the most beautiful ring I had ever seen! She absolutely loves it & we are very pleased!
, 8/17/2015

Beautiful ring.

I love my Briar Rose engagement ring. I feel like a princess wearing it. It catches my eye and most other women's eyes too. It is so elegant with a whimsical touch.
, 8/15/2015

Beautiful Ring

My wedding rings were stolen, so this is a replacement for those. What I can say is this is a fabulous ring. Everything and more I hoped for. The sizing was perfect. I intend to purchase the band to go with it. I just received it yesterday so I don't know how it will with stand the wear and tear of everyday. I'll do an update in about a month.
, 1/6/2015

Briar rose ring

Well to update my good review a month ago, now I can say my center stone has chipped in just two months of wearing it. I understand this could happen to any piece of jewelry as I keep getting told, however, i do not wear my ring nonstop like i have in the past with diamond rings. I am very careful to wear my ring when I will not be active. I take it off to shower, to clean, to go to the gym, etc. There is zero reason why it should have chipped so quickly. Yes it's great that they will take care of it but I dont want to have to clean a ring every 3 days to keep it looking good and send it back every 2 months because it breaks. At this point, if I could do over, I would not purchase this ring and would purchase a real diamond ring. I still need the band and I'm too afraid to get the band now. Not sure what i'm going to do.

*Diamond Nexus Response*

You are completely correct, you should be able to wear your ring from us exactly how you would a diamond. You certainly shouldn't have to take such great precautions to keep your stone from chipping. I can assure you this is not how our stone was designed to perform. If you could please send me your order number I'll be happy to work with you so to ensure this doesn't keep happening.

Thank you,

Kyle Blades
Director of Marketing
, 11/22/2014

Briar rose ring

I love my ring so far. i have had it now for about a month and it is exactly as i hoped it would be. the only reason it isn't getting 5 stars is because i have to clean it about every 3 days to keep it shiny and sparkly. I've been married before with a real diamond ring from Jared's and never had to clean my ring that often. I love the ring itself too much to return it though so i will just keep cleaning it every couple of days.
, 6/24/2014

All I can say is "WOW"!!!!!!!

This ring is beyond GORGEOUS!!!!!!!! We chose Briar Rose because it was so intricate and, yet, understated. My husband just gave it to me as we are renewing our vows in Hawaii next week. We have been married 45 years and I can't think of a better ring to celebrate with!!!!!! I have small hands, but we chose the 2.0 center stone and it is PERFECT!!!!!! The bow was already gift wrapped and the main box is very elegant. Diamond Nexus YOU ROCK!!!!!!!!!!!
, 7/27/2013


This ring is GORGEOUS!!! Very big but comfortable to wear. Breathtaking
, 3/7/2013


OMG, this ring is my fairytale dream come true ring! WOW! when i saw it in person I knew it was the one, just like I knew my man was the one! Man it is so sparkley and awesome! My friends will be blown away when it's on my finger! I love it soooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much! and i love the name of it, since I love the Disney movie, Sleeping Beauty and that's what they called her, Briar Rose..PERFECT! I am so thankful that Diamond Nexus is up and running! so practical to get this over an overpriced blaw stupid diamond! i'll take this any day over others! woot woot!! :) HAPPY!
, 1/17/2013

Completely unbelievable

My fiance and i ordered this ring because of finance mostly. We wanted to spend our money on the wedding as opossed to on the ring. I love the fact that i am wearing something that caused no harm to the environment or to anyone! The phots and videos do it no justice! So sparkly and phenomenal!
, 11/30/2012


On the website this ring is beautiful!!! absoultley breath taking but im a size 10 finger but have strangely short fingers as well. im terrified that it will not look appropriate on my finger! I need help!

Diamond Nexus responds: We would be happy to send you some photos of the ring in different sizes on models if you would email us here at That can really be helpful when trying to decide what ring to order. Thank you for taking the time to post on our review page.
, 6/12/2012


I have been searching for the perfect ring.... I showed my mother and she was in complete aww. I refuse to wear a ring in which human beings are killed and raped in Africa just to please the rest of the world and their country is a third world nation and THEIR land produces diamonds... so I found this site and I was kind of scared because my ex proposed to me with a diamond from primestyle and their rings SUCK! Needless to say we are no longer together (not because the ring sucked, he was a jerk). So purchasing a ring from the computer was very scary to do yet again. This site is different, you actually have a video and model for each ring and the customer service seems as though they are helpful. My boyfriend told me to continue to look and see what happens, he prefers to purchase from a store which I understand, however, you will not find rings like this ANYWHERE!! I am praying it looks just as good or better whenever he surprises me... #fingerscrossed!
, 3/7/2012

First Time Buyer....VERY Pleased!

