Bright and bold, oval cut engagement rings command attention. Known for their captivating sparkle and beloved for their fancy appearance, there’s a reason that this elongated stone shape is taking the jewelry world by storm.

In this guide, we’ll cover everything that you need to know if you’re considering an oval cut for your forever adornment. From the stone’s history to the best engagement ring settings, get ready to be an oval cut pro. Let’s dive into the best setting for oval diamond rings.

An oval cut engagement ring

What Is an Oval Cut Diamond?

Oval cut diamonds are an elongated version of the popular round brilliant cut. Unique in shape, oval cut stones have risen in popularity over the years and are a fashionable choice for your engagement ring setting. In addition to being a trendy shape, oval cut stones tout other benefits too. This shape can make one’s fingers look longer and thinner and oval cut diamonds complement a wide variety of hand shapes and sizes. If you are interested in learning more about the differences between an oval vs round diamond, check out our blog.

The oval cut is classified as a “fancy” shape and the elongated design makes stones cut in this style appear larger than other shapes of the same carat weight. This optical illusion makes the oval cut a fantastic diamond shape for shoppers on a budget. Check out our diamond carat size chart or our oval diamond size chart to learn more.

A white gold oval engagement ring

The History of the Oval Cut Diamond

Dating back to the 1300s, people have been enchanted by oval cut stones for centuries. However, the real oval cut boom began after 1957 when Russian diamond cutter Lazare Kaplan refined the cutting process. Kaplan’s findings vastly improved the brilliance and fire of the oval diamond and his technique is still used by diamond cutters today. Over the years, many oval ring settings have gained popularity.

Oval Cut Diamond Cut Quality

Unlike other shapes, the Gemological Institute of America(GIA) does not provide cut grading for oval cut diamonds. For this reason, there are no standard measurements in place to determine an excellent oval cut stone. Oval diamond cut recommendations are considered widely subjective and general.

To ensure you’re making a smart purchase, work with a trained jeweler or a diamond expert who can help verify the quality of your stone.

The Bow-Tie Effect

The Bowtie Effect

One quality that impacts oval cuts is something referred to as the bow-tie effect. Due to their elongated shape, oval cuts develop a dark space that stretches across the diamond’s center. This dark space is called a bow-tie. Sometimes bow-ties are easily noticeable and other times they are barely visible. An especially obvious oval diamond bow tie is considered less than desirable as it will distract from the overall beauty of a stone.

What Are the Most Popular Oval Cut Engagement Ring Settings?

Oval cut stones are versatile and look good in nearly every diamond engagement ring setting. However, there are a few settings that stand out from a crowd and make oval cut diamonds look truly spectacular.

Halo Setting

For the person who wants an engagement ring that brings the wow-factor, halo settings are famous for their unmatched sparkle. Featuring a center gemstone surrounded by elegant accent diamonds, an oval halo engagement ring is sure to turn heads. Already larger in appearance than other stone shapes, an oval cut stone will appear to be an even bigger carat size when accompanied by a halo of glimmering pave diamonds.

Halo engagement ring

Three Stone Setting

Perfect for all of the romantics out there, three stone engagement ring settings represent a couple’s past, present and future. With two accompanying side stones, an oval cut diamond will take center stage in this timeless design.

Three stone engagement ring

Solitaire Setting

An oval cut center stone steals the show in a classic solitaire setting. Admired for their simplicity, solitaire styles feature a sleek metal band typically crafted from rose gold, yellow gold or white gold. A solitaire engagement ring is perfect for drawing attention to your diamond and for creating the illusion of a larger carat weight.

For something a little different, try a bezel set solitaire style. In this design, an elevated collar surrounds the rim of the diamond with metal edging. A bezel setting is a good option for someone who works with their hands as it’s one of the most protective styles available. If you want to give your oval diamond ring a little more protection, this is an excellent setting to choose.

A solitaire engagement ring

Accented Band

Similar to the classic solitaire, an accented band draws attention to your center diamond of choice. However, an accented style offers a little more sparkle with a series of round cut pave diamonds that line the entirety of the band. This look will enhance the brilliance of your oval shaped diamond.

An accented engagement ring

Classic Prong Setting

The classic prong is the most common setting type among engagement rings. This setting complements an oval center stone particularly well as it allows more light to pass through the stone thanks to the use of less metal than other settings. In this style, the stone is secured using four prongs that typically come in a v-shape as opposed to pointed or flat prongs. The prongs elevate the diamond while complimenting its oval shape.

Classic prong engagement ring

East-West Setting

Add an unexpected twist to your engagement ring design with a stylish east-west setting. In this style, the center stone is placed horizontally instead of vertically on the band. The result is a modern upgrade to the classic styles that you see day-to-day. Oval cut diamonds pair particularly well with an east-west setting as they are among the shapes that sit the most symmetrical on the finger.

An east-west engagement ring

Which Metals Look the Best With an Oval Cut Diamond?

An oval diamond engagement ring will look amazing paired with any variety of precious metals. If you like the romantic feel of vintage styles try pairing your stone with rose gold. 14k rose gold is a popular choice amongst couples as its pinkish hue adds a welcomed pop of warmth to any engagement ring design. For a timeless look add yellow gold to the mix. A yellow gold wedding band or engagement ring setting will really make your oval cut stone pop. Plus, this historic metal has long stood the test of time and will never go out of style. Alternatively, white gold brings a particular panache to the table. An oval stone paired with 14k white gold dipped in rhodium plating is sure to turn heads with its eye-catching icy tones.

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