I have been searching for a new wedding set for our 20th wedding anniversary for the last 6 months. I started out at the local chain jewelry stores and tried on at least 20 different rings. None of these rings really did much for me. I think the cost was a big turn off for just a "so so" ring. I just could not justify spending that kind of money on a ring that I absolutely loved. After countless hours of trying on the "real thing" I was not able to make a decision. So I resorted to the Internet and stumbled across Diamond Nexus. After picking out several styles and adding them to my "wish list" I went back and forth on what to do. I read a few negative reviews about DN and was torn on what to do as I really liked the rings I had picked and had also read some really good reviews and the price point was great! So I decided to make the three hour drive to the Schaumburg store and check out these rings in person. I must admit that The Briar Rose was not even a ring I had added to my wish list - but after trying on every princess cut style in the store and not being completely sold on any of those styles, the sales associate told me she thought she had something completely different from the styles I had been trying on that she was confident I would like. When she retrieved this ring...I looked at it and thought it was pretty but wasn't really what I thought I wanted as I had my heart settled on a princess cut ....that was until I tried the Briar Rose on. This ring is gorgeous and the picture on the website does not do it justice. My ring arrived in the mail and I can't stop looking at it on my finger. I have received so many compliments on it and nobody knows besides me and my hubby that it isn't real. I will definately be making more purchases from DNL!
, 3/3/2012

Love this ring!

This month marks my hubby and I's 20th wedding anniversary
and I have been on a ring search for the last 6 months. I spent countless hours trying on the "real thing" at the local chain jewelry stores and none of the rings I tried on really did anything for me. I don't know if it was because of the $8000 to $9500 price tag or the ring itself but I really never found one that I fell in love with and felt like "this was the ring". I always knew I would upgrade my one carat total wedding set to mark this milestone in our lives but I never imagined I would have such a hard time finding the perfect ring. We could afford the real thing but with one son in college and the other one not too far behind, dropping that kind of money on a ring that was just "so so" just wasn't practical. So I started my Internet search for man made diamonds and I came across Diamond Nexus and fell in love with several different styles. After adding a few styles to my wish list I was torn on which one I liked more. After countless hours of viewing different styles not only on their website but in the Dreambook catalog I decided I better go check these rings out in person....I was really worried about the ring looking I made the (3 HOUR!!!!) trip to their Schaumburg store to check out my "wish list" in person. I am so glad I did! I tried on approximately 12 different styles and they were all just "so so". The wonderful sales associate, Ericka, suggested the Briar Rose to me. It was different than all of the previous rings I had tried on but the moment I put this ring on my finger I knew right away this was the one! This ring is beyond words. It is very elegant and classy and my co-workers were speechless when the package arrived at my work today and I slipped it on my finger. They had no idea the stones were not real as they look so much like the real thing! I am so happy we made the decision to not purchase the "so so" real thing and decided on this beautiful ring! I can't stop looking at it on my finger! I will definatepy
, 2/29/2012

Best investment ever

I wanted no regrets so my fiance got the 2.04 cts stone. Its amazing!! When people start talking to me there eye is drawn to my ring. Its really funny. It took some convincing of my fiance to spend that much money on a ring that is not a real diamond but he finally saw the value. I customized the halo with canary stones. It looks like real hollywood glamour.
, 1/30/2012

In Love !!!!!

My now fiance proposed to me on New Years Eve 2011. My engagement ring is GORGEOUS. it's everything I wanted and more.... I never in a lifetime thought I would be able to wear such an amazing ring like this one. Thank You so much DiamondNexus.
, 1/11/2012

Could not be happier

I am completely against mined diamonds and had one heck of a time finding a good alternative. I was had looked at many other companies and other different man made stones that I just was not impressed by, and then I found this site. I have had this ring now for almost a month, and it is absolutely BEAUTIFUL. Its actually even more beautiful then my friends diamonds, the color and clarity are just beyond superb.. I highly recommend this company and their stones to any one who is looking to an alternative to mined diamonds!
, 10/24/2011


This looks like two rings put together. The different layers and the wrapping of the bands together is great. Love the matching wedding band too. Always adds class when it matches.
, 10/21/2011

Absolutely beautiful ring

This is the most beautiful ring imaginable. I also got the matching band. For my 49th wedding anniversary. I had beautiful large diamonds but after making 3 trips to East Africa as a nurse; I realized I did not want blood diamonds anymore. So I sold mine and replaced with this wonderful set and so proud to share with others this awesome alternative to mined diamonds. Thanks DNL
, 10/21/2011

Absolutely beautiful ring

I think this is the most beautiful ring possible. I got the wedding set; with the wedding band as well. We have been married 48 years; nearly 49. I had beautiful diamonds but after making 3 trips to Africa as a nurse; I realized I did not want "blood diamonds" anymore. So proud of my DNL rings.
, 6/20/2011

This ring is ...

This ring is incredible!!! It literally is breath taking.
, 1/3/2011

This ring is absolutely ...

This ring is absolutely beautiful! This was the perfect anniversary gift! Thank you DNL for creating such exquisite jewelry at a very reasonable price!
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